Eric Claus

Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Eric Claus

Research Summary

Identifying neural and cognitive mechanisms that support behavior change in substance use disorders.

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Most Recent Publications

People who binge drink show neuroendocrine tolerance to alcohol cues that is associated with immediate and future drinking- results from a randomized clinical experiment

Sara Blaine, Clayton Ridner, Benjamin Campbell, Lily Crone, Richard Macatee, E Ansell, Jennifer Robinson, Eric Claus, 2023, Neuropsychopharmacology

Affective imagery boosts the reward related delta power in hazardous drinkers

Garima Singh, Ethan M. Campbell, Jeremy Hogeveen, Katie Witkiewitz, Eric D. Claus, James F. Cavanagh, 2023, Psychiatry Research - Neuroimaging

Sara K. Blaine, Clayton M. Ridner, Benjamin R. Campbell, Lily Crone, Eric D. Claus, Juliet R. Wilson, Summer N. West, Austin J. McClanahan, Anna S. Siddiq, Isaak M.P. Layman, Richard Macatee, Emily B. Ansell, Jennifer L. Robinson, Darren T. Beck, 2023, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity - Health

Ethan Campbell, Garima Singh, Eric Claus, Katie Witkiewitz, Vincent Costa, Jeremy Hogeveen, James Cavanagh, 2023, Computational Psychiatry on p. 47-59

Brandi C. Fink, Eric D. Claus, James F. Cavanagh, Derek A. Hamilton, Judith N. Biesen, 2023, Frontiers in Psychiatry

A review of functional brain differences predicting relapse in substance use disorder: Actionable targets for new methods of noninvasive brain stimulation

Benjamin C. Gibson, Eric D. Claus, Jay Sanguinetti, Katie Witkiewitz, Vincent P. Clark, 2022, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

Charles S.H. Robinson, Eric D. Claus, Vince Calhoun, Megan Swartz, Kathryn Fokas, Katie Witkiewitz, 2022, Addictive Behaviors

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A Bayesian mixed effects support vector machine for learning and predicting daily substance use disorder patterns

James W. Baurley, Eric D. Claus, Katie Witkiewitz, Christopher S. McMahan, 2022, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Eric Claus, Sara Blaine, Katie Witkiewitz, Emily Ansell, 2022, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research on p. 530-541

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