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John Hayes

Professor of Food Science; Director, Sensory Evaluation Center
Perception of taste, smell and chemesthesis; eating behavior; individual differences in sensation and food preferences; COVID related anosmia

Edward Levri

Associate Professor of Biology
Research interests lie in the evolutionary ecology of parasitism and disease, invasion ecology, and predator-prey interactions.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Erika Machtinger

Associate Professor of Entomology
Veterinary entomology, including vector-borne diseases. Focus is on ecology and behavior associated with host-parasite interactions to improve or develop new control methods.

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Tom Baker

Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Chemical Ecology

Josephine Wee

Assistant Professor of Food Science

Bob Roberts

Professor and Head of Food Science

Sara Hermann

Assistant Professor of Arthropod Ecology and Trophic Interactions

Helene Hopfer

Associate Professor of Food Science

Michael Hulet

Associate Professor of Poultry Science

Jean-Michel Mongeau

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Biomedical Engineering