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Most Recent Papers

The aging brain and language: Introduction to the special issue

Michele Diaz, Arturo Hernandez, Brain and Language on p. 6

Neural sensitivity to semantic neighbors is stable across the adult lifespan

Michele T. Diaz, Haoyun Zhang, Abigail L. Cosgrove, Victoria H. Gertel, Sara B.W. Troutman, Hossein Karimi, 2022, Neuropsychologia

Cerebral White Matter Mediation of Age-Related Differences in Picture Naming Across Adulthood

Sara B.W. Troutman, David J. Madden, Michele T. Diaz, 2022, Neurobiology of Language on p. 272-286

The use of a second language enhances the neural efficiency of inhibitory control

Patrycja Kałamała, Jonas Walther, Haoyun Zhang, Michele Diaz, Magdalena Senderecka, Zofia Wodniecka, 2022, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition on p. 163-180

Language immersion and language training

Haoyun Zhang, Michele T. Diaz, Taomei Guo, Judith F. Kroll, 2021, Brain and Language

The neural bases of multimodal sensory integration in older adults

Michele T. Diaz, Ege Yalcinbas, 2021, International Journal of Behavioral Development on p. 409-417

Age-related differences in the retrieval of phonologically similar words during sentence processing

Hossein Karimi, Michele Diaz, 2021, Brain and Language

Quantifying flexibility in thought

Abigail L. Cosgrove, Yoed N. Kenett, Roger E. Beaty, Michele T. Diaz, 2021, Cognition

Age-related differences in resting-state and task-based network characteristics and cognition

Haoyun Zhang, Victoria H. Gertel, Abigail L. Cosgrove, Michele T. Diaz, 2021, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 262-272

The intensity and connectivity of spontaneous brain activity in a language network relate to aging and language

Haoyun Zhang, Xiaoxiao Bai, Michele T. Diaz, 2021, Neuropsychologia

Most-Cited Papers

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Progress toward openness, transparency, and reproducibility in cognitive neuroscience

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Sources of disconnection in neurocognitive aging

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Language, aging, and cognition

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Changes in white-matter connectivity in late second language learners

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