Andrew Zydney

Director of the Center for Industrial Biotechnology; Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering

Andrew Zydney

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Most Recent Papers

Impact of module geometry on the ultrafiltration behavior of capsular polysaccharides for vaccines

Parinaz Emami, Seyed Pouria Motevalian, Erin Pepin, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 19-25

Polyacrylamide in hydraulic fracturing fluid causes severe membrane fouling during flowback water treatment

Boya Xiong, Selina Roman-White, Bethany Piechowicz, Zachary Miller, Benjamin Farina, Travis Tasker, William Burgos, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2018, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 125-131

A combined ultrafiltration-reverse osmosis process for external reuse of Weiyuan shale gas flowback and produced water

Can Guo, Haiqing Chang, Baicang Liu, Qiping He, Boya Xiong, Manish Kumar, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology on p. 942-955

Slit pores preferred over cylindrical pores for high selectivity in biomolecular filtration

Benjamin J. Feinberg, Jeff C. Hsiao, Jaehyun Park, Andrew L. Zydney, William H. Fissell, Shuvo Roy, 2018, Journal of Colloid And Interface Science on p. 176-181

Probing pore structure of virus filters using scanning electron microscopy with gold nanoparticles

Hadi Nazem-Bokaee, Fatemeh Fallahianbijan, Dayue Chen, Sean Michael O'Donnell, Christina Carbrello, Sal Giglia, David Bell, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 144-152

Transport Characteristics of Asymmetric Cellulose Triacetate Hemodialysis Membranes

Tae Ryung Kim, Mahsa Hadidi, Seyed Pouria Motevalian, Takashi Sunohara, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Blood Purification on p. 46-52

Improving extraction and post-purification concentration of membrane proteins

Hasin Feroz, Hyeyoung Kwon, Jing Peng, Hyeonji Oh, Bryan Ferlez, Carol S. Baker, John H. Golbeck, Guillermo C. Bazan, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2018, Analyst on p. 1378-1386

Chemical Degradation of Polyacrylamide during Hydraulic Fracturing

Boya Xiong, Zachary Miller, Selina Roman-White, Travis Tasker, Benjamin Farina, Bethany Piechowicz, William D. Burgos, Prachi Joshi, Liang Zhu, Christopher A. Gorski, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2018, Environmental Science and Technology on p. 327-336

Development of a Hydrodynamic Cleaning Cycle for Ultrafiltration / Diafiltration Processes used for Monoclonal Antibody Formulation

Youngbin Baek, Deyu Yang, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research

Countercurrent staged diafiltration for formulation of high value proteins

Anirudh M.K. Nambiar, Ying Li, Andrew L. Zydney, 2018, Biotechnology and Bioengineering on p. 139-144

High-Impact Papers

High-performance silicon nanopore hemofiltration membranes

William H. Fissell, Anna Dubnisheva, Abigail N. Eldridge, Aaron J. Fleischman, Andrew L. Zydney, Shuvo Roy, 2009, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 58-63

Fouling behavior of zwitterionic membranes

Mahsa Hadidi, Andrew L. Zydney, 2014, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 97-103

Tight ultrafiltration membranes for enhanced separation of dyes and Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> during textile wastewater treatment

Jiuyang Lin, Wenyuan Ye, Marian Cornel Baltaru, Yu Pan Tang, Nicole J. Bernstein, Peng Gao, Stefan Balta, Maria Vlad, Alexander Volodin, Arcadio Sotto, Patricia Luis, Andrew L. Zydney, Bart Van der Bruggen, 2016, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 217-228

Ultrafiltration membrane performance

Yuriy S. Polyakov, Andrew L. Zydney, 2013, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 106-120

Role of electrostatic interactions during protein ultrafiltration

Mahsa M. Rohani, Andrew L. Zydney, 2010, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science on p. 40-48

Permeability-selectivity analysis for ultrafiltration

Dharmesh M. Kanani, William H. Fissell, Shuvo Roy, Anna Dubnisheva, Aaron Fleischman, Andrew L. Zydney, 2010, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 405-410

Membrane technology for purification of therapeutic proteins

Andrew L. Zydney, 2009, Biotechnology and Bioengineering on p. 227-230

Protein transport through zwitterionic ultrafiltration membranes

Mahsa M. Rohani, Andrew L. Zydney, 2012, Journal of Membrane Science on p. 1-8

Radius of gyration of plasmid DNA isoforms from static light scattering

David R. Latulippe, Andrew L. Zydney, 2010, Biotechnology and Bioengineering on p. 134-142

Fouling of microfiltration membranes by flowback and produced waters from the Marcellus shale gas play

Boya Xiong, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, 2016, Water Research on p. 162-170