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William Hancock

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The detailed workings of motor proteins and their role in intracellular transport and cell motility.

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Most Recent Papers

Microtubule binding kinetics of membrane-bound kinesin-1 predicts high motor copy numbers on intracellular cargo

Rui Jiang, Steven Vandal, Soohyun Park, Sheereen Majd, Erkan Tüzel, William O. Hancock, 2019, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 26564-26570

Insights into Kinesin-1 Stepping from Simulations and Tracking of Gold Nanoparticle-Labeled Motors

Keith J. Mickolajczyk, Annan S.I. Cook, Janak P. Jevtha, John Fricks, William O. Hancock, 2019, Biophysical journal on p. 331-345

Kinesin-5 Promotes Microtubule Nucleation and Assembly by Stabilizing a Lattice-Competent Conformation of Tubulin

Geng Yuan Chen, Joseph M. Cleary, A. B. Asenjo, Y. Chen, Jacob A. Mascaro, David Florn Johnso Arginteanu, Hernando Sosa, William O. Hancock, 2019, Current Biology on p. 2259-2269.e4

Direct observation of individual tubulin dimers binding to growing microtubules

Keith J. Mickolajczyk, Elisabeth A. Geyer, Tae Kim, Luke M. Rice, William O. Hancock, 2019, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 7314-7322

The Orphan Kinesin PAKRP2 Achieves Processive Motility via a Noncanonical Stepping Mechanism

Allison M. Gicking, Pan Wang, Chun Liu, Keith J. Mickolajczyk, Lijun Guo, William O. Hancock, Weihong Qiu, 2019, Biophysical journal on p. 1270-1281

Load-dependent detachment kinetics plays a key role in bidirectional cargo transport by kinesin and dynein

Kazuka G. Ohashi, Lifeng Han, Brandon Mentley, Jiaxuan Wang, John Fricks, William O. Hancock, 2019, Traffic on p. 284-294

Motor Dynamics Underlying Cargo Transport by Pairs of Kinesin-1 and Kinesin-3 Motors

Göker Arpağ, Stephen R. Norris, S. Iman Mousavi, Virupakshi Soppina, Kristen J. Verhey, William O. Hancock, Erkan Tüzel, 2019, Biophysical journal on p. 1115-1126

Dual inhibition of Kif15 by oxindole and quinazolinedione chemical probes

Megan E. Dumas, Geng Yuan Chen, Nicole D. Kendrick, George Xu, Scott D. Larsen, Somnath Jana, Alex G. Waterson, Joshua A. Bauer, William Hancock, Gary A. Sulikowski, Ryoma Ohi, 2019, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters on p. 148-154

The S6 gate in regulatory Kv6 subunits restricts heteromeric K<sup>+</sup> channel stoichiometry

Aditya Pisupati, Keith J. Mickolajczyk, William Horton, Damian B. van Rossum, Andriy Anishkin, Sree V. Chintapalli, Xiaofan Li, Jose Chu-Luo, Gregory Busey, William O. Hancock, Timothy Jegla, 2018, Journal of General Physiology on p. 1702-1721

Motor Reattachment Kinetics Play a Dominant Role in Multimotor-Driven Cargo Transport

Qingzhou Feng, Keith J. Mickolajczyk, Geng Yuan Chen, William O. Hancock, 2018, Biophysical journal on p. 400-409

Most-Cited Papers

Neck Linker Length Determines the Degree of Processivity in Kinesin-1 and Kinesin-2 Motors

Shankar Shastry, William O. Hancock, 2010, Current Biology on p. 939-943

Examining kinesin processivity within a general gating framework

Johan O.L. Andreasson, Bojan Milic, Geng Yuan Chen, Nicholas R. Guydosh, William O. Hancock, Steven M. Block, 2015, eLife on p. 1-44

Interhead tension determines processivity across diverse N-terminal kinesins

Shankar Shastry, William O. Hancock, 2011, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 16253-16258

Kinesin's neck-linker determines its ability to navigate obstacles on the microtubule surface

Gregory J. Hoeprich, Andrew R. Thompson, Derrick P. McVicker, William O. Hancock, Christopher L. Berger, 2014, Biophysical journal on p. 1691-1700

The mechanochemical cycle of mammalian kinesin-2 KIF3A/B under load

Johan O.L. Andreasson, Shankar Shastry, William O. Hancock, Steven M. Block, 2015, Current Biology on p. 1166-1175

Kinesin-5 is a microtubule polymerase

Yalei Chen, William O. Hancock, 2015, Nature communications

Molecular counting by photobleaching in protein complexes with many subunits

Yalei Chen, Nathan C. Deffenbaugh, Charles T. Anderson, William O. Hancock, 2014, Molecular biology of the cell on p. 3630-3642

Processivity of the Kinesin-2 KIF3A results from rear head gating and not front head gating

Geng Yuan Chen, David F.J. Arginteanu, William O. Hancock, 2015, Journal of Biological Chemistry on p. 10274-10294

An EB1-kinesin complex is sufficient to steer microtubule growth in vitro

Yalei Chen, Melissa Rolls, William O. Hancock, 2014, Current Biology on p. 316-321

A Tubulin Binding Switch Underlies Kip3/Kinesin-8 Depolymerase Activity

Hugo Arellano-Santoyo, Elisabeth A. Geyer, Ema Stokasimov, Geng Yuan Chen, Xiaolei Su, William Hancock, Luke M. Rice, David Pellman, 2017, Developmental Cell on p. 37-51.e8