David Eissenstat

Professor of Woody Plant Physiology

David Eissenstat

Research Summary

Plant physiological ecology. Root biology and physiology. Plant carbon and nutrient economies.

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Carbon Nitrogen Soil Water Fine Roots Effect Fungi Forests Nutrients Leaves Food Foraging Fluid Mechanics Soils Shale Branching Biogeochemistry Minerals Fine Root Organic Carbon Phenology Vitis Vigor Acidity Degradation

Most Recent Papers

Soil organic carbon stability in forests

Gerrit Angst, Kevin E. Mueller, David Eissenstat, Susan Trumbore, Katherine H. Freeman, Sarah E. Hobbie, Jon Chorover, Jacek Oleksyn, Peter B. Reich, Carsten W. Mueller, 2019, Global Change Biology on p. 1529-1546

Changes in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi between young and old Vitis roots

Eric Vukicevich, D. Thomas Lowery, David Eissenstat, Miranda Hart, 2019, Symbiosis

Rootstock vigor shifts aboveground response to groundcover competition in young grapevines

Suzanne M. Fleishman, David Eissenstat, Michela Centinari, 2019, Plant and Soil

Root and mycorrhizal fungal foraging responses to fruit removal in apple trees

Emily K. Lavely, Jianghong Zhang, Thomas Adams, David R. Bryla, Jared L. DeForest, Richard P. Marini, Robert Michael Crassweller, David Eissenstat, 2018, Plant and Soil on p. 401-416

Linking fine root morphology, hydraulic functioning and shade tolerance of trees

Marcin Zadworny, Louise H. Comas, David Eissenstat, 2018, Annals of botany on p. 239-250

Using a spatially-distributed hydrologic biogeochemistry model with a nitrogen transport module to study the spatial variation of carbon processes in a Critical Zone Observatory

Yuning Shi, David Eissenstat, Yuting He, Kenneth James Davis, 2018, Ecological Modelling on p. 8-21

Root diameter predicts the extramatrical hyphal exploration distance of the ectomycorrhizal fungal community

Weile Chen, David Eissenstat, Roger T. Koide, 2018, Ecosphere

Evolutionary history resolves global organization of root functional traits

Zeqing Ma, Dali Guo, Xingliang Xu, Mingzhen Lu, Richard D. Bardgett, David Eissenstat, M. Luke McCormack, Lars O. Hedin, 2018, Nature on p. 94-97

The effect of lithology and agriculture at the susquehanna shale hills critical zone observatory

Li Li, Roman Alexander Dibiase, Joanmarie Del Vecchio, Virginia Marcon, Beth Hoagland, Dacheng Xiao, Callum Wayman, Qicheng Tang, Yuting He, Perri Silverhart, Ismaiel Szink, Brandon Robert Forsythe, Jennifer Zan Williams, Danny Shapich, Gregory J. Mount, Jason Philip Kaye, Li Guo, Hangsheng Lin, David Eissenstat, Ashlee Dere, Kristen Brubaker, Margot Wilkinson Kaye, Kenneth James Davis, Tess Alethea Russo, Susan Louise Brantley, 2018, Vadose Zone Journal

On the sensitivity of root and leaf phenology to warming in the Arctic

Laura Radville, Eric Post, David Eissenstat, 2018, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

High-Impact Papers

Predicting fine root lifespan from plant functional traits in temperate trees

M. Luke Mccormack, Thomas Adams, Erica A H. Smithwick, David Eissenstat, 2012, New Phytologist on p. 823-831

Fine root decomposition rates do not mirror those of leaf litter among temperate tree species

Sarah E. Hobbie, Jacek Oleksyn, David Eissenstat, Peter B. Reich, 2010, Oecologia on p. 505-513

Patterns in root trait variation among 25 co-existing North American forest species

L. H. Comas, David Eissenstat, 2009, New Phytologist on p. 919-928

Decomposition of the finest root branching orders

Marc Goebel, Sarah E. Hobbie, Bartosz Bulaj, Marcin Zadworny, Douglas D. Archibald, Jacek Oleksyn, Peter B. Reich, David Eissenstat, 2011, Ecological Monographs on p. 89-102

Hydraulic patterns and safety margins, from stem to stomata, in three eastern US tree species

D. M. Johnson, K. A. McCulloh, F. C. Meinzer, D. R. Woodruff, David Eissenstat, 2011, Tree Physiology on p. 659-668

Tree species effects on coupled cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and acidity in mineral soils at a common garden experiment

Kevin E. Mueller, David Eissenstat, Sarah E. Hobbie, Jacek Oleksyn, Andrzej M. Jagodzinski, Peter B. Reich, Oliver A. Chadwick, Jon Chorover, 2012, Biogeochemistry on p. 601-614

Linking root traits to nutrient foraging in arbuscular mycorrhizal trees in a temperate forest

David Eissenstat, Joshua M. Kucharski, Marcin Zadworny, Thomas Adams, Roger T. Koide, 2015, New Phytologist on p. 114-124

Root morphology and mycorrhizal symbioses together shape nutrient foraging strategies of temperate trees

Weile Chen, Roger T. Koide, Thomas Adams, Jared L. DeForest, Lei Cheng, David Eissenstat, 2016, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 8741-8746

Variation of first-order root traits across climatic gradients and evolutionary trends in geological time

Weile Chen, Hui Zeng, David Eissenstat, Dali Guo, 2013, Global Ecology and Biogeography on p. 846-856

Above-and belowground controls on water use by trees of different wood types in an eastern US deciduous forest

Frederick C. Meinzer, David R. Woodruff, David Eissenstat, Hangsheng Lin, Thomas Adams, Katherine A. McCulloh, 2013, Tree Physiology on p. 345-356