Thermo Eclipse

The Orbitrap Eclipse mass spectrometer with a quadrupole mass filter, a dual-pressure linear ion trap and an Orbitrap mass analyzers.


Proteomics, including protein identification, expression analysis (up to 18-plex TMT-labeled sample sets), modifications and cross-linking analyses, proximity labeling and other pull-downs.


  • An Orbitrap Mass Analyzer with an m/z range of 50-6000, resolving power of up to 500,000 FWHM and isotopic fidelity of up to 240,000 FWHM at m/z 200
  • A Dual-Pressure Linear Ion Trap used for MSn precursor ion isolation and collision induced dissociation (CID). Maximum scan rate of 45 Hz using a dual-dynode detector with high linear dynamic range


The instrument is capable of several fragmentation techniques:

  • Collision-induced dissociation (CID)
  • Higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD)
  • ETD, including electron-transfer higher-energy collision dissociation (EThcD)
  • Ultraviolet photodissociation (UVPD)

These fragmentation techniques are available at any stage of MSn with detection in the Orbitrap mass analyzer or in the linear ion trap analyzer. This instrument is uniquely suited for accurate and high-throughput full-proteome quantitation and characterization. The instrument is interfaced with a Thermo Easy nLC 1200 liquid chromatography system.