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Most Recent Papers

Associations Between Sexual Desire and Within-Individual Testosterone and Cortisol in Men and Women

Kevin A. Rosenfield, Heather Self, Talia Shirazi, Rodrigo Cardenes, Justin Carré, Triana Ortiz, Khytam Dawood, David A. Puts, 2022, Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology on p. 156-178

Low Perinatal Androgens Predict Recalled Childhood Gender Nonconformity in Men

Talia N. Shirazi, Heather Self, Kevin A. Rosenfield, Khytam Dawood, Lisa L.M. Welling, Rodrigo Cárdenas, J. Michael Bailey, Ravikumar Balasubramanian, Angela Delaney, S. Marc Breedlove, David A. Puts, 2022, Psychological Science on p. 343-353

Evidence for perinatal steroid influence on human sexual orientation and gendered behavio

A Swift-Gallant, T Shirazi, David Puts, S Breedlove, 2021, Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology on p. 1-14

Heterozygosity of the major histocompatibility complex predicts later self-reported pubertal maturation in men

Steven Arnocky, Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, Adam C. Davis, Riley Desmarais, Anna Greenshields, Robert Liwski, Ellen E. Quillen, Rodrigo Cardenas, S. Marc Breedlove, David Puts, 2021, Scientific Reports

Author Correction

Christoph Schild, Toe Aung, Tobias L. Kordsmeyer, Rodrigo A. Cardenas, David A. Puts, Lars Penke, 2021, Scientific Reports

Low fundamental and formant frequencies predict fighting ability among male mixed martial arts fighters

Toe Aung, Stefan Goetz, John Adams, Clint McKenna, Catherine Hess, Stiven Roytman, Joey T. Cheng, Samuele Zilioli, David Puts, 2021, Scientific Reports

Evidence that perinatal ovarian hormones promote women's sexual attraction to men

Talia N. Shirazi, Heather Self, Khytam Dawood, Lisa L.M. Welling, Rodrigo Cárdenas, Kevin A. Rosenfield, J. Michael Bailey, Ravikumar Balasubramanian, Angela Delaney, S. Marc Breedlove, David A. Puts, 2021, Psychoneuroendocrinology

Do voices carry valid information about a speaker's personality?

Julia Stern, Christoph Schild, Benedict C. Jones, Lisa M. DeBruine, Amanda Hahn, David A. Puts, Ingo Zettler, Tobias L. Kordsmeyer, David Feinberg, Dan Zamfir, Lars Penke, Ruben C. Arslan, 2021, Journal of Research in Personality

Can listeners assess men's self-reported health from their voice?

Graham Albert, Steven Arnocky, David A. Puts, Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, 2021, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 91-103

Male voice pitch mediates the relationship between objective and perceived formidability

Toe Aung, Kevin A. Rosenfield, David Puts, 2021, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 121-129

Most-Cited Papers

Masculine voices signal men's threat potential in forager and industrial societies

David A. Puts, Coren L. Apicella, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, 2012, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 601-609

Modeling 3D Facial Shape from DNA

Peter Claes, Denise K. Liberton, Katleen Daniels, Kerri Matthes Rosana, Ellen E. Quillen, Laurel N. Pearson, Brian McEvoy, Marc Bauchet, Arslan A. Zaidi, Wei Yao, Hua Tang, Gregory S. Barsh, Devin M. Absher, David A. Puts, Jorge Rocha, Sandra Beleza, Rinaldo W. Pereira, Gareth Baynam, Paul Suetens, Dirk Vandermeulen, Jennifer K. Wagner, James S. Boster, Mark D. Shriver, 2014, PLoS Genetics on p. e1004224

Sexual selection on human faces and voices

David A. Puts, Benedict C. Jones, Lisa M. Debruine, 2012, Journal of Sex Research on p. 227-243

Women's attractiveness changes with estradiol and progesterone across the ovulatory cycle

David A. Puts, Drew H. Bailey, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, Robert P. Burriss, Lisa L.M. Welling, John R. Wheatley, Khytam Dawood, 2013, Hormones and Behavior on p. 13-19

How valid are assessments of conception probability in ovulatory cycle research? Evaluations, recommendations, and theoretical implications

Steven W. Gangestad, Martie G. Haselton, Lisa L.M. Welling, Kelly Gildersleeve, Elizabeth G. Pillsworth, Robert P. Burriss, Christina M. Larson, David A. Puts, 2016, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 85-96

A Sex Difference in the Predisposition for Physical Competition

Robert O. Deaner, David C. Geary, David A. Puts, Sandra A. Ham, Judy Kruger, Elizabeth Fles, Bo Winegard, Terry Grandis, 2012, PLoS One

Quantifying the strength and form of sexual selection on men's traits

Alexander K. Hill, John Hunt, Lisa L.M. Welling, Rodrigo A. Cárdenas, Michelle A. Rotella, John R. Wheatley, Khytam Dawood, Mark D. Shriver, David A. Puts, 2013, Evolution and Human Behavior on p. 334-341

Sexual selection on male vocal fundamental frequency in humans and other anthropoids

David A. Puts, Alexander K. Hill, Drew H. Bailey, Robert S. Walker, Drew Rendall, John R. Wheatley, Lisa L.M. Welling, Khytam Dawood, Rodrigo Cárdenas, Robert P. Burriss, Nina G. Jablonski, Mark D. Shriver, Daniel Weiss, Adriano R. Lameira, Coren L. Apicella, Michael J. Owren, Claudia Barelli, Mary E. Glenn, Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez, 2016, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 20152830

Human sexual selection

David Andrew Puts, 2016, Current Opinion in Psychology on p. 28-32

Sexual dimorphism in multiple aspects of 3D facial symmetry and asymmetry defined by spatially dense geometric morphometrics

Peter Claes, Mark Walters, Mark D. Shriver, David Puts, Greg Gibson, John Clement, Gareth Baynam, Geert Verbeke, Dirk Vandermeulen, Paul Suetens, 2012, Journal of Anatomy on p. 97-114