Roger Beaty

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Roger Beaty

Research Summary

The cognitive neuroscience of creative thinking and problem solving.

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Most Recent Publications

Representing creative thought: A representational similarity analysis of creative idea generation and evaluation

Heath E. Matheson, Yoed N. Kenett, Courtney Gerver, Roger E. Beaty, 2023, Neuropsychologia

Associative thinking at the core of creativity

Roger E. Beaty, Yoed N. Kenett, 2023, Trends in Cognitive Sciences on p. 671-683

Convergent thinking and insight problem solving relate to semantic memory network structure

Simone Luchini, Yoed N. Kenett, Daniel C. Zeitlen, Alexander P. Christensen, Derek M. Ellis, Gene A. Brewer, Roger E. Beaty, 2023, Thinking Skills and Creativity

Predicting openness to experience via a multiplex cognitive network approach

Gal Samuel, Massimo Stella, Roger E. Beaty, Yoed N. Kenett, 2023, Journal of Research in Personality

Yu Chen Chan, Daniel C. Zeitlen, Roger E. Beaty, 2023, Human Brain Mapping on p. 2585-2606

Representing melodic relationships using network science

Hannah M. Merseal, Roger E. Beaty, Yoed N. Kenett, James Lloyd-Cox, Örjan de Manzano, Martin Norgaard, 2023, Cognition

The role of memory in creative ideation

Mathias Benedek, Roger E. Beaty, Daniel L. Schacter, Yoed N. Kenett, 2023, Nature Reviews Psychology on p. 246-257

Courtney R. Gerver, Jason W. Griffin, Nancy A. Dennis, Roger E. Beaty, 2023, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review

Abigal Cosgrove, Roger E. Beaty, Michele Theresa Diaz, Yoed N. Kenett, 2023, Psychology and Aging on p. 87-102

Philippe Eon Duval, Eleonora Fornari, Marion Décaillet, Jean Baptiste Ledoux, Roger E. Beaty, Solange Denervaud, 2023, Developmental Science

Most-Cited Papers

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Paul J. Silvia, Daniel L. Schacter, 2016, Trends in Cognitive Sciences on p. 87-95

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The roles of associative and executive processes in creative cognition

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Verbal fluency and creativity: General and specific contributions of broad retrieval ability (Gr) factors to divergent thinking

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Ready, set, create: What instructing people to "be creative" reveals about the meaning and mechanisms of divergent thinking

Emily C. Nusbaum, Paul J. Silvia, Roger Beaty, 2014, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts on p. 423-432

Mathias Benedek, Roger Beaty, Emanuel Jauk, Karl Koschutnig, Andreas Fink, Paul J. Silvia, Beate Dunst, Aljoscha C. Neubauer, 2014, NeuroImage on p. 99-106

Openness to experience and awe in response to nature and music: Personality and profound aesthetic experiences

Paul J. Silvia, Kirill Fayn, Emily C. Nusbaum, Roger E. Beaty, 2015, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts on p. 376-384

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