Sjoerd Willem Duiker

Professor of Soil Management and Applied Soil Physics

Sjoerd Willem Duiker

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Most Recent Papers

Conservation Agriculture in the USA

Sjoerd Duiker,

Scavenging and recycling deep soil nitrogen using cover crops on mid-Atlantic, USA farms

Sarah M. Hirsh, Sjoerd W. Duiker, Jeff Graybill, Kelly Nichols, Ray R. Weil, 2021, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Pasture care and winter feeding

J Brackenrich, Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Importance of cover crops to reduce runoff and soil erosion

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Avoiding soil compaction during corn and soybean harvest

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Another dry fall, another opportunity to remediate soil compaction

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Fall-established annuals to help meet forage needs

Sjoerd Duiker, Divya Pant, 2020, Field Crop News

2021 planting season starts now with residue distribution

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Intensive grazing management of cover crops for soil health

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Cover cropping after small grain harvest

Sjoerd Duiker, 2020, Field Crop News

Most-Cited Papers

Why do we need to standardize no-tillage research?

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Integrating cover crops for nitrogen management in corn systems on Northeastern U.S. dairies

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Establishment and termination dates affect fall-established cover crops

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Influence of precipitation on maize yield in the eastern United States

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Aligning Land Use with Land Potential

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Leaf thickness to predict plant water status

Amin Afzal, Sjoerd W. Duiker, John E. Watson, 2017, Biosystems Engineering on p. 148-156

Leaf thickness and electrical capacitance as measures of plant water status

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