Roger Beaty

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Roger Beaty

Research Summary

The cognitive neuroscience of creative thinking and problem solving.

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Most Recent Papers

Brain hemispheric involvement in visuospatial and verbal divergent thinking

Qunlin Chen, Roger E. Beaty, Z. Cui, Jiangzhou Sun, Hong He, Kaixiang Zhuang, Zhiting Ren, Guangyuan Liu, J. Qiu, 2019, NeuroImage

Large-scale network interactions involved in dividing attention between the external environment and internal thoughts to pursue two distinct goals

David Maillet, Roger E. Beaty, Aaron Kucyi, Daniel L. Schacter, 2019, NeuroImage on p. 49-59

Creativity slumps and bumps

Manish Saggar, Hua Xie, Roger Beaty, Atanas D. Stankov, Meredith Schreier, Allan L. Reiss, 2019, NeuroImage on p. 94-101

Depression, anxiety, and stress and the distinction between intentional and unintentional mind wandering

Paul Seli, Roger Beaty, Jeremy Marty-Dugas, Daniel Smilek, 2019, Psychology of Consciousness: Theory Research, and Practice on p. 163-170

Thinking about the past and future in daily life

Roger Beaty, Paul Seli, Daniel L. Schacter, 2019, Psychological Research on p. 805-816

Creativity assessment in neuroscience research

Mathias Benedek, Alexander P. Christensen, Andreas Fink, Roger Beaty, 2019, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts on p. 218-226

Creative aging

Areeba Adnan, Roger Beaty, Paul Silvia, R. Nathan Spreng, Gary R. Turner, 2019, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 150-158

Eye behavior predicts susceptibility to visual distraction during internally directed cognition


Network neuroscience of creative cognition: Mapping cognitive mechanisms and individual differences in the creative brain

Roger Beaty, Paul Seli, Daniel Schacter, 2019, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences on p. 22-30

Aging and the wandering brain

David Maillet, Roger E. Beaty, Areeba Adnan, Kieran C.R. Fox, Gary R. Turner, R. Nathan Spreng, 2019, PloS one

Most-Cited Papers

Default and Executive Network Coupling Supports Creative Idea Production

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Scott Barry Kaufman, Paul J. Silvia, 2015, Scientific reports

Creativity and the default network

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Robin W. Wilkins, Emanuel Jauk, Andreas Fink, Paul J. Silvia, Donald A. Hodges, Karl Koschutnig, Aljoscha C. Neubauer, 2014, Neuropsychologia on p. 92-98

The roles of associative and executive processes in creative cognition

Roger Beaty, Paul J. Silvia, Emily C. Nusbaum, Emanuel Jauk, Mathias Benedek, 2014, Memory and Cognition on p. 1186-1197

Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity

Roger E. Beaty, Yoed N. Kenett, Alexander P. Christensen, Monica D. Rosenberg, Mathias Benedek, Qunlin Chen, Andreas Fink, Jiang Qiu, Thomas R. Kwapil, Michael J. Kane, Paul J. Silvia, 2018, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 1087-1092

Creating metaphors

Mathias Benedek, Roger Beaty, Emanuel Jauk, Karl Koschutnig, Andreas Fink, Paul J. Silvia, Beate Dunst, Aljoscha C. Neubauer, 2014, NeuroImage on p. 99-106

Metaphorically speaking

Roger E. Beaty, Paul J. Silvia, 2013, Memory and Cognition on p. 255-267

Individual differences in verbal creative thinking are reflected in the precuneus

Qun Lin Chen, Ting Xu, Wen Jing Yang, Ya Dan Li, Jiang Zhou Sun, Kang Cheng Wang, Roger E. Beaty, Qing Lin Zhang, Xi Nian Zuo, Jiang Qiu, 2015, Neuropsychologia on p. 441-449

Brain mechanisms associated with internally directed attention and self-generated thought

Mathias Benedek, Emanuel Jauk, Roger E. Beaty, Andreas Fink, Karl Koschutnig, Aljoscha C. Neubauer, 2016, Scientific reports

Creative constraints

Roger E. Beaty, Alexander P. Christensen, Mathias Benedek, Paul J. Silvia, Daniel L. Schacter, 2017, NeuroImage on p. 189-196

Neural Mechanisms of Episodic Retrieval Support Divergent Creative Thinking

Kevin P. Madore, Preston P. Thakral, Roger Beaty, Donna Rose Addis, Daniel L. Schacter, 2019, Cerebral Cortex on p. 150-166