Amir Sheikhi

Huck Early Career Chair in Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering ; Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Amir Sheikhi

Research Summary

Micro- and nanoengineered soft materials for medicine and the environment; microfluidic-enabled biomaterials for tissue engineering and regeneration; living materials; next-generation bioadhesives, tissue sealants, and hemostatic agents; hydrogels for minimally invasive medical technologies; self-healing and adaptable soft materials; smart coatings; hairy nanocelluloses as an emerging family of advanced materials.

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Hydrogels Cellulose Nanocellulose Proteins Gelatin Tissue Microfluidics Hydrogel Adsorption Aerogels Sensors Silicones Polymers Biomaterial Bone Biocompatible Materials Nanoparticles Biomaterials Porosity Application Green Costs Chitosan Structural Analysis Therapeutics

Most Recent Publications

Zaman Ataie, Summer Horchler, Arian Jaberi, Srinivas V. Koduru, Jessica C. El-Mallah, Mingjie Sun, Sina Kheirabadi, Alexander Kedzierski, Aneesh Risbud, Angelo Roncalli Alves E. Silva, Dino J. Ravnic, Amir Sheikhi, 2024, Small

Mica L. Pitcher, Roya Koshani, Amir Sheikhi, 2024, Journal of Polymer Science on p. 9-31

Po Hao Lai, Shelby L. Hall, Yi Chen Lan, Jia Ruey Ai, Arian Jaberi, Amir Sheikhi, Rui Shi, Bryan Vogt, Enrique Daniel Gomez, 2024, Materials Horizons

Ganesh Shenoy, Sina Kheirabadi, Zaman Ataie, Aurosman Pappus Sahu, Kondaiah Palsa, Quinn Wade, Chachrit Khunsriraksakul, Vladimir Khristov, Becky Slagle-Webb, Justin D. Lathia, Hong Gang Wang, Amir Sheikhi, James R. Connor, 2023, FASEB Journal

Ganesh Shenoy, Sina Kheirabadi, Zaman Ataie, Aurosman Pappus Sahu, Kondaiah Palsa, Quinn Wade, Chachrit Khunsriraksakul, Vladimir Khristov, Becky Slagle-Webb, Justin Lathia, Hong-Gang Wang, Amir Sheikhi, James Connor, 2023, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

Reihaneh Haghniaz, Han Jun Kim, Hossein Montazerian, Avijit Baidya, Maryam Tavafoghi, Yi Chen, Yangzhi Zhu, Solmaz Karamikamkar, Amir Sheikhi, Ali Khademhosseini, 2023, Bioactive Materials on p. 314-327

Colloidal aspects of calcium carbonate scaling in water-in-oil emulsions: A fundamental study using droplet-based microfluidics

Shang Lin Yeh, Roya Koshani, Amir Sheikhi, 2023, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science on p. 536-545

Nanoengineering the Redispersibility of Cellulose Nanocrystals

Breanna Huntington, Mica L. Pitcher, Amir Sheikhi, 2023, Biomacromolecules on p. 43-56

Reihaneh Haghniaz, Hossein Montazerian, Atiya Rabbani, Avijit Baidya, Brent Usui, Yangzhi Zhu, Maryam Tavafoghi, Fazli Wahid, Han Jun Kim, Amir Sheikhi, Ali Khademhosseini, 2023, Advanced healthcare materials

Yerbol Tagay, Sina Kheirabadi, Zaman Ataie, Rakesh Singh, Olivia Prince, Ashley Nguyen, Alexander Zhovmer, Xuefei Ma, Amir Sheikhi, Denis Tsygankov, Erdem Tabdanov, 2023, Advanced Science on p. 25

Most-Cited Papers

Ehsan Shirzaei Sani, Ahmad Kheirkhah, Devyesh Rana, Zhongmou Sun, William Foulsham, Amir Sheikhi, Ali Khademhosseini, Reza Dana, Nasim Annabi, 2019, Science advances

Advancing Frontiers in Bone Bioprinting

Nureddin Ashammakhi, Anwarul Hasan, Outi Kaarela, Batzaya Byambaa, Amir Sheikhi, Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, Ali Khademhosseini, 2019, Advanced healthcare materials

