Semyon Slobounov

Professor of Kinesiology and Neurosurgery

Semyon Slobounov

Research Summary

Psychophysiology of human movement.

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Most Recent Publications

Semyon Slobounov, Cerebral Cortex, Communication, online

Application of Virtual Reality in Assessment and Treatment of Concussion

Semyon Slobounov, on p. 15

Changes in White Matter Tracts of the Cervical Spinal Cord After a Single Season of Collegiate Football

Semyon Slobounov,

Intergraing multi-omins with neuroimaging and behavior: A preliminary model of dysfunction in football athletes

semyon slobounov, Neuroimage: Reports on p. 15

Nicole L. Vike, Sumra Bari, Khrystyna Stetsiv, Thomas M. Talavage, Eric A. Nauman, Linda Papa, Semyon Slobounov, Hans C. Breiter, Marilyn C. Cornelis, 2022, Scientific Reports

Effect of Player Position on Serum Biomarkers during Participation in a Season of Collegiate Football

Linda Papa, Alexa E. Walter, James R. Wilkes, Hunter S. Clonts, Brian Johnson, Semyon M. Slobounov, 2022, Central Nervous System Trauma on p. 1339-1348

Reaction Time Task Performance in Concussed Athletes over a 30-Day Period: An Observational Study

J. R. Wilkes, J. T. Kelly, A. E. Walter, S. M. Slobounov, 2022, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology on p. 240-248

Nicole L. Vike, Sumra Bari, Khrystyna Stetsiv, Alexa Walter, Sharlene Newman, Keisuke Kawata, Jeffrey J. Bazarian, Zoran Martinovich, Eric A. Nauman, Thomas M. Talavage, Linda Papa, Semyon M. Slobounov, Hans C. Breiter, 2022, iScience

Head acceleration event exposure and cognitive and functional outcomes: a comparison of multiple football seasons

Alexa E. Walter, James R. Wilkes, Madeleine Scaramuzzo, Tesa Johns-Bostick, Scott Lynch, Wayne Sebastianelli, Peter Seidenberg, Tim Bream, Semyon M. Slobounov, 2022, Sports Training, Medicine and Rehabilitation

Most-Cited Papers

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