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Most Recent Publications

Expecting the Unexpected: Violation of Expectation Shifts Strategies Toward Information Exploration

Hui Chen, Z. Yan, P. Zhu, Bradley Wyble, B. Eitam, M. Shen, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance on p. 513-522

On the limits of evidence accumulation of the preconscious percept.

A Aviles, H. Bowman, Bradley Wyble, Cognition

Towards Democratizing and Automating Online Conferences: Lessons from the Neuromatch Conferences

T. Achakulvisut, T. Ruangrong, P. Mineault, T. Vogels, M. Peters, Y. Poirazi, C. Rozell, Bradley Wyble, Goodman, K Kording, Trends in Cognitive Sciences on p. 265-268

Learning how to exploit sources of information

Bradley Wyble, Michael Hess, Hui Chen, Hui Chen, Baruch Eitam, Memory & Cognition on p. 696-705

A model of working memory for latent representations

Shekoofeh Hedayati, Ryan E. O’Donnell, Brad Wyble, 2022, Nature Human Behaviour on p. 709-719

Andrew Cwiek, Sarah M. Rajtmajer, Bradley Wyble, Vasant Honavar, Emily Grossner, Frank G. Hillary, 2022, Network Neuroscience on p. 29-48

Ryan E. O’Donnell, Kyrie H. Murawski, Ella Herrmann, Jesse Wisch, Garrett D. Sullivan, Brad Wyble, 2022, Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics

Location Has a Privilege, but It Is Limited: Evidence From Probing Task-Irrelevant Location

Joyce Tam, Brad Wyble, 2022, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition

Joyce Tam, Michael K. Mugno, Ryan E. O’Donnell, Brad Wyble, 2021, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review on p. 2027-2034

Ryan E. O’Donnell, Hui Chen, Brad Wyble, 2021, Memory and Cognition on p. 1705-1721

Most-Cited Papers

Mary C. Potter, Brad Wyble, Carl Erick Hagmann, Emily S. McCourt, 2014, Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics on p. 270-279

Contingent attentional capture by conceptually relevant images

Brad Wyble, Charles Folk, Mary C. Potter, 2013, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance on p. 861-871

The binding pool

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Amnesia for Object Attributes

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Beyond a mask and against the bottleneck

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Understanding how visual attention locks on to a location

Mingxuan Tan, Brad Wyble, 2015, Psychophysiology on p. 199-213