Jonathan Lynch

Distinguished Professor of Plant Nutrition

Jonathan Lynch

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Plant adaptation to nutrient and water stress. Global change. World hunger. Root biology.

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Most Recent Papers

A case study on the efficacy of root phenotypic selection for edaphic stress tolerance in low-input agriculture

James D. Burridge, Jill L. Findeis, Celestina N. Jochua, Magalhaes A. Miguel, Fridah M. Mubichi-Kut, Maria L. Quinhentos, Soares A. Xerinda, Jonathan P. Lynch, 2019, Field Crops Research

Root cortical anatomy is associated with differential pathogenic and symbiotic fungal colonization in maize

Tania Galindo-Castañeda, Kathleen M. Brown, Gretchen A. Kuldau, Gregory W. Roth, Nancy G. Wenner, Swayamjit Ray, Hannah Schneider, Jonathan P. Lynch, 2019, Plant Cell and Environment on p. 2999-3014

Genotypic variation and nitrogen stress effects on root anatomy in maize are node specific

Jennifer T. Yang, Hannah M. Schneider, Kathleen M. Brown, Jonathan P. Lynch, Miriam Gifford, 2019, Journal of experimental botany on p. 5311-5325

Shovelomics root traits assessed on the EURoot maize panel are highly heritable across environments but show low genotype-by-nitrogen interaction

Chantal A. Le Marié, Larry M. York, Alexandre Strigens, Marcos Malosetti, Karl Heinz Camp, Silvia Giuliani, Jonathan P. Lynch, Andreas Hund, 2019, Euphytica

Seedling root architecture and its relationship with seed yield across diverse environments in Phaseolus vulgaris

Christopher F. Strock, James Burridge, Anica S.F. Massas, James Beaver, Stephen Beebe, Samuel A. Camilo, Deidré Fourie, Celestina Jochua, Magalhaes Miguel, Phillip N. Miklas, Eninka Mndolwa, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla, Jose Polania, Timothy G. Porch, Juan Carlos Rosas, Jennifer J. Trapp, Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2019, Field Crops Research on p. 53-64

Parental effects and provisioning under drought and low phosphorus stress in common bean

Claire Lorts, Jonathan P. Lynch, Kathleen M. Brown, 2019, Food and Energy Security

Single and multi-trait GWAS identify genetic factors associated with production traits in common bean under abiotic stress environments

Atena Oladzad, Timothy Porch, Juan Carlos Rosas, Samira Mafi Moghaddam, James Beaver, Steve E. Beebe, Jimmy Burridge, Celestina Nhagupana Jochua, Magalhaes Amade Miguel, Phillip N. Miklas, Bodo Ratz, Jeffery W. White, Jonathan Lynch, Phillip E. McClean, 2019, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics on p. 1881-1892

A mechanistic framework for auxin dependent Arabidopsis root hair elongation to low external phosphate

Rahul Bhosale, Jitender Giri, Bipin K. Pandey, Ricardo F.H. Giehl, Anja Hartmann, Richard Traini, Jekaterina Truskina, Nicola Leftley, Meredith Hanlon, Kamal Swarup, Afaf Rashed, Ute Voß, Jose Alonso, Anna Stepanova, Jeonga Yun, Karin Ljung, Kathleen M. Brown, Jonathan P. Lynch, Liam Dolan, Teva Vernoux, Anthony Bishopp, Darren Wells, Nicolaus Von Wirén, Malcolm J. Bennett, Ranjan Swarup, 2018, Nature communications

Rice auxin influx carrier OsAUX1 facilitates root hair elongation in response to low external phosphate

Jitender Giri, Rahul Bhosale, Guoqiang Huang, Bipin K. Pandey, Helen Parker, Susan Zappala, Jing Yang, Anne Dievart, Charlotte Bureau, Karin Ljung, Adam Price, Terry Rose, Antoine Larrieu, Stefan Mairhofer, Craig J. Sturrock, Philip White, Lionel Dupuy, Malcolm Hawkesford, Christophe Perin, Wanqi Liang, Benjamin Peret, Charlie T. Hodgman, Jonathan Lynch, Matthias Wissuwa, Dabing Zhang, Tony Pridmore, Sacha J. Mooney, Emmanuel Guiderdoni, Ranjan Swarup, Malcolm J. Bennett, 2018, Nature communications

The Xerobranching Response Represses Lateral Root Formation When Roots Are Not in Contact with Water

Beata Orman-Ligeza, Emily C. Morris, Boris Parizot, Tristan Lavigne, Aurelie Babé, Aleksander Ligeza, Stephanie Klein, Craig Sturrock, Wei Xuan, Ondřey Novák, Karin Ljung, Maria A. Fernandez, Pedro L. Rodriguez, Ian C. Dodd, Ive De Smet, Francois Chaumont, Henri Batoko, Claire Périlleux, Jonathan P. Lynch, Malcolm J. Bennett, Tom Beeckman, Xavier Draye, 2018, Current Biology on p. 3165-3173.e5

Most-Cited Papers

Root phenes for enhanced soil exploration and phosphorus acquisition

Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2011, Plant physiology on p. 1041-1049

Plant and microbial strategies to improve the phosphorus efficiency of agriculture

Alan E. Richardson, Jonathan Paul Lynch, Peter R. Ryan, Emmanuel Delhaize, F. Andrew Smith, Sally E. Smith, Paul R. Harvey, Megan H. Ryan, Erik J. Veneklaas, Hans Lambers, Astrid Oberson, Richard A. Culvenor, Richard J. Simpson, 2011, Plant and Soil on p. 121-156

Strategies and agronomic interventions to improve the phosphorus-use efficiency of farming systems

Richard J. Simpson, Astrid Oberson, Richard A. Culvenor, Megan H. Ryan, Erik J. Veneklaas, Hans Lambers, Jonathan Paul Lynch, Peter R. Ryan, Emmanuel Delhaize, F. Andrew Smith, Sally E. Smith, Paul R. Harvey, Alan E. Richardson, 2011, Plant and Soil on p. 89-120

Root cortical aerenchyma improves the drought tolerance of maize (Zea mays L.)

Jinming Zhu, Kathleen M. Brown, Jonathan P. Lynch, 2010, Plant, Cell and Environment on p. 740-749

Root cortical aerenchyma enhances the growth of maize on soils with suboptimal availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

Johannes Auke Postma, Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2011, Plant physiology on p. 1190-1201

New roots for agriculture

Jonathan Paul Lynch, Kathleen Marie Brown, 2012, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 1598-1604

The optimal lateral root branching density for maize depends on nitrogen and phosphorus availability

Johannes Auke Postma, Annette Dathe, Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2014, Plant physiology on p. 590-602

Maize root growth angles become steeper under low N conditions

S. Trachsel, S. M. Kaeppler, Kathleen Marie Brown, Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2013, Field Crops Research on p. 18-31

The opening of Pandora's Box

Samuel B. St.Clair, Jonathan Paul Lynch, 2010, Plant and Soil on p. 101-115

Image-based high-throughput field phenotyping of crop roots

Alexander Bucksch, James Burridge, Larry M. York, Abhiram Das, Eric Nord, Joshua S. Weitz, Jonathan P. Lynch, 2014, Plant physiology on p. 470-486