Kathleen Keller

Professor of Nutritional Sciences

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Most Recent Publications

Variety and portion size combine to increase food intake at single-course and multi-course meals

Paige M. Cunningham, Liane S. Roe, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Barbara J. Rolls, 2023, Appetite

Portion size affects food selection in an immersive virtual reality buffet and is related to measured intake in laboratory meals varying in portion size

John W. Long, Sara J. Pritschet, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Charissa S.L. Cheah, Lee Boot, Alexander Klippel, Timothy R. Brick, Caitlyn G. Edwards, Barbara Jean Rolls, Travis D. Masterson, 2023, Appetite

Switching between foods: A potential behavioral phenotype of hedonic hunger and increased obesity risk in children

Nicholas V. Neuwald, Alaina Pearce, Shana Adise, Barbara J. Rolls, Kathleen Loralee Keller, 2023, Physiology and Behavior

Liane S. Roe, Kathleen L. Keller, Barbara J. Rolls, 2023, Journal of Nutrition on p. 1646-1655

The effects of snack foods of different energy density on self-served portions and consumption in preschool children

Hanim Diktas, Liane Stevens Roe, Kathleen L. Keller, Barbara Jean Rolls, 2023, Appetite on p. 106527

Jamal H. Essayli, Lauren N. Forrest, Hana F. Zickgraf, Emily C. Stefano, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Susan E. Lane-Loney, 2023, International Journal of Eating Disorders

P Cunningham, Liane S. Roe, Kathleen Loralee Keller, A Hendriks-Hartensveld, Barbara J. Rolls, 2023, Appetite

Children with lower ratings of executive functions have a greater response to the portion size effect

Kathleen L. Keller, Alaina Pearce, Bari Fuchs, Kyle Hallisky, Barbara J. Rolls, Stephen J. Wilson, Charles Geier, E Rose, 2023, Appetite

Faris Zuraikat, Jonathan Bauman, Marissa Setzenfand, David Arukwe, Barbara J. Rolls, Kathleen Loralee Keller, 2023, Obesity

Lori Francis, R Nix, R Belue, Kathleen Keller, K Kugler, B Rollins, J Savage, Jennifer Williams, 2023, Clinical Trials on p. 434-446

Most-Cited Papers

Mechanisms of the portion size effect. What is known and where do we go from here?

Laural English, Marlou Lasschuijt, Kathleen L. Keller, 2015, Appetite on p. 39-49

Variation in the Ability to Taste Bitter Thiourea Compounds: Implications for Food Acceptance, Dietary Intake, and Obesity Risk in Children

Kathleen Loralee Keller, Shana Adise, 2016, Annual Review of Nutrition on p. 157-182

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The use of repeated exposure and associative conditioning to increase vegetable acceptance in children: Explaining the variability across studies

Kathleen L. Keller, 2014, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on p. 1169-1173

Shana Adise, Charles F. Geier, Nicole J. Roberts, Corey N. White, Kathleen L. Keller, 2018, Appetite on p. 167-179

Feeding Strategies Derived from Behavioral Economics and Psychology Can Increase Vegetable Intake in Children as Part of a Home-Based Intervention: Results of a Pilot Study

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