Semyon Slobounov

Professor of Kinesiology and Neurosurgery

Semyon Slobounov

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Psychophysiology of human movement.

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Most Recent Papers

Brain perfusion mediates the relationship between miRNA levels and postural control.

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Concussion in collegiate athletics: A link to academic achievement

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Changes in White Matter Tracts of the Cervical Spinal Cord After a Single Season of Collegiate Football

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Application of Virtual Reality in Assessment and Treatment of Concussion

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Effect of Subconcussive Impacts on Functional Outcomes Over a Single Collegiate Football Season

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Symptoms factors and neuropsychological performance in collegiate athletes with chronic concussion symptoms

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Brain perfusion bridges virtual-reality spatial behavior to TPH2 genotype for head acceleration events

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Correction to

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Are there any differential responses to concussive injury in civilian versus athletic populations

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Elevations in MicroRNA Biomarkers in Serum Are Associated with Measures of Concussion, Neurocognitive Function, and Subconcussive Trauma over a Single National Collegiate Athletic Association Division i Season in Collegiate Football Players

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Most-Cited Papers

Alteration of brain default network in subacute phase of injury in concussed individuals: Resting-state fMRI study

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Concussion in athletics

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