Laura Cabrera

Huck Early Career Chair in Neuroethics; Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Laura Cabrera

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Most Recent Papers

Context-Dependent Risk & Benefit Sensitivity Mediate Judgments About Cognitive Enhancement

Kiante Fernandez, Roy Hamilton, Laura Cabrera, John Dominic Medaglia, 2022, AJOB Neuroscience on p. 73-77

They Affect the Person, but for Better or Worse? Perceptions of Electroceutical Interventions for Depression Among Psychiatrists, Patients, and the Public

Robyn Bluhm, Emily Castillo, Eric D. Achtyes, Aaron M. McCright, Laura Y. Cabrera, 2021, Qualitative Health Research on p. 2542-2553

It’s Not Just Counting that Counts

Robyn Bluhm, Laura Y. Cabrera, 2021, Neuroethics on p. 23-26

Knowledge and Attitudes of two Latino Groups about Alzheimer Disease

Laura Y. Cabrera, K. Parker, I. E. Vega, 2021, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology on p. 265-284

Neurosurgeons perspective on the shift towards earlier use of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease

Paola Testini, Harini Sarva, Jason Schwalb, Samantha Barkan, Laura Y. Cabrera, 2021, Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management

Last Resort Interventions?

L. Y. Cabrera, G. R. Nowak, A. M. McCright, E. Achtyes, R. Bluhm, 2021, Psychiatric Quarterly on p. 419-430

Emergent neurotechnologies and challenges to responsibility frameworks.

Laura Cabrera, Jennifer Carter-Johnson, 2021, Akron Law Review

Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest: Patient and Public Attitudes about Psychiatric Electroceutical Interventions.

Laura Y. Cabrera, Maryssa M.C. Gilbert, Aaron M. McCright, Eric D. Achtyes, Robyn Bluhm, 2021, Psychiatric Quarterly

Attitudes toward use and timing of deep brain stimulation: a patient's with DBS perspective.

Laura Y. Cabrera, Steven D. Mitchell, Andrew Bender, Erika Tvedten, Christos Sidiropoulos, Harini Sarva, 2021, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery on p. 106553

Authentic Self and Last Resort: International Perceptions of Psychiatric Neurosurgery

L. Y. Cabrera, C. Courchesne, M. Bittlinger, S. Müller, R. Martinez, E. Racine, J. Illes, 2021, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry on p. 141-161

Most-Cited Papers

Ethics of the electrified mind

Laura Y. Cabrera, Emily L. Evans, Roy H. Hamilton, 2014, Brain Topography on p. 33-45

Alzheimer's Disease in the Latino Community

Irving E. Vega, Laura Y. Cabrera, Cassandra M. Wygant, Daniel Velez-Ortiz, Scott E. Counts, Jose Abisambra, 2017, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease on p. 979-992

Neuroethics at 15

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Empirical Support for the Moral Salience of the Therapy-Enhancement Distinction in the Debate Over Cognitive, Affective and Social Enhancement

Laura Y. Cabrera, Nicholas S. Fitz, Peter B. Reiner, 2015, Neuroethics on p. 243-256

The re-emergence of psychiatric neurosurgery

Laura Y. Cabrera, Merlin Bittlinger, Hayami Lou, Sabine Müller, Judy Illes, 2018, Acta Neurochirurgica on p. 625-635

Understanding public (mis)understanding of tDCS for enhancement

Laura Y. Cabrera, Peter B. Reiner, 2015, Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience

Brain matters

Laura Y. Cabrera, Jordan Tesluk, Michelle Chakraborti, Ralph Matthews, Judy Illes, 2016, Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source

Rethinking human enhancement

Laura Y. Cabrera, 2015,

Should DBS for Psychiatric Disorders be Considered a Form of Psychosurgery? Ethical and Legal Considerations

Devan Stahl, Laura Cabrera, Tyler Gibb, 2018, Science and Engineering Ethics on p. 1119-1142