Kathryn Suzanne Scherf

Associate Professor of Psychology

Kathryn Suzanne Scherf

Research Summary

Development of face and object representation in typically developing children and children with developmental disorders.

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Most Recent Papers

College as a Developmental Context for Emerging Adulthood in Autism

Chaia Flegenheimer, K. Suzanne Scherf, 2022, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders on p. 2075-2097

Introducing the female Cambridge face memory test – long form (F-CFMT+)

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Changes in cortical coherence supporting complex visual and social processing in adolescence

Yulia Lerner, K. Suzanne Scherf, Mikhail Katkov, Uri Hasson, Marlene Behrmann, 2021, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience on p. 2215-2230

A quantitative meta-analysis of face recognition deficits in autism

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Measuring sensitivity to eye gaze cues in naturalistic scenes

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I know that voice! Mothers’ voices influence children's perceptions of emotional intensity

Tawni B. Stoop, Peter M. Moriarty, Rachel Wolf, Rick O. Gilmore, Koraly Perez-Edgar, K. Suzanne Scherf, Michelle C. Vigeant, Pamela M. Cole, 2020, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology

Does decreased visual attention to faces underlie difficulties interpreting eye gaze cues in autism?

Jason W. Griffin, K. Suzanne Scherf, 2020, Molecular Autism

The complex emotion expression database: A validated stimulus set of trained actors

Margaret S. Benda, K. Suzanne Scherf, 2020, PLoS One

Puberty and functional brain development in humans

Junqiang Dai, K. Suzanne Scherf, 2019, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Evaluating the organizational structure and specificity of network topology within the face processing system

Daniel B. Elbich, Peter C.M. Molenaar, K. Suzanne Scherf, 2019, Human Brain Mapping on p. 2581-2595

Most-Cited Papers

Designing Serious Game Interventions for Individuals with Autism

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Facing changes and changing faces in adolescence

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A Two-Hit Model of Autism

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The amygdala

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The visual white matter

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Idiom, syntax, and advanced theory of mind abilities in children with autism spectrum disorders

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From Caregivers to Peers

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