Roger Beaty

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Roger Beaty

Research Summary

The cognitive neuroscience of creative thinking and problem solving.

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Most Recent Papers

Openness/intellect: The core of the creative personality

Victoria Oleynick, Colin DeYoung, Elizabeth Hyde, Scott Kaufman, Roger Beaty, Paul Silvia, on p. 9-27

Does Episodic Retrieval Contribute to Creative Writing? An Exploratory Study

Ruben D.I. van Genugten, Roger E. Beaty, Kevin P. Madore, Daniel L. Schacter, 2022, Creativity Research Journal on p. 145-158

Neural Representations of Conceptual Fixation during Creative Imagination

Emily Frith, Courtney R. Gerver, Mathias Benedek, Alexander P. Christensen, Roger E. Beaty, 2022, Creativity Research Journal on p. 106-122

Semantic Distance And the Alternate Uses Task

Roger E. Beaty, Dan R. Johnson, Daniel C. Zeitlen, Boris Forthmann, 2022, Creativity Research Journal

Education shapes the structure of semantic memory and impacts creative thinking

Solange Denervaud, Alexander P. Christensen, Yoed N. Kenett, Roger E. Beaty, 2021, npj Science of Learning

Functional network connectivity during Jazz improvisation

Victor M. Vergara, Martin Norgaard, Robyn Miller, Roger E. Beaty, Kiran Dhakal, Mukesh Dhamala, Vince D. Calhoun, 2021, Scientific Reports

Spontaneous and deliberate modes of creativity

Hua Xie, Roger E. Beaty, Sahar Jahanikia, Caleb Geniesse, Neeraj S. Sonalkar, Manish Saggar, 2021, NeuroImage

Functional Realignment of Frontoparietal Subnetworks during Divergent Creative Thinking

Roger E. Beaty, Robert A. Cortes, Daniel C. Zeitlen, Adam B. Weinberger, Adam E. Green, 2021, Cerebral Cortex on p. 4464-4476

Mind-wandering across the age gap

Paul Seli, Kevin O'Neill, Jonathan S.A. Carriere, Daniel Smilek, Roger E. Beaty, Daniel L. Schacter, 2021, Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences on p. 1264-1271

Forward flow and creative thought

Roger E. Beaty, Daniel C. Zeitlen, Brendan S. Baker, Yoed N. Kenett, 2021, Thinking Skills and Creativity

Most-Cited Papers

Creative Cognition and Brain Network Dynamics

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Paul J. Silvia, Daniel L. Schacter, 2016, Trends in Cognitive Sciences on p. 87-95

Default and executive network coupling supports creative idea production

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Scott Barry Kaufman, Paul J. Silvia, 2015, Scientific Reports

Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity

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The roles of associative and executive processes in creative cognition

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Verbal fluency and creativity

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Making creative metaphors

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Creating metaphors: The neural basis of figurative language production

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Ready, set, create

Emily C. Nusbaum, Paul J. Silvia, Roger Beaty, 2014, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts on p. 423-432