Daniel Cosgrove

Eberly Chair and Professor of Biology

Daniel Cosgrove

Research Summary

Mechanism of plant growth. Function and evolution of expansins. Biochemistry and rheology of plant cell walls. Growth responses to light, hormones, and water stress and other stimuli.

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Cell Wall Cellulose Plant Cells Polysaccharides Cell Walls Mechanics Lignin Pectins Cells Microfibrils Arabidopsis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Xyloglucan Enzymes Atomic Force Microscopy Cellulose Microfibrils Polymers Growth Xyloglucans Pectin Extensibility Water Expansins Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Most Recent Publications

Wout Boerjan, Vincent Burlat, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Christophe Dunand, Paul Dupree, Kalina T. Haas, Gwyneth Ingram, Elisabeth Jamet, Debra Mohnen, Steven Moussu, Alexis Peaucelle, Staffan Persson, Cătălin Voiniciuc, Herman Höfte, 2024, The Cell Surface

The nonlinear mechanics of highly extensible plant epidermal cell walls

Jingyi Yu, Yao Zhang, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2024, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Jingyi Yu, Joshua T. Del Mundo, Guillaume Freychet, Mikhail Zhernenkov, Eric Schaible, Esther W. Gomez, Enrique D. Gomez, Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2024, Small

Structure and growth of plant cell walls

Daniel J. Cosgrove, 2023, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

J. Del Mundo, S. Rongpipi, H Yang, D. Ye, S Kiemle, S. Moffitt, C. Troxel, M. Toney, C. Zhu, J Kubicki, Daniel Cosgrove, Esther W. Gomez, Enrique D. Gomez, 2023, Scientific Reports on p. 5421

M. Monschein, E. Ioannou, T. Koitto, Lakm Al Amin, J. Varis, E. Wagner, K. Mikkonen, Daniel Cosgrove, E. Master, 2023, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. e0186322

Regiospecific Cellulose Orientation and Anisotropic Mechanical Property in Plant Cell Walls

J Lee, J Choi, L. Feng, J Yu, Y Zheng, Q Zhang, Y Lin, S. Sah, Ying Gu, Sulin Zhang, Daniel Cosgrove, Seong H. Kim, 2023, Biomacromolecules on p. 4759-4770

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Daniel J. Cosgrove, Nathan K. Hepler, Edward R. Wagner, Daniel M. Durachko, 2023, Methods in Molecular Biology on p. 79-88

E. Coen, Daniel Cosgrove, 2023, Science on p. eade8055

Most-Cited Papers

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