Kevin Harvatine

Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology

Kevin Harvatine

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Investigation of dietary factors that modify ruminal fatty acid biohydrogenation, regulation of synthesis of milk components, and basic regulation of lipid synthesis with the continual goal of developing feeding strategies to improve the efficiency and performance of dairy cows

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Most Recent Papers

Effects of fat supplements containing different levels of palmitic and stearic acid on milk production and fatty acid digestibility in lactating dairy cows

R. P. Shepardson, K. J. Harvatine, 2021, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 7682-7695

Comparison of the effects of short-term feeding of sodium acetate and sodium bicarbonate on milk fat production

C. Matamoros, J. Cai, A. D. Patterson, K. J. Harvatine, 2021, Journal of Dairy Science

Origin of fatty acids and influence of nutritional factors on milk fat

D. Palmquist, Kevin Harvatine, 2020, Advanced Dairy Chemistry on p. 33-66

Meta-analysis of the relationship between milk trans-10 C18:1, milk fatty acids <16 C, and milk fat production

C. Matamoros, R. N. Klopp, L. E. Moraes, K. J. Harvatine, 2020, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 10195-10206

Physical characterization of fatty acid supplements with varying enrichments of palmitic and stearic acid by differential scanning calorimetry

Richard P. Shepardson, Ekaterina A. Bazilevskaya, Kevin J. Harvatine, 2020, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 8967-8975

Relationships between milk fat and rumination time recorded by commercial rumination sensing systems

D. M. Andreen, M. M. Haan, C. D. Dechow, K. J. Harvatine, 2020, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 8094-8104

Effect of lowering the amount of dietary linoleic acid on tissue omega-3 fatty acid contents of broilers fed supplemental flaxseed oil from 18 to 35 days of age

Ahmed S.A. El-Zenary, Yun Ying, R. Michael Hulet, Kevin J. Harvatine, Robert G. Elkin, 2020, Journal of Applied Poultry Research on p. 730-743

Corrigendum to “Annual rhythms of milk synthesis in dairy herds in 4 regions of the United States and their relationships to environmental indicators” (J. Dairy Sci. 103:3696–3707) (Journal of Dairy Science (2020) 103(4) (3696–3707), (S0022030220301089), (10.3168/jds.2019-17362))

I. J. Salfer, P. A. Bartell, C. D. Dechow, K. J. Harvatine, 2020, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 5791

Technical note: Method for improving precision of in-parlor milk meters and adjusting milk weights for stall effects

D. M. Andreen, I. J. Salfer, Y. Ying, D. J. Reinemann, K. J. Harvatine, 2020, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 5162-5169

Dietary Fat Does Not Overcome trans-10, cis-12 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Inhibition of Milk Fat Synthesis in Lactating mice

Megan M. Robblee, Yves R. Boisclair, Dale E. Bauman, Kevin J. Harvatine, 2020, Lipids on p. 201-212

Most-Cited Papers

Nutrigenomics, rumen-derived bioactive fatty acids, and the regulation of milk fat synthesis

Dale E. Bauman, Kevin John Harvatine, Adam L. Lock, 2011, Annual Review of Nutrition on p. 299-319

Induction of and recovery from milk fat depression occurs progressively in dairy cows switched between diets that differ in fiber and oil concentration

Daniel E. Rico, Kevin J. Harvatine, 2013, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 6621-6630

Microbiota-Dependent Hepatic Lipogenesis Mediated by Stearoyl CoA Desaturase 1 (SCD1) Promotes Metabolic Syndrome in TLR5-Deficient Mice

Vishal Singh, Benoit Chassaing, Limin Zhang, Beng San Yeoh, Xia Xiao, Manish Kumar, Mark T. Baker, Jingwei Cai, Rachel Walker, Kamil Borkowski, Kevin J. Harvatine, Nagendra Singh, Gregory C. Shearer, James M. Ntambi, Bina Joe, Andrew D. Patterson, Andrew T. Gewirtz, Matam Vijay-Kumar, 2015, Cell Metabolism on p. 983-996

Plasma FGF21 is elevated by the intense lipid mobilization of lactation

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Effect of a high-palmitic acid fat supplement on milk production and apparent total-tract digestibility in high- and low-milk yield dairy cows

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Dietary cocoa reduces metabolic endotoxemia and adipose tissue inflammation in high-fat fed mice

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Acetate dose-dependently stimulates milk fat synthesis in lactating dairy cows

Natalie L. Urrutia, Kevin J. Harvatine, 2017, Journal of Nutrition on p. 763-769

Conjugated linoleic acid-induced milk fat depression in lactating ewes is accompanied by reduced expression of mammary genes involved in lipid synthesis<sup>1</sup>

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Lipid Feeding and Milk Fat Depression

Thomas C. Jenkins, Kevin J. Harvatine, 2014, Veterinary Clinics of North America - Food Animal Practice on p. 623-642

Characterization of the acute lactational response to trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid

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