Daniel Cosgrove

Eberly Chair and Professor of Biology

Daniel Cosgrove

Research Summary

Mechanism of plant growth. Function and evolution of expansins. Biochemistry and rheology of plant cell walls. Growth responses to light, hormones, and water stress and other stimuli.

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Most Recent Papers

Disentangling loosening from softening

Tian Zhang, Haosu Tang, Dimitrios Vavylonis, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2019, Plant Journal on p. 1101-1117

Lignin-polysaccharide interactions in plant secondary cell walls revealed by solid-state NMR

Xue Kang, Alex Kirui, Malitha C. Dickwella Widanage, Frederic Mentink-Vigier, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Tuo Wang, 2019, Nature communications

Quantum Calculations on Plant Cell Wall Component Interactions

Hui Yang, Heath D. Watts, Virgil Gibilterra, T. Blake Weiss, Loukas Petridis, Daniel J. Cosgrove, James D. Kubicki, 2019, Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences on p. 485-495

Arabinose substitution effect on xylan rigidity and self-aggregation

Utsab R. Shrestha, Sydney Smith, Sai Venkatesh Pingali, Hui Yang, Mai Zahran, Lloyd Breunig, Liza Anne Wilson, Malgorzata Kowalik, James D. Kubicki, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Hugh M. O’Neill, Loukas Petridis, 2019, Cellulose on p. 2267-2278

Expansin gene loss is a common occurrence during adaptation to an aquatic environment

Nathan K. Hepler, Alexa Bowman, Robert E. Carey, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2019, Plant Journal

Resonant soft X-ray scattering reveals cellulose microfibril spacing in plant primary cell walls

Dan Ye, Sarah N. Kiemle, Sintu Rongpipi, Xuan Wang, Cheng Wang, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Esther W. Gomez, Enrique D. Gomez, 2018, Scientific reports

The Shape of Native Plant Cellulose Microfibrils

James D. Kubicki, Hui Yang, Daisuke Sawada, Hugh O’Neill, Daniel Oehme, Daniel Cosgrove, 2018, Scientific reports

Dehydration-induced physical strains of cellulose microfibrils in plant cell walls

Shixin Huang, Mohamadamin Makarem, Sarah Kiemle, Yunzhen Zheng, Xin He, Dan Ye, Esther Winter Gomez, Enrique Daniel Gomez, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Seong Kim, 2018, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 337-348

Inhomogeneity of Cellulose Microfibril Assembly in Plant Cell Walls Revealed with Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy

Shixin Huang, Mohamadamin Makarem, Sarah N. Kiemle, Hossein Hamedi, Moujhuri Sau, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Seong H. Kim, 2018, Journal of Physical Chemistry B on p. 5006-5019

Xyloglucan in the primary cell wall

Yunzhen Zheng, Xuan Wang, Yuning Chen, Edward Wagner, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2018, Plant Journal on p. 211-226

Most-Cited Papers

A revised architecture of primary cell walls based on biomechanical changes induced by substrate-specific endoglucanases

Yong Bum Park, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2012, Plant physiology on p. 1933-1943

Changes in cell wall biomechanical properties in the xyloglucan-deficient xxt1/xxt2 mutant of Arabidopsis

Yong Bum Park, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2012, Plant physiology on p. 465-475

Sensitivity-enhanced solid-state NMR detection of expansin's target in plant cell walls

Tuo Wang, Yong Bum Park, Marc A. Caporini, Melanie Rosay, Linghao Zhong, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Mei Hong, 2013, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 16444-16449

Structural basis for entropy-driven cellulose binding by a type-A cellulose-binding module (CBM) and bacterial expansin

Nikolaos Georgelis, Neela H. Yennawar, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2012, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 14830-14835

Cellulose-pectin spatial contacts are Inherent to never-dried Arabidopsis primary cell walls

Tuo Wang, Yong Bum Park, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Mei Hong, 2015, Plant physiology on p. 871-884

Spatial organization of cellulose microfibrils and matrix polysaccharides in primary plant cell walls as imaged by multichannel atomic force microscopy

Tian Zhang, Yunzhen Zheng, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2016, Plant Journal on p. 179-192

Structure-function analysis of the bacterial expansin EXLX1

Nikolaos Georgelis, Akira Tabuchi, Nikolas Nikolaidis, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2011, Journal of Biological Chemistry on p. 16814-16823

Xyloglucan deficiency disrupts microtubule stability and cellulose biosynthesis in arabidopsis, altering cell growth and morphogenesis<sup>1[OPEN]</sup>

Chaowen Xiao, Tian Zhang, Yunzhen Zheng, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Charles T. Anderson, 2016, Plant physiology on p. 234-249

Visualization of the nanoscale pattern of recently-deposited cellulose microfibrils and matrix materials in never-dried primary walls of the onion epidermis

Tian Zhang, Sahar Mahgsoudy-Louyeh, Bernhard R. Tittmann, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2014, Cellulose on p. 853-862

Water-polysaccharide interactions in the primary cell wall of arabidopsis thaliana from polarization transfer solid-state NMR

Paul B. White, Tuo Wang, Yong Bum Park, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Mei Hong, 2014, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 10399-10409