Denise Okafor

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Denise Okafor

Research Summary

Structural mechanisms of signaling and regulation in protein complexes.

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Ligands Cytoplasmic And Nuclear Receptors Proteins Liver Steroid Receptors Transcription Factors Protein Agonist Dna Therapeutics Steroid Molecular Dynamics Simulation Hormone Enzymes Dna Binding Proteins Glucocorticoid Receptors Rna Plasmodium Phospholipids Parasites Antimalarials Ligand Gene Expression Crystal Structure Hormones

Most Recent Publications

Saurov Hazarika, Matthew Fehrle, C. Denise Okafor, 2024, Journal of Chemical Physics

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Namita Dube, Sabab Hasan Khan, Riley Sasse, C. Denise Okafor, 2023, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling on p. 571-582

Interactions governing transcriptional activity of nuclear receptors

Sabab Hasan Khan, C. Denise Okafor, 2022, Biochemical Society Transactions on p. 1941-1952

Timothy James Russell, Erandi K. De Silva, Valerie M. Crowley, Kathryn Shaw-Saliba, Namita Dube, Gabrielle Josling, Charisse Flerida A. Pasaje, Irene Kouskoumvekaki, Gianni Panagiotou, Jacquin C. Niles, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena, C. Denise Okafor, Francisco Javier Gamo, Manuel Llinás, 2022, PLoS Pathogens

Suzanne G. Mays, Emma H. D'Agostino, Autumn R. Flynn, Xiangsheng Huang, Guohui Wang, Xu Liu, Elizabeth J. Millings, C. Denise Okafor, Anamika Patel, Michael L. Cato, Jeffery L. Cornelison, Diana Melchers, René Houtman, David D. Moore, John W. Calvert, Nathan T. Jui, Eric A. Ortlund, 2022, Cell Chemical Biology on p. 1174-1186.e7

Structural and Biophysical Mechanisms Driving Differential Hormone Response in Steroid Receptors

Sabab H. Khan, Sean M. Braet, Stephen J. Koehler, Elizabeth Elacqua, Ganesh S. Anand, Denise Okafor, 2022, FASEB Journal

Ligand Specificity in Progesterone Receptor

Namita Dube, Denise C. Okafor, 2022, FASEB Journal

Most-Cited Papers

Bile acids and the gut microbiota: metabolic interactions and impacts on disease

S Collins, Jonathan Stine, Jordan E. Bisanz, C. Denise Okafor, D Okafor, Andrew Patterson, 2022, Nature Reviews Microbiology on p. 236-247

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