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Thomas K Wood

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Most Recent Papers

Deciphering the Antitoxin-Regulated Bacterial Stress Response via Single-Cell Analysis

Lina Wu, Miaomiao Zhang, Yiyi Song, Minfang Deng, Shengbin He, Liuqin Su, Yu Chen, Thomas Keith Wood, Xiaomei Yan, 2019, ACS chemical biology on p. 2859-2866

Toxins of toxin/antitoxin systems are inactivated primarily through promoter mutations

L. Fernandez-Garcia, J. S. Kim, M. Tomas, T. K. Wood, 2019, Journal of Applied Microbiology on p. 1859-1868

Interkingdom signal indole inhibits Pseudomonas aeruginosa persister cell waking

W. Zhang, R. Yamasaki, S. Song, T. K. Wood, 2019, Journal of Applied Microbiology on p. 1768-1775

Symbiosis of a P2-family phage and deep-sea Shewanella putrefaciens

Xiaoxiao Liu, Kaihao Tang, Dali Zhang, Yangmei Li, Zhe Liu, Jianyun Yao, Thomas K. Wood, Xiaoxue Wang, 2019, Environmental microbiology on p. 4212-4232

Seeding Public Goods Is Essential for Maintaining Cooperation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Daniel Loarca, Dánae Díaz, Héctor Quezada, Ana Laura Guzmán-Ortiz, Abril Rebollar-Ruiz, Ana María Fernández Presas, Jimena Ramírez-Peris, Rafael Franco-Cendejas, Toshinari Maeda, Thomas K. Wood, Rodolfo García-Contreras, 2019, Frontiers in Microbiology

σ<sub>54</sub>-Dependent regulator DVU2956 switches Desulfovibrio vulgaris from biofilm formation to planktonic growth and regulates hydrogen sulfide production

Lei Zhu, Ting Gong, Thammajun L. Wood, Ryota Yamasaki, Thomas K. Wood, 2019, Environmental microbiology on p. 3564-3576

Pseudogene YdfW in Escherichia coli decreases hydrogen production through nitrate respiration pathways

Marahaini Mokhtar, Mohd Zulkhairi Mohd Yusoff, Mohd Shukuri Mohamad Ali, Nurul Asyifah Mustapha, Thomas K. Wood, Toshinari Maeda, 2019, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy on p. 16212-16223

Phages Mediate Bacterial Self-Recognition

Sooyeon Song, Yunxue Guo, Jun Seob Kim, Xiaoxue Wang, Thomas Keith Wood, 2019, Cell Reports on p. 737-749.e4

Resistance to oxidative stress by inner membrane protein ElaB is regulated by OxyR and RpoS

Yunxue Guo, Yangmei Li, Waner Zhan, Thomas Keith Wood, Xiaoxue Wang, 2019, Microbial Biotechnology on p. 392-404

Quorum sensing between Gram-negative bacteria responsible for methane production in a complex waste sewage sludge consortium

Phuong Dong Thi Nguyen, Nurul Asyifah Mustapha, Kiwao Kadokami, Rodolfo Garcia-Contreras, Thomas Keith Wood, Toshinari Maeda, 2019, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology on p. 1485-1495

Most-Cited Papers

The bacterial signal indole increases epithelial-cell tight-junction resistance and attenuates indicators of inflammation

Tarun Bansal, Robert C. Alaniz, Thomas K. Wood, Arul Jayaraman, 2010, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 228-233

Cryptic prophages help bacteria cope with adverse environments

Xiaoxue Wang, Younghoon Kim, Qun Ma, Seok Hoon Hong, Karina Pokusaeva, Joseph M. Sturino, Thomas K. Wood, 2010, Nature communications

Quorum quenching quandary

Toshinari Maeda, Rodolfo García-Contreras, Mingming Pu, Lili Sheng, Luis Rene Garcia, Maria Tomás, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, ISME Journal on p. 493-501

Toxins Hha and CspD and small RNA regulator Hfq are involved in persister cell formation through MqsR in Escherichia coli

Younghoon Kim, Thomas Keith Wood, 2010, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications on p. 209-213

Arrested protein synthesis increases persister-like cell formation

Brian W. Kwan, John A. Valenta, Michael J. Benedik, Thomas K. Wood, 2013, Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy on p. 1468-1473

Synthetic quorum-sensing circuit to control consortial biofilm formation and dispersal in a microfluidic device

Seok Hoon Hong, Manjunath Hegde, Jeongyun Kim, Xiaoxue Wang, Arul Jayaraman, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, Nature communications

Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production from water/methanol decomposition using Ag/TiO<sub>2</sub> nanocomposite thin films

Naser Alenzi, Wei Ssu Liao, Paul S. Cremer, Viviana Sanchez-Torres, Thomas K. Wood, Christine Ehlig-Economides, Zhengdong Cheng, 2010, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy on p. 11768-11775

Quorum sensing enhancement of the stress response promotes resistance to quorum quenching and prevents social cheating

Rodolfo García-Contreras, Leslie Nuñez-López, Ricardo Jasso-Chávez, Brian W. Kwan, Javier A. Belmont, Adrián Rangel-Vega, Toshinari Maeda, Thomas K. Wood, 2015, ISME Journal on p. 115-125

Proteus mirabilis interkingdom swarming signals attract blow flies

Qun Ma, Alicia Fonseca, Wenqi Liu, Andrew T. Fields, Meaghan L. Pimsler, Aline F. Spindola, Aaron M. Tarone, Tawni L. Crippen, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Thomas Keith Wood, 2012, ISME Journal on p. 1356-1366

Bacterial persistence increases as environmental fitness decreases

Seok Hoon Hong, Xiaoxue Wang, Hazel F. O'Connor, Michael J. Benedik, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, Microbial Biotechnology on p. 509-522