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Joshua Smyth

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Most Recent Papers

Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for low and middle-income countries

Delwyn Catley, Thandi Puoane, Lungiswa Tsolekile, Ken Resnicow, Kandace Fleming, Emily A. Hurley, Joshua M. Smyth, Mara Z. Vitolins, Estelle V. Lambert, Naomi Levitt, Kathy Goggin, 2019, BMJ open

Moving 2 Mindful (M2M) study protocol

Rachel Lucas-Thompson, Natasha Seiter, Patricia C. Broderick, James Douglas Coatsworth, Kimberly L. Henry, Charlotte J. McKernan, Joshua M. Smyth, 2019, BMJ open

“I will fast … tomorrow”

Julia Reichenberger, Joshua Morrison Smyth, Peter Kuppens, Jens Blechert, 2019, Appetite on p. 10-18

Psychological mechanisms driving stress resilience in mindfulness training

Brian Chin, Emily K. Lindsay, Carol M. Greco, Kirk Warren Brown, Joshua Morrison Smyth, Aidan G.C. Wright, J. David Creswell, 2019, Health Psychology on p. 759-768

Social interactions and physical symptoms in daily life

Ruixue Zhaoyang, Martin J. Sliwinski, Lynn M. Martire, Joshua M. Smyth, 2019, Psychology and Health on p. 867-885

Associations between objective sleep and ambulatory blood pressure in a community sample

Caroline Y. Doyle, John M. Ruiz, Daniel J. Taylor, Joshua W. Smyth, Melissa Flores, Jessica R. Dietch, Chul Ahn, Matthew Allison, Timothy W. Smith, Bert N. Uchino, 2019, Psychosomatic medicine on p. 545-556

Understanding stress reports in daily life

Matthew J. Zawadzki, Stacey B. Scott, David Almeida, Stephanie Trea Lanza, David E. Conroy, Martin John Sliwinski, Jinhyuk Kim, David Marcusson-Clavertz, Robert S. Stawski, Paige M. Green, Christopher Sciamanna, Jillian Johnson, Joshua Morrison Smyth, 2019, Journal of Behavioral Medicine on p. 545-560

The Penn State Heart Assistant

Thomas Lloyd, Harleah Buck, Andrew Foy, Sara Black, Antony Pinter, Rosanne Pogash, Bobby Eismann, Eric Balaban, John Chan, Allen Kunselman, Joshua Morrison Smyth, John Boehmer, 2019, Health Informatics Journal on p. 292-303

Bidirectional relationship of stress and affect with physical activity and healthy eating

Dana Schultchen, Julia Reichenberger, Theresa Mittl, Tabea R.M. Weh, Joshua M. Smyth, Jens Blechert, Olga Pollatos, 2019, British Journal of Health Psychology on p. 315-333

Personalized models of physical activity responses to text message micro-interventions

David E. Conroy, Sarah Hojjatinia, Constantino Manuel Lagoa, Chih Hsiang Yang, Stephanie Trea Lanza, Joshua Morrison Smyth, 2019, Psychology of Sport and Exercise on p. 172-180

Most-Cited Papers

Primum Non Nocere

Lenny R. Vartanian, Joshua Morrison Smyth, 2013, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry on p. 49-57

Social comparisons and chronic illness

Danielle Arigo, Jerry M. Suls, Joshua M. Smyth, 2014, Health Psychology Review on p. 154-214

Acceptance lowers stress reactivity

Emily K. Lindsay, Shinzen Young, Joshua M. Smyth, Kirk Warren Brown, J. David Creswell, 2018, Psychoneuroendocrinology on p. 63-73

Is intensive measurement of body image reactive? A two-study evaluation using Ecological Momentary Assessment suggests not

Kristin E. Heron, Joshua M. Smyth, 2013, Body Image on p. 35-44

Has work replaced home as a haven? Re-examining Arlie Hochschild's Time Bind proposition with objective stress data

Sarah Damaske, Joshua M. Smyth, Matthew J. Zawadzki, 2014, Social Science and Medicine on p. 130-138

Eating behaviors and negative affect in college womens everyday lives

Kristin E. Heron, Stacey B. Scott, Martin J. Sliwinski, Joshua M. Smyth, 2014, International Journal of Eating Disorders on p. 853-859

Stress at work

Sarah Damaske, Matthew J. Zawadzki, Joshua M. Smyth, 2016, Social Science and Medicine on p. 125-133

Examining the effects of perceived social support on momentary mood and symptom reports in asthma and arthritis patients

Joshua M. Smyth, Matthew J. Zawadzki, Alecia M. Santuzzi, Kelly B. Filipkowski, 2014, Psychology and Health on p. 813-831

Integrating ecological momentary assessment and functional brain imaging methods

Stephen J. Wilson, Joshua M. Smyth, Robert R. MacLean, 2014, Nicotine and Tobacco Research on p. S102-S110

Do Agonistic Motives Matter More Than Anger? Three Studies of Cardiovascular Risk in Adolescents

Craig K. Ewart, Gavin J. Elder, Joshua Morrison Smyth, Martin John Sliwinski, Randall S. Jorgensen, 2011, Health Psychology on p. 510-524