Channe Gowda

Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Channe Gowda

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Malaria Infections Parasites Infection Cytokines Immunity Plasmodium Falciparum Dendritic Cells Membranes Solubility Peptide Mapping Chloroquine Macrophages India Proteins Plasmodium Vivax Disulfide Acid Thermal Stability Polypeptides Pregnancy Outcome Crosslinking Oxidative Stress Disulfides Glutamic Acid

Most Recent Publications

Glycosylation in malaria parasites: what do we know?

D. Channe Gowda, Louis H. Miller, 2024, Trends in Parasitology on p. 131-146

Investigation of miscibiliy and physicochemical properties of synthetic polypeptide with collagen blends and their wound healing characteristics

D. Kathyayani, B. Mahesh, D. Channe Gowda, Alina Sionkowska, S. Veeranna, 2023, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Different TLR signaling pathways drive pathology in experimental cerebral malaria vs. malaria-driven liver and lung pathology

Xianzhu Wu, Kiran K. Dayanand, Ramesh Thylur Puttalingaiah, Kishore Punnath, Christopher C. Norbury, D. Channe Gowda, 2023, Journal of Leukocyte Biology on p. 471-488

Rajaghatta N. Suresh, Toreshettahally R. Swaroop, Darshini Gowda, Kempegowda Mantelingu, Kanchugarakoppal S. Rangappa, 2023, RSC Advances on p. 4910-4916

Mashanipalya G. Jagadeeshaprasad, Lovely Gautam, Maria C. Bewley, Suchi Goel, Reetesh R. Akhouri, D. Channe Gowda, 2023, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules on p. 143-158

Introduction to the Complexity of Cell Surface and Tissue Matrix Glycoconjugates

Veer P. Bhavanandan, D. Channe Gowda, 2023, on p. 1-39

Design, synthesis and structure-activity studies of amino acids conjugated quinazolinone-Schiff's bases as potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents

Santosh Kumar Verma, Rameshwari Verma, K. P. Rakesh, D. Channe Gowda, 2022, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Reports

Chemical crosslinking and peptide mapping reveal structural characteristics of interdomain 1 and 2 of the placental malaria adherent protein VAR2CSA

Jagadeeshaprasad M G, Maria C. Bewley, Gautam Lovely, John M. Flanagan, Channe D. Gowda, 2022, FASEB Journal

Miscibility and thermal stability of synthetic glutamic acid comprising polypeptide with polyvinyl alcohol

B. Mahesh, D. Kathyayani, D. Channe Gowda, Alina Sionkowska, Seeram Ramakrishna, 2022, Materials Chemistry and Physics

Valleesha N. Chandrashekhar, Kishore Punnath, Kiran K. Dayanand, Srinivas B. Kakkilaya, Poornima Jayadev, Suchetha N. Kumari, Rajeshwara N. Achur, D. Channe Gowda, 2022, Tropical Parasitology on p. 21-33

Most-Cited Papers

D. Channe Gowda, Xianzhu Wu, 2018, Frontiers in Immunology

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Kiran K. Dayanand, Kishore Punnath, Valleesha Chandrashekar, Rajeshwara N. Achur, Srinivas B. Kakkilaya, Susanta K. Ghosh, Suchetha Kumari, D. Channe Gowda, 2017, Malaria Journal

Facile synthesis of antimalarial 1,2-disubstituted 4-quinolones from 1,3-bisaryl-monothio-1,3-diketones

Ajjampura C. Vinayaka, Maralinganadoddi P. Sadashiva, Xianzhu Wu, Sergei S. Biryukov, José A. Stoute, Kanchugarakoppal S. Rangappa, D. Channe Gowda, 2014, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry on p. 8555-8561

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