W. Larry Kenney

Professor of Physiology and Kinesiology

W. Larry Kenney

Research Summary

Environmental and exercise physiology, particularly human thermoregulation, skin blood flow, and the biophysics of heat exchange.

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Most Recent Papers

Dam health effects: Drinking water salinity is a key risk factor for hypertension and dilute urine among Daasanach pastoralists in Northern Kenya

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Thermoregulatory reflex control of cutaneous vasodilation in healthy aging

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Temperature regulation during exercise in the heat

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Drinking water salinity is associated with hypertension and hyperdilute urine among Daasanach pastoralists in Northern Kenya

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Examining "race" in physiology.

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Psychrometric limits and critical evaporative coefficients for exercising older women

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Hydration efficacy of a milk permeate-based oral hydration solution

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Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure, Risk, and Protection in Military and Outdoor Athletes

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Hydration in relation to water insecurity, heat index, and lactation status in two small-scale populations in hot-humid and hot-arid environments

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Hair morphology and function at the intersection of anthropology, physiology, and engineering

T Lasisi, n Jablonski, M Shriver, William Kenney, G Havenith, 2020,

Most-Cited Papers

National athletic trainers' association position statement

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Heat waves aging and human cardiovascular health

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Oral atorvastatin therapy restores cutaneous microvascular function by decreasing arginase activity in hypercholesterolaemic humans

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