Melissa Rolls appointed Paul Berg Professor of Biochemistry

Melissa Rolls, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, has been named the Paul Berg Professor of Biochemistry. The professorship was created in 1995 by an anonymous donor in honor of Paul Berg, a 1948 Penn State graduate who was named a Distinguished Alumnus in 1974 and earned the Nobel Prize in 1980 for developing a method to map the structure and function of DNA.

A recent art exhibition in downtown State College featured 18 works by Penn State scientists. IMAGE: PENN STATE

Discovering the beauty of living cells: Science meets coffeeshop art

A December exhibition at Webster's Bookstore Cafe titled “The Art of Cell Biology,” featured 18 pieces of science-based artwork produced by Penn State research,

Dr. Janet Iwasa presents at the Center for Cellular Dynamics' "Art of Cellular Biology" event

Innovative meeting brings scientists and artists together

The University of Utah’s Dr. Janet Iwasa headlined the “Art of Cellular Biology” event.

Modern brain circuitry retains ancient foundation

Modern brain circuitry retains ancient foundation

Studying sea anemones' molecular nerve-signaling machinery, Tim Jegla finds that a burst of evolutionary innovation laid the foundation of our nervous systems more than half a billion years ago.

Discovery rewriting the evolutionary history of the nervous system

Penn State researchers at the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences uncover a long-standing, fundamental error in the story of the nervous system’s evolution.

Summer fieldwork for MCIBS students: from here to China

This summer many MCIBS students can be found hard at work in their labs. Or you just might find some by a local stream or in Africa or China taking their research into the field.

Crowd-funding campaign to accelerate clinical trials of brain-repair discovery

Pushing promising new brain-repair research from the Gong Chen lab into clinical trials is the goal of a quick crowd-funding campaign that kicked off March 30.

Nerve-cell signaling traced back to common ancestor of humans and sea anemone

New research led by by Tim Jegla shows that a burst of evolutionary innovation in the genes responsible for electrical communication among nerve cells in our brains occurred over 600 million years ago in a common ancestor of humans and the sea anemone.

Ben Franklin's TechCelerator turns promising research into startups with promise

Research-to-startup program helps build entrepreneurship among scientists including Huck Institutes faculty researchers Tony Jun Huang and Gong Chen.

Research team sets sights on fighting hunger by strengthening plants

A group of Penn State students led by Assistant Professor of Biology Charles Anderson is exploring ways to make plants hardier, boosting world food supplies in the process.