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Most Recent Papers

The role of PemIK (PemK/PemI) type II TA system from Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical strains in lytic phage infection

Ines Bleriot, Lucia Blasco, Olga Pacios, Laura Fernández-García, Antón Ambroa, María López, Concha Ortiz-Cartagena, Felipe Fernández Cuenca, Jesús Oteo-Iglesias, Álvaro Pascual, Luis Martínez-Martínez, Pilar Domingo-Calap, Thomas K. Wood, María Tomás, 2022, Scientific Reports

The secret lives of single cells

Thomas K. Wood, 2022, Microbial Biotechnology on p. 13-17

Escherichia coli cryptic prophages sense nutrients to influence persister cell resuscitation

Sooyeon Song, Jun Seob Kim, Ryota Yamasaki, Sejong Oh, Michael J. Benedik, Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Environmental Microbiology on p. 7245-7254

Vibrio splendidus persister cells induced by host coelomic fluids show a similar phenotype to antibiotic-induced counterparts

Yanan Li, Thomas K. Wood, Weiwei Zhang, Chenghua Li, 2021, Environmental Microbiology on p. 5605-5620

Tryptophan-metabolizing gut microbes regulate adult neurogenesis via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor

George Zhang Wei, Katherine A. Martin, Peter Yuli Xing, Ruchi Agrawal, Luke Whiley, Thomas K. Wood, Sophia Hejndorf, Yong Zhi Ng, Jeremy Zhi Yan Low, Janet Rossant, Robert Nechanitzky, Elaine Holmes, Jeremy K. Nicholson, Eng King Tan, Paul M. Matthews, Sven Pettersson, 2021, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Mostly dead and all dead

Sooyeon Song, Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Environmental Microbiology Reports on p. 253-254

Waiting for Godot

Sooyeon Song, Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Environmental Microbiology Reports on p. 246-247

Type VII Toxin/Antitoxin Classification System for Antitoxins that Enzymatically Neutralize Toxins

Xiaoxue Wang, Jianyun Yao, Yi Cheng Sun, Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Trends in Microbiology on p. 388-393

‘Viable but non-culturable cells’ are dead

Sooyeon Song, Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Environmental Microbiology on p. 2335-2338

Concerns with computational protein engineering programmes IPRO and OptMAVEn and metabolic pathway engineering programme optStoic

Thomas K. Wood, 2021, Open Biology

Most-Cited Papers

Bacterial persister cell formation and dormancy

Thomas K. Wood, Stephen J. Knabel, Brian W. Kwan, 2013, Applied and Environmental Microbiology on p. 7116-7121

Roles of indole as an interspecies and interkingdom signaling molecule

Jin Hyung Lee, Thomas K. Wood, Jintae Lee, 2015, Trends in Microbiology on p. 707-718

A new type V toxin-antitoxin system where mRNA for toxin GhoT is cleaved by antitoxin GhoS

Xiaoxue Wang, Dana M. Lord, Hsin Yao Cheng, Devon O. Osbourne, Seok Hoon Hong, Viviana Sanchez-Torres, Cecilia Quiroga, Kevin Zheng, Torsten Herrmann, Wolfgang Peti, Michael J. Benedik, Rebecca Page, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, Nature Chemical Biology on p. 855-861

Arrested protein synthesis increases persister-like cell formation

Brian W. Kwan, John A. Valenta, Michael J. Benedik, Thomas K. Wood, 2013, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy on p. 1468-1473

Quorum quenching quandary: Resistance to antivirulence compounds

Toshinari Maeda, Rodolfo García-Contreras, Mingming Pu, Lili Sheng, Luis Rene Garcia, Maria Tomás, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, ISME Journal on p. 493-501

Synthetic quorum-sensing circuit to control consortial biofilm formation and dispersal in a microfluidic device

Seok Hoon Hong, Manjunath Hegde, Jeongyun Kim, Xiaoxue Wang, Arul Jayaraman, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, Nature Communications

Evolution of Resistance to Quorum-Sensing Inhibitors

Vipin C. Kalia, Thomas K. Wood, Prasun Kumar, 2014, Microbial Ecology on p. 13-23

Quorum sensing enhancement of the stress response promotes resistance to quorum quenching and prevents social cheating

Rodolfo García-Contreras, Leslie Nuñez-López, Ricardo Jasso-Chávez, Brian W. Kwan, Javier A. Belmont, Adrián Rangel-Vega, Toshinari Maeda, Thomas K. Wood, 2015, ISME Journal on p. 115-125

Combatting bacterial infections by killing persister cells with mitomycin C

Brian W. Kwan, Nityananda Chowdhury, Thomas K. Wood, 2015, Environmental Microbiology on p. 4406-4414

Bacterial persistence increases as environmental fitness decreases

Seok Hoon Hong, Xiaoxue Wang, Hazel F. O'Connor, Michael J. Benedik, Thomas K. Wood, 2012, Microbial Biotechnology on p. 509-522