Jessica Conway

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Biology

Jessica Conway

Research Summary

Viral infection dynamics and interplay with therapies for elimination or control

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Most Recent Papers

Importance of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy in older age groups

Manish Sadarangani, Bahaa Abu Raya, Jessica M. Conway, Sarafa A. Iyaniwura, Rebeca Cardim Falcao, Caroline Colijn, Daniel Coombs, Soren Gantt, 2021, Vaccine on p. 2020-2023

Analyzing How Changes in the Health Status of Healthcare Workers Affects Epidemic Outcomes

I. Phadke, A. McKee, J. M. Conway, K. Shea, 2021, Epidemiology and Infection on p. 1-27

Models of SIV rebound after treatment interruption that involve multiple reactivation events

Christiaan H. Van Dorp, Jessica M. Conway, Dan H. Barouch, James B. Whitney, Alan S. Perelson, 2020, PLoS Computational Biology

Predictions of time to HIV viral rebound following ART suspension that incorporate personal biomarkers

Jessica Conway, Alan Perelson, Jonathan Li, 2019, PLoS Computational Biology on p. e1007229

Defining early SIV replication and dissemination dynamics following vaginal transmission

Claire Deleage, Christine Fennessey, Taina Immonen, Arnold Reynaldi, Carolyn Reid, Timothy Schlub, Laura Newman, Leslie Lipkey , Celine Camus, Sean O'Brien, Jeremy Smedley, Jessica Conway, Gregory Del Prete, Miles Davenport, Jeffrey Lifson, Jacob Estes, Brandon Keele, 2019, Science advances on p. eaav7116

Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks. By István Z. Kiss, Joel C. Miller, and Péter L. Simon. Springer International Publishing, 2017.

Jessica Conway, 2019, SIAM Review on p. 209-212

Modeling the immune response to HIV infection

Jessica M. Conway, Ruy M. Ribeiro, 2018, Current Opinion in Systems Biology on p. 61-69

Determinants of the efficacy of HIV latency-reversing agents and implications for drug and treatment design

Ruian Ke, Jessica M. Conway, David M. Margolis, Alan S. Perelson, 2018, JCI insight

A new age-structured multiscale model of the hepatitis C virus life-cycle during infection and therapy with direct-acting antiviral agents

Barbara de M. Quintela, Jessica M. Conway, James M. Hyman, Jeremie Guedj, Rodrigo W. dos Santos, Marcelo Lobosco, Alan S. Perelson, 2018, Frontiers in Microbiology on p. 601

Early HIV infection predictions

Jessica M. Conway, Alan S. Perelson, 2018, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics on p. 1863-1890

Most-Cited Papers

Post-treatment control of HIV infection

Jessica M. Conway, Alan S. Perelson, 2015, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 5467-5472

A stochastic model of latently infected cell reactivation and viral blip generation in treated HIV patients

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Impact of different oseltamivir regimens on treating influenza A virus infection and resistance emergence: insights from a modelling study.

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Residual Viremia in Treated HIV<sup>+</sup>Individuals

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Stochastic analysis of pre-and postexposure prophylaxis against hiv infection

Jessica M. Conway, Bernhard P. Konrad, Daniel Coombs, 2013, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics on p. 904-928

Vaccination against 2009 pandemic H1N1 in a population dynamical model of Vancouver, Canada

Jessica M. Conway, Ashleigh R. Tuite, David N. Fisman, Nathaniel Hupert, Rafael Meza, Bahman Davoudi, Krista English, P. Van Den Driessche, Fred Brauer, Junling Ma, Lauren Ancel Meyers, Marek Smieja, Amy Greer, Danuta M. Skowronski, David L. Buckeridge, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Jianhong Wu, Seyed M. Moghadas, Daniel Coombs, Robert C. Brunham, Babak Pourbohloul, 2011, BMC Public Health

On the duration of the period between exposure to HIV and detectable infection

Bernhard P. Konrad, Darlene Taylor, Jessica Maral Conway, Gina S. Ogilvie, Daniel Coombs, 2017, Epidemics on p. 73-83

A Hepatitis C Virus Infection Model with Time-Varying Drug Effectiveness

Jessica M. Conway, Alan S. Perelson, 2014, PLoS Computational Biology on p. e1003769

Severity of liver disease affects HCV kinetics in patients treated with intravenous silibinin monotherapy

Laetitia Canini, Swati DebRoy, Zoe Mariño, Jessica M. Conway, Gonzalo Crespo, Miquel Navasa, Massimo D'Amato, Peter Ferenci, Scott J. Cotler, Xavier Forns, Alan S. Perelson, Harel Dahari, 2015, Antiviral Therapy on p. 149-155

Recombination Enhances HIV-1 Envelope Diversity by Facilitating the Survival of Latent Genomic Fragments in the Plasma Virus Population

Taina T. Immonen, Jessica M. Conway, Ethan O. Romero-Severson, Alan S. Perelson, Thomas Leitner, 2015, PLoS Computational Biology