Seong Kim

Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering; Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Seong Kim

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Metals Cellulose Lithium Electrolytes Anodes Crystalline Materials Glass Solid Electrolytes Lithium Sulfur Batteries Metal Sulfur Electrodes Electric Batteries Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Interphase Surface Carbon Vibrational Spectroscopy Strength Crystalline Cellulose Biomass Anode Hydrogen Bonds Cotton Lithium Batteries

Most Recent Publications

Aubrey L. Fry, Andrew L. Ogrinc, Seong H. Kim, John C. Mauro, 2023, Journal of the American Ceramic Society on p. 5213-5232

Sum frequency generation (SFG) microscopy analysis of cellulose microfibrils in Physcomitrium patens gametophore leaf

Jongcheol Lee, Arielle M. Chaves, Juseok Choi, Alison W. Roberts, Seong H. Kim, 2023, Cellulose on p. 8395-8404

Overexpression of a gibberellin 20-oxidase gene in poplar xylem led to an increase in the size of nanocellulose fibrils and improved paper properties

Xiaopeng Peng, Botong Tong, Jongcheol Lee, Kun Wang, Xiaojuan Yu, Xiong Huang, Jialong Wen, Mohamadamin Makarem, Hongying Pang, Subin Hinjan, Xiaojing Yan, Shuangquan Yao, Fachuang Lu, Baichen Wang, Feng Peng, John Ralph, Seong H. Kim, Ronald R. Sederoff, Quanzi Li, 2023, Carbohydrate Polymers

Tribochemistry of Diamond-like Carbon: Interplay between Hydrogen Content in the Film and Oxidative Gas in the Environment

Seokhoon Jang, Muztoba Rabbani, Andrew L. Ogrinc, Maxwell T. Wetherington, Ashlie Martini, Seong H. Kim, 2023, ACS applied materials & interfaces on p. 37997-38007

Aubrey L. Fry, Andrew L. Ogrinc, Seong H. Kim, John C. Mauro, 2023, Journal of the American Ceramic Society on p. 4664-4677

Hydrolysis-resistant heterogeneous photocatalysts for PET-RAFT polymerization in aqueous environments

Kirsten Bell, Brock Hunter, Marvin Alvarez, Sai Dileep Kumar Seera, Yiwen Guo, Yen Ting Lin, Seong H. Kim, Christian W. Pester, 2023, Journal of Materials Chemistry A on p. 16616-16625

Cesar A. Nieves, Andrew L. Ogrinc, Seong H. Kim, Eugene Furman, Michael T. Lanagan, 2023, Journal of the American Ceramic Society on p. 4103-4115

Environmental effects on nanoscale friction at graphite basal plane and step edge

Zhe Chen, Seong H. Kim, 2023, Applied Surface Science

Possible Origin of D- and G-band Features in Raman Spectra of Tribofilms

Yu Sheng Li, Seokhoon Jang, Arman Mohammad Khan, Tobias V. Martin, Andrew L. Ogrinc, Q. Jane Wang, Ashlie Martini, Yip Wah Chung, Seong H. Kim, 2023, Tribology Letters

Most-Cited Papers

Yue Gao, Zhifei Yan, Jennifer L. Gray, Xin He, Daiwei Wang, Tianhang Chen, Qingquan Huang, Yuguang C. Li, Haiying Wang, Seong H. Kim, Thomas E. Mallouk, Donghai Wang, 2019, Nature Materials on p. 384-389

Zhe Ling, Tuo Wang, Mohamadamin Makarem, Michael Santiago Cintrón, H. N. Cheng, Xue Kang, Markus Bacher, Antje Potthast, Thomas Rosenau, Holly King, Christopher D. Delhom, Sunghyun Nam, J. Vincent Edwards, Seong H. Kim, Feng Xu, Alfred D. French, 2019, Cellulose on p. 305-328

Guoxing Li, Yue Gao, Xin He, Qingquan Huang, Shuru Chen, Seong H. Kim, Donghai Wang, 2017, Nature Communications

Gerald S. Frankel, John D. Vienna, Jie Lian, John R. Scully, Stephane Gin, Joseph V. Ryan, Jianwei Wang, Seong H. Kim, Wolfgang Windl, Jincheng Du, 2018, npj Materials Degradation

Characterization of crystalline cellulose in biomass: Basic principles, applications, and limitations of XRD, NMR, IR, Raman, and SFG

Seong H. Kim, Christopher M. Lee, Kabindra Kafle, 2013, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering on p. 2127-2141

Christopher M. Lee, James D. Kubicki, Bingxin Fan, Linghao Zhong, Michael C. Jarvis, Seong H. Kim, 2015, Journal of Physical Chemistry B on p. 15138-15149

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Shear-Induced Structural Changes and Origin of Ultralow Friction of Hydrogenated Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) in Dry Environment

Praveena Manimunda, Ala' Al-Azizi, Seong H. Kim, Richard R. Chromik, 2017, ACS applied materials & interfaces on p. 16704-16714

Probing cellulose structures with vibrational spectroscopy

Mohamadamin Makarem, Christopher Lee, Kabindra Kafle, Shixin Huang, Inseok Chae, HuI Yang, James Kubicki, Seong H. Kim, 2019, Cellulose on p. 35--79