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Most Recent Papers

Sexual selection for low male voice pitch among Amazonian forager-horticulturists

Kevin A. Rosenfield, Agnieszka Sorokowska, Piotr Sorokowski, David A. Puts, 2020, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 3-11

Visual cues to fertility are in the eye (movements) of the beholder

Elizabeth A. Necka, Omid Kardan, David Andrew Puts, Kelly E. Faig, Marc G. Berman, Greg J. Norman, 2019, Hormones and Behavior

Voice of Authority

Piotr Sorokowski, David Puts, Janie Johnson, Olga Żółkiewicz, Anna Oleszkiewicz, Agnieszka Sorokowska, Marta Kowal, Barbara Borkowska, Katarzyna Pisanski, 2019, Journal of Nonverbal Behavior on p. 257-269

Hormonal predictors of women's sexual motivation

Talia N. Shirazi, Heather Self, Khytam Dawood, Kevin A. Rosenfield, Lars Penke, Justin M. Carré, Triana Ortiz, David Andrew Puts, 2019, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 336-344

Operational Sex Ratio Predicts Binge Drinking Across U.S. Counties

Toe Aung, Susan M. Hughes, Liana S.E. Hone, David Andrew Puts, 2019, Evolutionary Psychology

Do women's preferences for masculine voices shift across the ovulatory cycle?

Julia Jünger, Natalie V. Motta-Mena, Rodrigo Cardenas, Drew Bailey, Kevin A. Rosenfield, Christoph Schild, Lars Penke, David A. Puts, 2018, Hormones and Behavior on p. 122-134

Women’s Attention to and Memory for Fertile- and Non-Fertile Phase Women Across the Menstrual Cycle

Elizabeth A. Necka, Kelly E. Faig, Kathryne Van Hedger, Ian M. Lyons, Stephanie J. Dimitroff, Maike Luhmann, David Andrew Puts, Greg J. Norman, 2018, Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology on p. 283-305

Menstrual cycle phase predicts women's hormonal responses to sexual stimuli

Talia N. Shirazi, Jennifer A. Bossio, David Andrew Puts, Meredith L. Chivers, 2018, Hormones and Behavior on p. 45-53

Hadza Men With Lower Voice Pitch Have a Better Hunting Reputation

Kristopher M. Smith, Yevgeniy M. Olkhov, David A. Puts, Coren L. Apicella, 2017, Evolutionary Psychology

Are there vocal cues to human developmental stability? Relationships between facial fluctuating asymmetry and voice attractiveness

Alexander K. Hill, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, John R. Wheatley, Lisa L.M. Welling, Robert P. Burriss, Peter Claes, Coren L. Apicella, Michael A. McDaniel, Anthony C. Little, Mark D. Shriver, David A. Puts, 2017, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 249-258

Most-Cited Papers

Masculine voices signal men's threat potential in forager and industrial societies

David A. Puts, Coren L. Apicella, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, 2012, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 601-609

Different Vocal Parameters Predict Perceptions of Dominance and Attractiveness

Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, Steven J.C. Gaulin, David A. Puts, 2010, Human Nature on p. 406-427

How valid are assessments of conception probability in ovulatory cycle research? Evaluations, recommendations, and theoretical implications

Steven W. Gangestad, Martie G. Haselton, Lisa L.M. Welling, Kelly Gildersleeve, Elizabeth G. Pillsworth, Robert P. Burriss, Christina M. Larson, David A. Puts, 2016, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 85-96

Vocal masculinity is a robust dominance signal in men

Sarah E. Wolff, David Andrew Puts, 2010, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology on p. 1673-1683

Intrasexual competition among women

David A. Puts, Julia L. Barndt, Lisa L.M. Welling, Khytam Dawood, Robert P. Burriss, 2011, Personality and Individual Differences on p. 111-115

Salivary testosterone does not predict mental rotation performance in men or women

David A. Puts, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, Drew H. Bailey, Robert P. Burriss, Cynthia L. Jordan, S. Marc Breedlove, 2010, Hormones and Behavior on p. 282-289

Voice correlates of mating success in men

Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, Steven J.C. Gaulin, David A. Puts, 2011, Archives of Sexual Behavior on p. 551-557

Men's masculinity and attractiveness predict their female partners' reported orgasm frequency and timing

David Andrew Puts, Lisa L.M. Welling, Robert P. Burriss, Khytam Dawood, 2012, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 1-9

Fulfilling desire

David A. Puts, Lauramarie E. Pope, Alexander K. Hill, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, Lisa L.M. Welling, John R. Wheatley, S. Marc Breedlove, 2015, Hormones and Behavior on p. 14-21

Vocal fundamental and formant frequencies are honest signals of threat potential in peripubertal males

Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, Michael Gurven, David A. Puts, Steven J.C. Gaulin, 2014, Behavioral Ecology on p. 984-988