Jason Kaye

Chair of the Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology; Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

Jason Kaye

Research Summary

Ecosystem ecology; global change biology; biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon cycling in managed and unmanaged ecosystems.

Huck Institutes Affiliations


Most Recent Papers

Nitrogen Budget and Topographic Controls on Nitrous Oxide in a Shale-Based Watershed

Julie N. Weitzman, Jason P. Kaye, 2018, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences on p. 1888-1908

Weathering of rock to regolith

Elizabeth A. Hasenmueller, Xin Gu, Julie N. Weitzman, Thomas S. Adams, Gary E. Stinchcomb, David M. Eissenstat, Patrick J. Drohan, Susan L. Brantley, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Geoderma on p. 11-31

Rhizosphere priming and plant-mediated cover crop decomposition

Steven T. Rosenzweig, Meagan E. Schipanski, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Plant and Soil on p. 127-139

Living cover crops have immediate impacts on soil microbial community structure and function

D. M. Finney, J. S. Buyer, J. P. Kaye, 2017, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation on p. 361-373

Hyporheic zone influences on concentration-discharge relationships in a headwater sandstone stream

Beth Hoagland, Tess A. Russo, Xin Gu, Lillian Hill, Jason Kaye, Brandon Forsythe, Susan L. Brantley, 2017, Water Resources Research on p. 4643-4667

Functional diversity in cover crop polycultures increases multifunctionality of an agricultural system

Denise M. Finney, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Journal of Applied Ecology on p. 509-517

Landscape control of nitrous oxide emissions during the transition from conservation reserve program to perennial grasses for bioenergy

Debasish Saha, Benjamin M. Rau, Jason P. Kaye, Felipe Montes, Paul R. Adler, Armen R. Kemanian, 2017, GCB Bioenergy on p. 783-795

Balancing multiple objectives in organic feed and forage cropping systems

Meagan E. Schipanski, Mary E. Barbercheck, Ebony G. Murrell, Jayson Harper, Denise M. Finney, Jason P. Kaye, David A. Mortensen, Richard G. Smith, 2017, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment on p. 219-227

Managing the trade off between nitrogen supply and retention with cover crop mixtures

Charles M. White, S. Tianna DuPont, Mena Hautau, Dave Hartman, Denise M. Finney, Brosi Bradley, James C. LaChance, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment on p. 121-133

Achieving diverse cover crop mixtures

Ebony G. Murrell, Meagan E. Schipanski, Denise M. Finney, Mitchell C. Hunter, Mac H. Burgess, James C. Lachance, Barbara Baraibar, Charles M. White, David A. Mortensen, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Agronomy Journal on p. 259-271

High-Impact Papers

An integrated conceptual framework for long-term social-ecological research

Scott L. Collins, Stephen R. Carpenter, Scott M. Swinton, Daniel E. Orenstein, Daniel L. Childers, Ted L. Gragson, Nancy B. Grimm, Grove J. Morgan, Sharon L. Harlan, Jason P. Kaye, Alan K. Knapp, Gary P. Kofinas, John J. Magnuson, William H. McDowell, John M. Melack, Laura A. Ogden, Robertson G. Philip, Melinda D. Smith, Ali C. Whitmer, 2011, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on p. 351-357

Carbon and water fluxes from ponderosa pine forests disturbed by wildfire and thinning

S. Dore, T. E. Kolb, M. Montes-Helu, S. E. Eckert, B. W. Sullivan, B. A. Hungate, J. P. Kaye, S. C. Hart, G. W. Koch, A. Finkral, 2010, Ecological Applications on p. 663-683

A framework for evaluating ecosystem services provided by cover crops in agroecosystems

Meagan E. Schipanski, Mary Barbercheck, Margaret R. Douglas, Denise M. Finney, Kristin Haider, Jason P. Kaye, Armen R. Kemanian, David A. Mortensen, Matthew R. Ryan, John Tooker, Charlie White, 2014, Agricultural Systems on p. 12-22

Hydrological and biogeochemical controls on the timing and magnitude of nitrous oxide flux across an agricultural landscape

Michael J. Castellano, John P. Schmidt, Jason P. Kaye, Charles Walker, Chris B. Graham, Henry Lin, Curtis J. Dell, 2010, Global Change Biology on p. 2711-2720

Soil greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions in long-term maize-based cropping systems

M. A A Adviento-Borbe, J. P. Kaye, M. A. Bruns, M. D. McDaniel, M. McCoy, S. Harkcom, 2010, Soil Science Society of America Journal on p. 1623-1634

Linking Carbon Saturation Concepts to Nitrogen Saturation and Retention

Michael J. Castellano, Jason P. Kaye, Henry Lin, John P. Schmidt, 2012, Ecosystems on p. 175-187

Ecosystem response to nutrient enrichment across an urban airshed in the Sonoran Desert

Sharon J. Hall, Ryan A. Sponseller, Nancy B. Grimm, David Huber, Jason P. Kaye, Christopher Clark, Scott L. Collins, 2011, Ecological Applications on p. 640-660

Biomass production and carbon/nitrogen ratio influence ecosystem services from cover crop mixtures

Denise M. Finney, Charles M. White, Jason P. Kaye, 2016, Agronomy Journal on p. 39-52

Increased temperature and precipitation had limited effects on soil extracellular enzyme activities in a post-harvest forest

M. D. McDaniel, J. P. Kaye, M. W. Kaye, 2013, Soil Biology and Biochemistry on p. 90-98

Optimizing vetch nitrogen production and corn nitrogen accumulation under no-till management

Justine C. Cook, Robert S. Gallagher, Jason P. Kaye, Jonathan Lynch, Brosi Bradley, 2010, Agronomy Journal on p. 1491-1499