Steven Schiff

Director of the Center for Neural Engineering; Brush Chair Professor of Engineering; Professor of Neurosurgery; Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Steven Schiff

Research Summary

Neural engineering, neurosurgery, epilepsy, Parkinsons Disease, wave mechanics, brain machine interfaces, EEG, electrical fields, and control theory.

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Seizures Hydrocephalus Brain Therapeutics Cerebrospinal Fluid Infections Infection Depolarization Malnutrition Income Paenibacillus Child Oxygen Coinfection Uganda Neonatal Sepsis Swelling Growth Disorders Thinness Epilepsy Inflammation Ventriculostomy Choroid Plexus 4 Aminopyridine Mortality

Most Recent Papers

Spreading depression as an innate antiseizure mechanism

Isra Tamim, David Y. Chung, Andreia Lopes de Morais, Inge C.M. Loonen, Tao Qin, Amrit Misra, Frieder Schlunk, Matthias Endres, Steven J. Schiff, Cenk Ayata, 2021, Nature Communications

Immune activation during Paenibacillus brain infection in African infants with frequent cytomegalovirus co-infection

Albert M. Isaacs, Sarah U. Morton, Mercedeh Movassagh, Qiang Zhang, Christine Hehnly, Lijun Zhang, Diego M. Morales, Shamim A. Sinnar, Jessica E. Ericson, Edith Mbabazi-Kabachelor, Peter Ssenyonga, Justin Onen, Ronnie Mulondo, Mady Hornig, Benjamin C. Warf, James R. Broach, R. Reid Townsend, David D. Limbrick, Joseph N. Paulson, Steven J. Schiff, 2021, iScience

Global, regional and national epidemiology and prevalence of child stunting, wasting and underweight in low- and middle-income countries, 2006-2018.

Paddy Ssentongo, A Ssentongo, D Ba, J Ericson, M Na, X Gao, C Fronterre, V Chinchilli, S Schiff, 2021, Scientific Reports on p. 5204

Exome sequencing implicates genetic disruption of prenatal neuro-gliogenesis in sporadic congenital hydrocephalus

Sheng Chih Jin, Weilai Dong, Adam J. Kundishora, Shreyas Panchagnula, Andres Moreno-De-Luca, Charuta G. Furey, August A. Allocco, Rebecca L. Walker, Carol Nelson-Williams, Hannah Smith, Ashley Dunbar, Sierra Conine, Qiongshi Lu, Xue Zeng, Michael C. Sierant, James R. Knight, William Sullivan, Phan Q. Duy, Tyrone DeSpenza, Benjamin C. Reeves, Jason K. Karimy, Arnaud Marlier, Christopher Castaldi, Irina R. Tikhonova, Boyang Li, Helena Perez Peña, James R. Broach, Edith M. Kabachelor, Peter Ssenyonga, Christine Hehnly, Li Ge, Boris Keren, Andrew T. Timberlake, June Goto, Francesco T. Mangano, James M. Johnston, William E. Butler, Benjamin C. Warf, Edward R. Smith, Steven J. Schiff, David D. Limbrick, Gregory Heuer, Eric M. Jackson, Bermans J. Iskandar, Shrikant Mane, Shozeb Haider, Bulent Guclu, Yasar Bayri, Yener Sahin, Charles C. Duncan, Michael L.J. Apuzzo, Michael L. DiLuna, Ellen J. Hoffman, Nenad Sestan, Laura R. Ment, Seth L. Alper, Kaya Bilguvar, Daniel H. Geschwind, Murat Günel, Richard P. Lifton, Kristopher T. Kahle, 2020, Nature Medicine on p. 1754-1765

The problem of microbial dark matter in neonatal sepsis

Shamim A. Sinnar, Steven J. Schiff, 2020, Emerging Infectious Diseases on p. 2543-2548

Paenibacillus infection with frequent viral coinfection contributes to postinfectious hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants

Joseph N. Paulson, Brent L. Williams, Christine Hehnly, Nischay Mishra, Shamim A. Sinnar, Lijun Zhang, Paddy Ssentongo, Edith Mbabazi-Kabachelor, Dona S.S. Wijetunge, Benjamin Von Bredow, Ronnie Mulondo, Julius Kiwanuka, Francis Bajunirwe, Joel Bazira, Lisa M. Bebell, Kathy Burgoine, Mara Couto-Rodriguez, Jessica E. Ericson, Tim Erickson, Matthew Ferrari, Melissa Gladstone, Cheng Guo, Murali Haran, Mady Hornig, Albert M. Isaacs, Brian Nsubuga Kaaya, Sheila M. Kangere, Abhaya V. Kulkarni, Elias Kumbakumba, Xiaoxiao Li, David D. Limbrick, Joshua Magombe, Sarah U. Morton, John Mugamba, James Ng, Peter Olupot-Olupot, Justin Onen, Mallory R. Peterson, Farrah Roy, Kathryn Sheldon, Reid Townsend, Andrew D. Weeks, Andrew J. Whalen, John Quackenbush, Peter Ssenyonga, Michael Y. Galperin, Mathieu Almeida, Hannah Atkins, Benjamin C. Warf, W. Ian Lipkin, James R. Broach, Steven J. Schiff, 2020, Science Translational Medicine

