Spencer Szczesny

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Spencer Szczesny

Research Summary

Mechanobiology focusing on how mechanical stimuli influence tendon cell behavior in their native microenvironment with the ultimate goal of understanding tendon pathology and identifying novel therapeutic options.

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Tendons Mechanics Collagen Tissue Hydrogels Stem Cells Strain Plasticity Length Shear Mesenchymal Stem Cells Stiffness Gages Atomic Force Microscopy Recovery Bioreactors Shear Stress Fatigue Pathology Mechanical Properties Fatigue Of Materials Plastics Cells Hyaluronic Acid Biomechanical Phenomena

Most Recent Publications

Mouse Achilles Tendons are Resistant to Collagen Denaturation during Cyclic and Monotonic Loading to Failure

Krishna Pedaprolu, Spencer Szczesny, 2023, Journal of Biomechanics

Spencer Szczesny, David Corr, 2023, Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Measuring Local Tissue Strains in Tendons via Open-Source Digital Image Correlation

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The Elephant in the Cell: Nuclear Mechanics and Mechanobiology

Michelle L. Jones, Kris Noel Dahl, Tanmay P. Lele, Daniel E. Conway, Vivek Shenoy, Soham Ghosh, Spencer E. Szczesny, 2022, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Krishna Pedaprolu, Spencer E. Szczesny, 2022, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Mechanical Stimulation as Both the Cause and the Cure of Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Lauren Paschall, Krishna Pedaprolu, Sabrina Carrozzi, A Dhawan, Spencer Szczesny, 2022,

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Most-Cited Papers

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