Robert Sainburg

Director of the Center for Movement Science and Technology; Huck Distinguished Chair in Kinesiology and Neurology; Professor of Kinesiology and of Neurology

Robert Sainburg

Research Summary

The neural mechanisms that underlie control, coordination, and learning of voluntary movements in humans. Functional neuroanatomy of lateralized processes of motor control. Neurorehabilitation and Functional Recovery in stroke patients.

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Arm Motor Control Stroke Hand Functional Laterality Dominant Arm Electric Impedance Stroke Patient Control Process Extremities Cerebrum Motor Performance Brain Upper Extremity Survivors Convergence Model Impedance Stereotypic Movement Disorder Hemispheric Dominance Parietal Lobe Movement Speed Multi Finger Synergy Control Scheme Peak Velocity Right Arm

Most Recent Publications

Symmetry and synchrony of bimanual movements are not predicated on interlimb control coupling

Jisung Yuk, Nick M. Kitchen, Andrzej Przybyla, Robert A. Scheidt, Robert L. Sainburg, 2024, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 982-996

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Bilateral arm movements are coordinated via task-dependent negotiations between independent and codependent control, but not by a "coupling" control policy

Jisung Yuk, Andrzej Przybyla, Robert A Scheidt, Robert L Sainburg, 2023, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 497-515

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Movement Neuroscience Foundations of Neurorehabilitation

Robert L. Sainburg, Pratik K. Mutha, 2022, on p. 19-39

Jacob E. Schaffer, Fabrice R. Sarlegna, Robert L. Sainburg, 2021, Neuropsychologia

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