Krishnankutty Sathian

Director of the Neuroscience Institute; Professor and Chair of Neurology; Professor of Psychology

Krishnankutty Sathian

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Brain Touch Parietal Lobe Color Magnetic Resonance Imaging Experience Synesthesia Cognitive Dysfunction Torticollis Learning Symbolism Psychology Recognition Somatosensory Cortex Imagery (Psychotherapy) Head Recognition (Psychology) Prefrontal Cortex Head Movements Evidence Cerebral Cortex Interaction Movement Disorders Auditory Perception Therapeutics Cognitive Impairment

Most Recent Publications

Multisensory object representation: insights from studies of vision and touch- Multisensory integration, neuroplasticity & neuroprosthetics. Progress in Brain Research

Krishnankutty Sathian, Simon Lacey,

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Physical activity is associated with behavioral and neural changes across the lifespan

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