David Eissenstat

Professor of Woody Plant Physiology

David Eissenstat

Research Summary

Plant physiological ecology. Root biology and physiology. Plant carbon and nutrient economies.

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Most Recent Papers

Using a spatially-distributed hydrologic biogeochemistry model with a nitrogen transport module to study the spatial variation of carbon processes in a Critical Zone Observatory

Yuning Shi, David M. Eissenstat, Yuting He, Kenneth J. Davis, 2018, Ecological Modelling on p. 8-21

Root diameter predicts the extramatrical hyphal exploration distance of the ectomycorrhizal fungal community

Weile Chen, David M. Eissenstat, Roger T. Koide, 2018, Ecosphere

Evolutionary history resolves global organization of root functional traits

Zeqing Ma, Dali Guo, Xingliang Xu, Mingzhen Lu, Richard D. Bardgett, David M. Eissenstat, M. Luke McCormack, Lars O. Hedin, 2018, Nature on p. 94-97

Root morphology and mycorrhizal type strongly influence root production in nutrient hot spots of mixed forests

Weile Chen, Roger T. Koide, David M. Eissenstat, 2018, Journal of Ecology on p. 148-156

Root and mycorrhizal fungal foraging responses to fruit removal in apple trees

Emily K. Lavely, Jianghong Zhang, Thomas S. Adams, David R. Bryla, Jared L. DeForest, Richard P. Marini, Robert Crassweller, David M. Eissenstat, 2018, Plant and Soil

Reviews and syntheses

Susan L. Brantley, David M. Eissenstat, Jill A. Marshall, Sarah E. Godsey, Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, Diana L. Karwan, Shirley A. Papuga, Joshua Roering, Todd E. Dawson, Jaivime Evaristo, Oliver Chadwick, Jeffrey J. McDonnell, Kathleen C. Weathers, 2017, Biogeosciences on p. 5115-5142

Weathering of rock to regolith

Elizabeth A. Hasenmueller, Xin Gu, Julie N. Weitzman, Thomas S. Adams, Gary E. Stinchcomb, David M. Eissenstat, Patrick J. Drohan, Susan L. Brantley, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Geoderma on p. 11-31

Building a better foundation

M. Luke McCormack, Dali Guo, Colleen M. Iversen, Weile Chen, David M. Eissenstat, Christopher W. Fernandez, Le Li, Chengen Ma, Zeqing Ma, Hendrik Poorter, Peter B. Reich, Marcin Zadworny, Amy Zanne, 2017, New Phytologist on p. 27-37

Variability in aboveground carbon driven by slope aspect and curvature in an eastern deciduous forest, USA

Lauren A. Smith, David M. Eissenstat, Margot W. Kaye, 2017, Canadian Journal of Forest Research on p. 149-158

CZ-tope at Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO

P. L. Sullivan, L. Ma, N. West, L. Jin, D. L. Karwan, J. Noireaux, G. Steinhoefel, K. P. Gaines, D. M. Eissenstat, J. Gaillardet, L. A. Derry, K. Meek, S. Hynek, S. L. Brantley, 2016, Chemical Geology on p. 103-119

High-Impact Papers

Predicting fine root lifespan from plant functional traits in temperate trees

M. Luke Mccormack, Thomas S. Adams, Erica A.H. Smithwick, David M. Eissenstat, 2012, New Phytologist on p. 823-831

Fine root decomposition rates do not mirror those of leaf litter among temperate tree species

Sarah E. Hobbie, Jacek Oleksyn, David M. Eissenstat, Peter B. Reich, 2010, Oecologia on p. 505-513

Patterns in root trait variation among 25 co-existing North American forest species

L. H. Comas, D. M. Eissenstat, 2009, New Phytologist on p. 919-928

Decomposition of the finest root branching orders

Marc Goebel, Sarah E. Hobbie, Bartosz Bulaj, Marcin Zadworny, Douglas D. Archibald, Jacek Oleksyn, Peter B. Reich, David M. Eissenstat, 2011, Ecological Monographs on p. 89-102

Hydraulic patterns and safety margins, from stem to stomata, in three eastern US tree species

D. M. Johnson, K. A. McCulloh, F. C. Meinzer, D. R. Woodruff, D. M. Eissenstat, 2011, Tree Physiology on p. 659-668

Tree species effects on coupled cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and acidity in mineral soils at a common garden experiment

Kevin E. Mueller, David M. Eissenstat, Sarah E. Hobbie, Jacek Oleksyn, Andrzej M. Jagodzinski, Peter B. Reich, Oliver A. Chadwick, Jon Chorover, 2012, Biogeochemistry on p. 601-614

Linking root traits to nutrient foraging in arbuscular mycorrhizal trees in a temperate forest

David M. Eissenstat, Joshua M. Kucharski, Marcin Zadworny, Thomas S. Adams, Roger T. Koide, 2015, New Phytologist on p. 114-124

Variation of first-order root traits across climatic gradients and evolutionary trends in geological time

Weile Chen, Hui Zeng, David M. Eissenstat, Dali Guo, 2013, Global Ecology and Biogeography on p. 846-856

Above-and belowground controls on water use by trees of different wood types in an eastern US deciduous forest

Frederick C. Meinzer, David R. Woodruff, David M. Eissenstat, Henry S. Lin, Thomas S. Adams, Katherine A. McCulloh, 2013, Tree Physiology on p. 345-356

Contrasting the morphology, anatomy and fungal colonization of new pioneer and fibrous roots

Marcin Zadworny, David M. Eissenstat, 2011, New Phytologist on p. 213-221