Nancy Dennis

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Nancy Dennis

Research Summary

The cognitive and neural mechanisms that support learning and memory in young and older adults.

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Most Recent Papers

The influence of item familiarization on neural discriminability during associative memory encoding and retrieval

Daniel B. Elbich, Christina E. Webb, Nancy A. Dennis, 2021, Brain and Cognition

Fornix white matter microstructure differentially predicts false recollection rates in older and younger adults

Jordan D. Chamberlain, Indira C. Turney, Jordan T. Goodman, Jonathan G. Hakun, Nancy A. Dennis, 2021, Neuropsychologia

The effect of memory cue duration on performance in the directed forgetting task in healthy aging

Kyle A. Kurkela, Catherine M. Carpenter, Harini Babu, Jordan D. Chamberlain, Courtney Allen, Nancy A. Dennis, 2021, Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition

Shared neural recruitment across working memory and motor control tasks as a function of task difficulty and age

Courtney R. Gerver, Kristina A. Neely, Kyle A. Kurkela, Michele T. Diaz, Jordan T. Goodman, Samantha Blouch, Shaadee Samimy, Nancy A. Dennis, 2020, Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition on p. 864-879

Overview of Models of Cognitive Aging

Nancy Dennis, Angela Gutchess, A Thomas, 2020, on p. 5-31

Cross-situational statistical learning in younger and older adults

Federica Bulgarelli, Daniel J. Weiss, Nancy A. Dennis, 2020, Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition

Examining the neural basis of congruent and incongruent configural contexts during associative retrieval

Courtney R. Gerver, Amy A. Overman, Harini J. Babu, Chloe E. Hultman, Nancy A. Dennis, 2020, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience on p. 1796-1812

Lexical frequency affects functional activation and accuracy in picture naming among older and younger adults.

Victoria H. Gertel, Hossein Karimi, Nancy A. Dennis, Kristina A. Neely, Michele T. Diaz, 2020, Psychology and Aging

Different types of associative encoding evoke differential processing in both younger and older adults: Evidence from univariate and multivariate analyses

Nancy A. Dennis, Amy A. Overman, Courtney R. Gerver, Kayla E. McGraw, M. Andrew Rowley, Joanna M. Salerno, 2019, Neuropsychologia

Differentiating true and false schematic memories in older adults

Christina E. Webb, Nancy A. Dennis, 2019, Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences on p. 1111-1120

Most-Cited Papers

The neural correlates of cognitive control

Avery A. Rizio, Nancy A. Dennis, 2013, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience on p. 297-312

True and phantom recollection

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From hippocampus to whole-brain

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The cognitive control of memory

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Age differences in the neural correlates of novelty processing

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Neural correlates underlying true and false associative memories

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