David Eissenstat

Professor of Woody Plant Physiology

David Eissenstat

Research Summary

Plant physiological ecology. Root biology and physiology. Plant carbon and nutrient economies.

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Soil Fine Roots Water Forests Biomass Nutrients Ecosystem Topography Fungi Rhizosphere Foraging Food Sampling Temperate Forests Soil Carbon Vineyards Vineyard Phenology Mites Hillslope Acari Carbon Resource Turnover Growing Season

Most Recent Publications

Cover crops and a devigorating rootstock can impart substantial agroecosystem services to high-resource vineyards: A multi-year study

Suzanne M. Fleishman, David M. Eissenstat, Grant M. Hoffer, Michela Centinari, 2023, Agro-Ecosystems

Suzanne M. Fleishman, David M. Eissenstat, Terrence Bell, Michela Centinari, 2022, Environmental Microbiomes

Hui Hu, Weikai Bao, David M. Eissenstat, Long Huang, Jian Liu, Fanglan Li, 2022, Plant and Soil on p. 671-688

Shifts in root dynamics along a hillslope in a mixed, mesic temperate forest

Edward J. Primka, Thomas S. Adams, Alexandra S. Buck, David M. Eissenstat, 2022, Plant and Soil on p. 707-723

Margarita M. Fernández, Cecilia Casas, José C. Bedano, David M. Eissenstat, Margot W. Kaye, Ivana M. García, Marcelo E. Kun, Lucas A. Garibaldi, 2022, Applied Soil Ecology

Topography Mediates the Response of Soil CO<sub>2</sub> Efflux to Precipitation Over Days, Seasons, and Years

Marissa Kopp, Jason Philip Kaye, Yuting He Smeglin, Thomas Adams, Edward J. Primka, Brosi Bradley, Yuning Shi, David Eissenstat, 2022, Ecosystems

Limited evidence of vertical fine-root segregation in a subtropical forest

Wenqi Luo, Ming Ni, Youshi Wang, Runxuan Lan, David M. Eissenstat, James F. Cahill, Buhang Li, Chengjin Chu, 2021, New Phytologist on p. 2308-2318

Edward J. Primka IV, Thomas S. Adams, Alexandra Buck, David M. Eissenstat, 2021, PLoS One

Suzanne M. Fleishman, Hayden W. Bock, David M. Eissenstat, Michela Centinari, 2021, Agro-Ecosystems

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