Andrew Zydney

Director of the Center for Industrial Biotechnology; Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering

Andrew Zydney

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Most Recent Papers

RNA size and 3-dimensional structure determine ultrafiltration behavior of small RNA molecules

Ivan Manzano, Grace Vezeau, Howard Salis, Andrew L. Zydney, 2020, Separation and Purification Technology

Single-use, single-pass tangential flow filtration using low-cost hollow fiber modules

Christopher J. Yehl, Andrew Zydney, 2020, Journal of Membrane Science

Mechanical degradation of polyacrylamide at ultra high deformation rates during hydraulic fracturing

Boya Xiong, Prakash Purswani, Taylor Pawlik, Laxmicharan Samineni, Zuleima T. Karpyn, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2020, Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology on p. 166-172

Continuous precipitation for monoclonal antibody capture using countercurrent washing by microfiltration

Zhao Li, Qin Gu, Jonathan L. Coffman, Todd Przybycien, Andrew L. Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology progress on p. e2886

Stereospecific interactions between histidine and monoclonal antibodies

Youngbin Baek, Parinaz Emami, Nripen Singh, Andrew Ilott, Erinc Sahin, Andrew Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology and bioengineering on p. 2632-2639

New insights into the performance characteristics of the Planova-series hollow-fiber parvovirus filters using confocal and electron microscopy

Hadi Nazem-Bokaee, Dayue Chen, Sean Michael O'Donnell, Andrew Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology and bioengineering on p. 2010-2017

Mass Balance Model with Donnan Equilibrium Accurately Describes Unusual pH and Excipient Profiles during Diafiltration of Monoclonal Antibodies

Youngbin Baek, Nripen Singh, Abhiram Arunkumar, Ameya Borwankar, Andrew L. Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology Journal on p. e1800517

Purification of a conjugated polysaccharide vaccine using tangential flow diafiltration

Parinaz Emami, Seyed Pouria Motevalian, Erin Pepin, Andrew Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology and Bioengineering on p. 591-597

Hollow fiber countercurrent dialysis for continuous buffer exchange of high-value biotherapeutics

Christopher J. Yehl, Mario G. Jabra, Andrew Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology progress

Multistage continuous countercurrent diafiltration for formulation of monoclonal antibodies

Mario G. Jabra, Christopher J. Yehl, Andrew Zydney, 2019, Biotechnology progress

Most-Cited Papers

Tight ultrafiltration membranes for enhanced separation of dyes and Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> during textile wastewater treatment

Jiuyang Lin, Wenyuan Ye, Marian Cornel Baltaru, Yu Pan Tang, Nicole J. Bernstein, Peng Gao, Stefan Balta, Maria Vlad, Alexander Volodin, Arcadio Sotto, Patricia Luis, Andrew Zydney, Bart Van der Bruggen, 2016, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 217-228

Fouling behavior of zwitterionic membranes

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Ultrafiltration membrane performance

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Fouling of microfiltration membranes by flowback and produced waters from the Marcellus shale gas play

Boya Xiong, Andrew Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2016, Water Research on p. 162-170

Recovery of small dye molecules from aqueous solutions using charged ultrafiltration membranes

Xiuwen Chen, Yiru Zhao, Jennifer Moutinho, Jiahui Shao, Andrew L. Zydney, Yiliang He, 2015, Journal of Hazardous Materials on p. 58-64

Radius of gyration of plasmid DNA isoforms from static light scattering

David R. Latulippe, Andrew L. Zydney, 2010, Biotechnology and bioengineering on p. 134-142

Intermolecular Interactions and the Viscosity of Highly Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody Solutions

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Protein transport through zwitterionic ultrafiltration membranes

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Characterizing the surface charge of synthetic nanomembranes by the streaming potential method

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