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Brain regions implicated in inhibitory control and reward are activated in response to food portion size and energy density in children

LauralK English, Stephanie Fearnbach, Marlou Lasschuijt, Angela Schlegel, Kaitlin Anderson, Sara Harris, Stephen Wilson, Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Williams, Barbara Rolls, Kathleen Keller, International Journal of Obesity

The relative importance of complexity, variety, and portion size in ice cream preference in Dutch and American participants

Anouk E.M. Hendriks-Hartensveld, Jennifer L. Brodock, John E. Hayes, Barbara J. Rolls, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Remco C. Havermans, 2022, Food Quality and Preference

Do children really eat what they like? Relationships between liking and intake across laboratory test-meals

Kathleen L. Keller, Catherine Shehan, Terri Cravener, Haley Schlechter, John E. Hayes, 2022, Appetite

Profiles of Behavioral Self-Regulation and Appetitive Traits in Preschool Children

Lori Anne Francis, Brandi Y. Rollins, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Robert Nix, Jennifer Savage Williams, 2022, Frontiers in Nutrition

Portion size can be used strategically to increase intake of vegetables and fruits in young children over multiple days

Liane S. Roe, Christine E. Sanchez, Alissa D. Smethers, Kathleen L. Keller, Barbara J. Rolls, 2022, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on p. 272-283

Child meal microstructure and eating behaviors

Alaina L. Pearce, Maria C. Cevallos, Olivia Romano, Elodie Daoud, Kathleen L. Keller, 2022, Appetite

Influence of exclusive breastfeeding on hippocampal structure, satiety responsiveness, and weight status

Ryan C. Higgins, Kathleen L. Keller, Jane C. Aruma, Travis D. Masterson, Shana Adise, Nicole Fearnbach, Wendy M. Stein, Laural K. English, Bari Fuchs, Alaina L. Pearce, 2022, Maternal and Child Nutrition

Children's inhibitory control abilities in the presence of rewards are related to weight status and eating in the absence of hunger

S. Adise, C. N. White, N. J. Roberts, C. F. Geier, K. L. Keller, 2021, Appetite

Promoting vegetable intake in preschool children

Hanim E. Diktas, Liane S. Roe, Kathleen L. Keller, Christine E. Sanchez, Barbara J. Rolls, 2021, Appetite

Decision-Making Processes Related to Perseveration Are Indirectly Associated With Weight Status in Children Through Laboratory-Assessed Energy Intake

Bari A. Fuchs, Nicole J. Roberts, Shana Adise, Alaina L. Pearce, Charles F. Geier, Corey White, Zita Oravecz, Kathleen L. Keller, 2021, Frontiers in Psychology

Most-Cited Papers

Common variants in the CD36 gene are associated with oral fat perception, fat preferences, and obesity in African Americans

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Mechanisms of the portion size effect. What is known and where do we go from here?

Laural English, Marlou Lasschuijt, Kathleen L. Keller, 2015, Appetite on p. 39-49

The impact of food branding on children's eating behavior and obesity

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Child food neophobia is heritable, associated with less compliant eating, and moderates familial resemblance for BMI

Myles S. Faith, Moonseong Heo, Kathleen L. Keller, Angelo Pietrobelli, 2013, Obesity on p. 1650-1655

Variation in the Ability to Taste Bitter Thiourea Compounds

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Double trouble: Portion size and energy density combine to increase preschool children's lunch intake

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The use of repeated exposure and associative conditioning to increase vegetable acceptance in children

Kathleen L. Keller, 2014, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on p. 1169-1173

Differential maternal feeding practices, eating self-regulation, and adiposity in young twins

Gina L. Tripicchio, Kathleen L. Keller, Cassandra Johnson, Angelo Pietrobelli, Moonseong Heo, Myles S. Faith, 2014, Pediatrics on p. e1399-e1404

A twin study of self-regulatory eating in early childhood

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Fat discrimination

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