Micronutrient Supplementation During Pregnancy, Birth Weight and Neonatal Mortality in Uganda: A Causal Mediation Analysis

Paddy Ssentongo, Djibril Ba, Claudio Fronterre, Jessica Ericson, Alison Gernand, Ming Wang, Ping Du, Duanping Liao, Vernon Chinchilli, Steven Schiff, 2020, Current Developments in Nutrition on p. 912-912

Association of Undernutrition and Neonatal, Infant and Under-5 Mortality: Evidence from 62 Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries

Paddy Ssentongo, Joseph Lewcun, Anna Ssentongo, Djibril Ba, Claudio Fronterre, Jessica Ericson, Alison Gernand, Ming Wang, Ping Du, Vernon Chinchilli, Steven Schiff, 2020, Current Developments in Nutrition on p. 911-911

Inflammation in acquired hydrocephalus

Jason K. Karimy, Benjamin C. Reeves, Eyiyemisi Damisah, Phan Q. Duy, Prince Antwi, Wyatt David, Kevin Wang, Steven J. Schiff, David D. Limbrick, Seth L. Alper, Benjamin C. Warf, Maiken Nedergaard, J. Marc Simard, Kristopher T. Kahle, 2020, Nature Clinical Practice Neurology on p. 285-296

Complete genome sequences of the human pathogen paenibacillus thiaminolyticus mbale and type Strain P. Thiaminolyticus NRRL B-4156

Christine Hehnly, Lijun Zhang, Joseph N. Paulson, Mathieu Almeida, Benjamin von Bredow, Dona S.S. Wijetunge, Michael Y. Galperin, Kathryn Sheldon, Steven J. Schiff, James R. Broacha, 2020, Microbiology Resource Announcements

Most-Cited Papers

Synchronization and desynchronization in epilepsy

Premysl Jiruska, Marco de Curtis, John G.R. Jefferys, Catherine A. Schevon, Steven J. Schiff, Kaspar Schindler, 2013, Journal of Physiology on p. 787-797

Unification of neuronal spikes, seizures, and spreading depression

Yina Wei, Ghanim Ullah, Steven J. Schiff, 2014, Journal of Neuroscience on p. 11733-11743

Costs and benefits of neurosurgical intervention for infant hydrocephalus in sub-Saharan Africa

Benjamin C. Warf, Blake C. Alkire, Salman Bhai, Christopher Hughes, Steven Schiff, Jeffrey R. Vincent, John G. Meara, 2011, Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics on p. 509-521

Observability and controllability of nonlinear networks

Andrew J. Whalen, Sean N. Brennan, Timothy D. Sauer, Steven J. Schiff, 2015, Physical Review X

Model-based rational feedback controller design for closed-loop deep brain stimulation of Parkinson's disease

P. Gorzelic, Steven Schiff, Alok Sinha, 2013, Journal of Neural Engineering

Endoscopic Treatment versus Shunting for Infant Hydrocephalus in Uganda

Abhaya V. Kulkarni, Steven J. Schiff, Edith Mbabazi-Kabachelor, John Mugamba, Peter Ssenyonga, Ruth Donnelly, Jody Levenbach, Vishal Monga, Mallory Peterson, Michael MacDonald, Venkateswararao Cherukuri, Benjamin C. Warf, 2017, New England Journal of Medicine on p. 2456-2464

Five-year survival and outcome of treatment for postinfectious hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants

Benjamin C. Warf, Ariella R. Dagi, Brian Nsubuga Kaaya, Steven J. Schiff, 2011, Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics on p. 502-508

Seizures as imbalanced up states

Jokubas Žiburkus, John R. Cressman, Steven J. Schiff, 2013, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 1296-1306

Rapid eye movement sleep and hippocampal theta oscillations precede seizure onset in the tetanus toxin model of temporal lobe epilepsy

Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani, Godfrey I. Thuku, Sridhar Sunderam, Anjum Parkar, Steven L. Weinstein, Steven J. Schiff, Bruce J. Gluckman, 2014, Journal of Neuroscience on p. 1105-1114

The Role of Cell Volume in the Dynamics of Seizure, Spreading Depression, and Anoxic Depolarization

Ghanim Ullah, Yina Wei, Markus A. Dahlem, Martin Wechselberger, Steven J. Schiff, 2015, PLoS Computational Biology

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