Xiaogang Hu

Huck Chair in Neurorehabilitation; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Kinesiology, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Xiaogang Hu

Research Summary

Neural-machine interface, somatosensory feedback, neural control of biological and bionic hands, neuromuscular disorder.

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Electromyography Muscles Muscle Action Potentials Electrodes Motor Neurons Prosthetics Robotics Neurophysiological Recruitment Object Recognition Lower Extremity Textiles Prostheses And Implants Kinematics Application Biomechanical Phenomena Hand Behavior As Electrode Decomposition Finger Joint Composite Materials Silver Nanowires Muscle Fatigue Decoding Monitoring

Most Recent Publications

Robust neural decoding for dexterous control of robotic hand kinematics

Jiahao Fan, Luis Vargas, Derek G. Kamper, Xiaogang Hu, 2023, Computers in Biology and Medicine

Concurrent and Continuous Prediction of Finger Kinetics and Kinematics via Motoneuron Activities

Rinku Roy, Yang Zheng, Derek G. Kamper, Xiaogang Hu, 2023, IRE transactions on medical electronics on p. 1911-1920

Luis Vargas, Eric D. Musselman, Warren M. Grill, Xiaogang Hu, 2023, Journal of Neural Engineering

Privacy-Preserving Motor Intent Classification via Feature Disentanglement

Jiahao Fan, Xiaogang Hu, 2023,

A simplified model for whole-body angular momentum calculation

Ming Liu, Amirreza Naseri, I. Chieh Lee, Xiaogang Hu, Michael D. Lewek, He Huang, 2023, Journal of Biomedical Engineering

Rinku Roy, Derek G. Kamper, Xiaogang Hu, 2023, IEEE Access on p. 17348-17358

Robert M. Hinson, Joseph Berman, William Filer, Derek Kamper, Xiaogang Hu, He Huang, 2023, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering on p. 680-689

Assessment of Impaired Finger Independence of Stroke Survivors: A Preliminary study

Jiahao Fan, Henry Shin, Xiaogang Hu, 2023,

Ultrasoft Porous 3D Conductive Dry Electrodes for Electrophysiological Sensing and Myoelectric Control

Shanshan Yao, Weixin Zhou, Robert Hinson, Penghao Dong, Shuang Wu, Jasmine Ives, Xiaogang Hu, He Huang, Yong Zhu, 2022, Advanced Materials Technologies

Resembled Tactile Feedback for Object Recognition Using a Prosthetic Hand

Luis Vargas, He Huang, Yong Zhu, Derek Kamper, Xiaogang Hu, 2022, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters on p. 10977-10984

Most-Cited Papers

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