Jason Kaye

Chair, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology; Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

Jason Kaye

Research Summary

Ecosystem ecology; global change biology; biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon cycling in managed and unmanaged ecosystems.

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Soil Cover Crops Nitrogen Cover Crop Ecosystem Services Corn Crops Leaching Climate Change Bedrock Seed Mixtures Weathering Regolith Community Structure Organic Carbon Agroecosystems Forest Management Zea Mays Shale Groundwater Carbon Maize Ecosystem Service Biomass Mixture

Most Recent Publications

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Most-Cited Papers

A framework for evaluating ecosystem services provided by cover crops in agroecosystems

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News Articles Featuring Jason Kaye

Three Ecology students receive Ag Sci awards

A trio of graduate researchers from the Huck's Ecology program were recently honored by the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Collaborative landscape design approach may improve resiliency, human well-being

A newly proposed landscape stewardship framework may lead to a more resilient and adaptable environment and improved quality of life for people.

USDA grant awarded for study on soil health, weed control in organic operations

A nearly $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences will support research on soil health and weed suppression in organic farming.

USDA grant to fund research on ‘farm tuning’ cover crop mixtures

With a new $650,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Carolyn Lowry will lead a research team designing cover crop mixtures that are more effective at providing an array of ecosystem services.

Cover crops project provides fertile ground for USDA graduate fellows

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences graduate students received more predoctoral fellowships from the U.S. Department of Agriculture than any other institution over the last five years.

Eissenstat retires from College of Ag Sciences after three decades at Penn State

David Eissenstat, professor of woody plant physiology, retired recently after a distinguished 28-year career on the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences faculty, including a two-year stint as interim head of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Mixed cover crops capture carbon in soil, could help mitigate climate change

When it comes to adding carbon to the soil, all cover crops don’t perform equally, according to a team of researchers whose new study revealed the disparity for the first time.

Team wins grant to develop nitrogen fertilizer decision tool for organic farmers

Penn State researchers have received a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture to perfect a tool they developed to help organic corn producers decide how much nitrogen — as fertilizer or manure — to apply to their crop fields.

Cover crop roots are key to understanding ecosystem services

To judge the overall effectiveness of cover crops and choose those offering the most ecosystem services, agricultural scientists must consider the plants’ roots as well as above-ground biomass, according to Penn State researchers who tested the characteristics of cover crop roots in three monocultures and one mixture.

Victoria Braithwaite to be memorialized with new ecology research award

Penn State's ecology community will memorialize beloved faculty member Victoria Braithwaite with new research excellence award named in her honor