Andrew Zydney

Director of the Center for Industrial Biotechnology; Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering

Andrew Zydney

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Most Recent Papers

Effect of operating pressure on protein fouling during constant-pressure virus removal filtration

Joshua Peles, Fatemeh Fallahianbijan, Benjamin Cacace, Christina Carbrello, Sal Giglia, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Journal of Membrane Science

Enhancing the performance of sterile filtration for viral vaccines and model nanoparticles using an appropriate prefilter

Neil Taylor, Wanli (Justin) Ma, Adam Kristopeit, Sheng Ching Wang, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Journal of Membrane Science

Process-and Product-Related Foulants in Virus Filtration

Solomon Isu, Xianghong Qian, Andrew L. Zydney, S. Ranil Wickramasinghe, 2022, Bioengineering

Role of membrane structure on the filtrate flux during monoclonal antibody filtration through virus retentive membranes

Matthew Billups, Mirko Minervini, Melissa Holstein, Hasin Feroz, Swarnim Ranjan, Jessica Hung, Haiying Bao, Zheng Jian Li, Sanchayita Ghose, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Biotechnology Progress

Retention and Fouling during Nanoparticle Filtration

Liang Kai Chu, S. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Xianghong Qian, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Membranes

Design and optimization of Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration for inline concentration of monoclonal antibodies

Mario Jabra, Andrew Zydney, 2022, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 120047

Scale‐up issues for commercial depth filters in bioprocessing

Negin Nejatishahidein, Minyoung Kim, Seon Jung, Ehsan Espah Borujeni, Lara Fernandez, David Roush, Ali Borhan, Andrew Zydney, 2022, Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Effect of filtrate flux and process disruptions on virus retention by a relatively homogeneous virus removal membrane

Mohammad A. Afzal, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Biotechnology Progress

Corrigendum to “Single pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) of monoclonal antibodies

Mario G. Jabra, Ann M. Lipinski, Andrew L. Zydney, 2022, Journal of Membrane Science

Enablers of continuous processing of biotherapeutic products

Anurag S. Rathore, Andrew L. Zydney, Anupa Anupa, Saxena Nikita, Neelesh Gangwar, 2022, Trends in Biotechnology

Most-Cited Papers

Tight ultrafiltration membranes for enhanced separation of dyes and Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> during textile wastewater treatment

Jiuyang Lin, Wenyuan Ye, Marian Cornel Baltaru, Yu Pan Tang, Nicole J. Bernstein, Peng Gao, Stefan Balta, Maria Vlad, Alexander Volodin, Arcadio Sotto, Patricia Luis, Andrew L. Zydney, Bart Van der Bruggen, 2016, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 217-228

Continuous downstream processing for high value biological products

Andrew L. Zydney, 2016, Biotechnology and Bioengineering on p. 465-475

Polyacrylamide degradation and its implications in environmental systems

Boya Xiong, Rebeca Loss, Derrick Shields, Taylor Pawlik, Richard Hochreiter, Andrew Zydney, M Kumar, 2018, npj Clean Water

Fouling behavior of zwitterionic membranes

Mahsa Hadidi, Andrew Zydney, 2014, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 97-103

Ultrafiltration membrane performance

Yuriy S. Polyakov, Andrew L. Zydney, 2013, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 106-120

Microfiltration and ultrafiltration

Leos J. Zeman, Andrew L. Zydney, 2017,

Perspectives on integrated continuous bioprocessing - opportunities and challenges

Andrew Zydney, 2015, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering on p. 8-13

Fouling of microfiltration membranes by flowback and produced waters from the Marcellus shale gas play

Boya Xiong, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2016, Water Research on p. 162-170

Nanoscale control of internal inhomogeneity enhances water transport in desalination membranes

Tyler Culp, Biswajit Khara, Kaitlyn Brickey, Michael Geitner, Tawanda Zimudzi, Jeffrey Wilbur, Steven Jons, Abhishek Roy, Mou Paul, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Andrew Zydney, M Kumar, E Gomez, 2021, Science on p. 72-75

Recovery of small dye molecules from aqueous solutions using charged ultrafiltration membranes

Xiuwen Chen, Yiru Zhao, Jennifer Moutinho, Jiahui Shao, Andrew L. Zydney, Yiliang He, 2015, Journal of Hazardous Materials on p. 58-64

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Dan Hayes, Ph.D., replaced Andrew Zydney, Ph.D., as the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology's Director.

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Scientists have developed a new technique for purifying proteins during antibody manufacturing. The aim is to reduce the cost of continuous manufacturing for large-scale applications, such as COVID-19 therapeutics or Alzheimer’s disease treatments, without the need for Protein A.

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Observing the Performance of Planova Filters

The bioprocessing of therapeutics requires many steps, including viral filtration. To improve these steps, scientists must compare the performance of various products. That’s just what Andrew Zydney, director of the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology at Pennsylvania State University, and his colleagues did.

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Andrew Zydney, Ph.D., continued sharing his knowledge of bioprocessing with a global audience when he recently spoke at the “BioProcess International” Conference, held virtually for the first time in 2020.

Chemical engineering professor receives membrane research award

The North American Membrane Society (NAMS) has named Andrew Zydney, Penn State Bayard D. Kunkle Chair, professor of chemical engineering and director of the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology, as their 2020 recipient of the Alan S. Michaels Award for Innovation in Membrane Science and Technology.

Industrial Biotechnology Scholarships Announced

The Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology is excited to announce two new CSL Behring Scholarships for Penn State undergraduate students interested in the broad area of industrial biotechnology, ranging from biopharmaceutical manufacturing and food biotechnology, to the production of bio-based chemicals.