3D-Printed Ultra-Robust Surface-Doped Porous Silicone Sensors for Wearable Biomonitoring

Elham Davoodi, Hossein Montazerian, Reihaneh Haghniaz, Armin Rashidi, Samad Ahadian, Amir Sheikhi, Jun Chen, Ali Khademhosseini, Abbas S. Milani, Mina Hoorfar, Ehsan Toyserkani, 2020, ACS Nano on p. 1520-1532

Reza Mohammadinejad, Hajar Maleki, Eneko Larrañeta, André R. Fajardo, Amirala Bakhshian Nik, Amin Shavandi, Amir Sheikhi, Mansour Ghorbanpour, Mehdi Farokhi, Praveen Govindh, Etienne Cabane, Susan Azizi, Amir Reza Aref, Masoud Mozafari, Mehdi Mehrali, Sabu Thomas, João F. Mano, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Vijay Kumar Thakur, 2019, Applied Materials Today on p. 213-246

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Reusable Green Aerogels from Cross-Linked Hairy Nanocrystalline Cellulose and Modified Chitosan for Dye Removal

Han Yang, Amir Sheikhi, Theo G.M. Van De Ven, 2016, Langmuir on p. 11771-11779

Nureddin Ashammakhi, Samad Ahadian, Mohammad Ali Darabi, Mario El Tahchi, Junmin Lee, Kasinan Suthiwanich, Amir Sheikhi, Mehmet R. Dokmeci, Rahmi Oklu, Ali Khademhosseini, 2019, Advanced Materials

Amir Sheikhi, Joseph de Rutte, Reihaneh Haghniaz, Outman Akouissi, Alireza Sohrabi, Dino Di Carlo, Ali Khademhosseini, 2019, Biomaterials on p. 560-568

Hairy cellulose nanocrystalloids: A novel class of nanocellulose

Theo G.M. Van De Ven, Amir Sheikhi, 2016, Nanoscale on p. 15101-15114

Copper removal using electrosterically stabilized nanocrystalline cellulose

Amir Sheikhi, Salman Safari, Han Yang, Theo G.M. Van De Ven, 2015, ACS applied materials & interfaces on p. 11301-11308

News Articles Featuring Amir Sheikhi

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To speed up the formation and patterning of new blood vessels, Penn State researchers have combined a novel biomaterial with a microsurgical approach used in reconstructive surgery, enabling improved recovery of soft tissue.

Penn State professors make advancements in study of breast cancer

A study unveiled findings from collaborative research conducted on the issue of metastasis within breast cancer patients

NIH diversity grant to fund student’s 3D bioprinting research

Angie Castro will be supported by an NIH grant for her work on 3D printing granular scaffolds for tissue engineering and regeneration to meet precise medical needs.

Protein found to control breast cancer metastasis

Scientists have discovered the motor protein dynein commands movement of cancer cells in soft tissue models, offering new clinical targets

Potential New Therapeutic Target for Metastatic Breast Cancer Discovered

New research led by Penn State researchers has shown, for the first time, the mechanics of how breast cancer cells invade healthy tissues and lead to metastatic disease

Research says blocking a motor protein can stop breast cancer cells

But what if there was ? to stop breast cancer cells from moving and invading healthy tissues

Protein discovery could be used to stop breast cancer in its tracks

Researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which a protein facilitates the spread of breast cancer cells from the primary tumor into healthy tissue

Mechanics of breast cancer metastasis discovered, offering target for treatment

New research led by Penn State reveals for the first time the mechanics behind how breast cancer cells may invade healthy tissues recently published in the journal Advanced Science.

One Health Microbiome Center's 2023-24 Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellows

The One Health Microbiome Center (OHMC) in the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State has named five recipients for its 2023-24 Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellowships (IIF) program.

Mussels inspire an eco-friendly way to extract critical rare earth elements

Rare earth elements play a key role in clean energy, vital to the production of lightweight, efficient batteries and essential components in wind turbines.