Michela Centinari

Assistant Professor of Viticulture

Michela Centinari

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Most Recent Publications

2022 Adult Spotted Lanternfly Status in PA Vineyards

Michela Centinari, C Hickey,

Be prepared: The Spotted Lanternfly is moving West.

C Hickey, F Acevedo, Michela Centinari, C Schmidt, 2023, Wine Business Monthly on p. 34-39

Suzanne M. Fleishman, Michela Centinari, Terrence Bell, David Eissenstat, 2023, Journal of Experimental Botany on p. 1751-1757

Cover crops and a devigorating rootstock can impart substantial agroecosystem services to high-resource vineyards: A multi-year study

Suzanne M. Fleishman, David M. Eissenstat, Grant M. Hoffer, Michela Centinari, 2023, Agro-Ecosystems

Evaluating integrated pest management tactics for spotted lanternfly management in vineyards

Heather Leach, Tom Mariani, Michela Centinari, Julie Urban, 2023, Pest Management Science

Meredith J. Persico, Donald E. Smith, Maria S. Smith, Helene Hopfer, Michela Centinari, 2023, Oeno One on p. 331-343

M Persico, S Fleishman, D Eissenstat, T Bell, Michela Centinari, 2023, Phytobiomes

Md Islam, Crosley Kudla-Williams, Suraj Kar, Jason Londo, Michela Centinari, Cristina Rosa, 2022, Frontiers in Insect Science

Suzanne M. Fleishman, David M. Eissenstat, Terrence Bell, Michela Centinari, 2022, Environmental Microbiome

Most-Cited Papers

M. Centinari, J. E. Vanden Heuvel, M. Goebel, M. S. Smith, T. L. Bauerle, 2016, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research on p. 137-148

Coping with cover crop competition in mature grapevines

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Cover crop water use in relation to vineyard floor management practices

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Suzanne M. Fleishman, Hayden W. Bock, David M. Eissenstat, Michela Centinari, 2021, Agro-Ecosystems

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Impacts of early leaf removal and cluster thinning on grüner veltliner production, fruit composition, and vine health

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Impact of amigo oil and KDL on grapevine postbudburst freeze damage, yield components, and fruit and wine composition

Michela Centinari, Denise M. Gardner, Donald E. Smith, Maria S. Smith, 2018, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture on p. 77-88

News Articles Featuring Michela Centinari

Growing cover crops under vineyard vines is a sustainability strategy

A new study by Penn State researchers shows that in regions with fertile soils that receive plenty of rainfall, growing cover crops under the vines so that the vineyard floor is completely covered with vegetation is a sustainable strategy.

Penn State to collect data from farmers, vineyards on spotted lanternfly spread

With Spring coming to a close and Summer to soon be upon us, one invasive insect that experts warn could be disastrous to agriculture in Central Pennsylvania will be making its return.

Penn State Extension launches spotted lanternfly survey for the 2023 season

The Penn State Extension Grape and Wine Team is calling on farmers and vineyard owners in the mid-Atlantic region to participate in a survey aimed at tracking the spread and severity of spotted lanternfly populations during the 2023 season.

Eissenstat retires from College of Ag Sciences after three decades at Penn State

David Eissenstat, professor of woody plant physiology, retired recently after a distinguished 28-year career on the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences faculty, including a two-year stint as interim head of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Penn State Extension publication offers guidance on managing spotted lanternfly

A new publication from Penn State Extension is a must-read for those who want the latest information about the spotted lanternfly. Authored by scientists and extension educators in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, the Spotted Lanternfly Management Guide features comprehensive information, illustrations, charts and photos on the pest’s biology, behavior, plant damage and management, as well as a brief overview of ongoing research.