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Most Recent Publications

Negative density-dependence characterize mutualistic interactions between birds and fruiting plants across latitudes

Tomas Carlo-Joglar, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (B)

Seabird guano inputs increase impacts from introduced mammals on the native plants and animals on an oceanic island

Walter Espindola, Tomas Carlo-Joglar, Oecologia

Manuel Nogales, Kim R. McConkey, Tomás A. Carlo, Debra M. Wotton, Peter J. Bellingham, Anna Traveset, Aarón González-Castro, Ruben Heleno, Kenta Watanabe, Haruko Ando, Haldre Rogers, Julia H. Heinen, Donald R. Drake, 2024, The Botanical Review

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Functional ecology of Neotropical frugivorous birds

Tomás A. Carlo, Paulo H.S.A. Camargo, Marco A. Pizo, 2022, Ornithology Research on p. 139-154

Abundance predominates over niche factors as determinant of the frequency of interactions between frugivorous birds and plants

Marco A. Pizo, Antonio B. Fontanella, Tomás A. Carlo, Aarón González-Castro, 2022, Biotropica on p. 627-634

Special issue: Fruits, animals and seed dispersal: timely advances on a key mutualism

Tomás A. Carlo, Eliana Cazetta, Anna Traveset, Paulo R. Guimarães, Kim R. McConkey, 2022, Oikos

Bear diets and human–bear conflicts: insights from isotopic ecology

Nereyda Falconi, Tomás A. Carlo, Todd K. Fuller, Stephen Destefano, John F. Organ, 2022, Mammal Review on p. 322-327

Effects of latitude and plant relative abundance on predispersal granivory

Brady W. Boyer, Teresa Morán-López, Guillermo Amico, César Arana, Walter D. Espíndola, Marcos A. Caraballo-Ortiz, Juan M. Morales, Tomás A. Carlo, 2021, Biotropica on p. 1007-1012

Most-Cited Papers

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