Sarah Assmann

Waller Professor of Biology

Sarah Assmann

Research Summary

Molecular biology of plant G-proteins and kinases. Phytohormone regulation of signal transduction and RNA processing. Second messenger regulation of ion channels in plant cells.

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Most Recent Papers


David C. Tack, Yin Tang, Laura E. Ritchey, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2018, Methods on p. 12-15

The G protein β-subunit, AGB1, interacts with FERONIA in RALF1-regulated stomatal movement

Yunqing Yu, David Chakravorty, Sarah M. Assmann, 2018, Plant physiology on p. 2426-2440

Illuminating the role of the Gα heterotrimeric G protein subunit, RGA1, in regulating photoprotection and photoavoidance in rice

Ángel Ferrero-Serrano, Zhao Su, Sarah M. Assmann, 2018, Plant Cell and Environment on p. 451-468

Modeling RNA secondary structure folding ensembles using SHAPE mapping data

Aleksandar Spasic, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, David H. Mathews, 2018, Nucleic Acids Research on p. 314-323

Glyoxals as in vivo RNA structural probes of guanine base-pairing

David Mitchell, Laura E. Ritchey, Hongmarn Park, Paul Babitzke, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2018, RNA on p. 114-124

Metabolic Signatures in Response to Abscisic Acid (ABA) Treatment in Brassica napus Guard Cells Revealed by Metabolomics

Mengmeng Zhu, Sarah M. Assmann, 2017, Scientific Reports

The next generation of training for arabidopsis researchers

Joanna Friesner, Sarah M. Assmann, Ruth Bastow, Julia Bailey-Serres, Jim Beynon, Volker Brendel, C. Robin Buell, Alexander Bucksch, Wolfgang Busch, Taku Demura, Jose R. Dinneny, Colleen J. Doherty, Andrea L. Eveland, Pascal Falter-Braun, Malia A. Gehan, Michael Gonzales, Erich Grotewold, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Ute Kramer, Gabriel Krouk, Shisong Ma, R. J.Cody Markelz, Molly Megraw, Blake C. Meyers, James A.H. Murray, Nicholas J. Provart, Sue Rhee, Roger Smith, Edgar P. Spalding, Crispin Taylor, Tracy K. Teal, Keiko U. Torii, Chris Town, Matthew Vaughn, Richard Vierstra, Doreen Ware, Olivia Wilkins, Cranos Williams, Siobhan M. Brady, 2017, Plant physiology on p. 1499-1509

A new discrete dynamic model of ABA-induced stomatal closure predicts key feedback loops

Réka Albert, Biswa R. Acharya, Byeong Wook Jeon, Jorge G.T. Zañudo, Mengmeng Zhu, Karim Osman, Sarah M. Assmann, 2017, PLoS Biology


Laura E. Ritchey, Zhao Su, Yin Tang, David C. Tack, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2017, Nucleic Acids Research on p. e135

Redox regulation of a guard cell SNF1-related protein kinase in Brassica napus, an oilseed crop

Mengmeng Zhu, Tong Zhang, Wei Ji, Cecilia Silva-Sanchez, Wen Yuan Song, Sarah M. Assmann, Alice C. Harmon, Sixue Chen, 2017, Biochemical Journal on p. 2585-2599

High-Impact Papers

Two Novel GPCR-Type G Proteins Are Abscisic Acid Receptors in Arabidopsis

Sona Pandey, David C. Nelson, Sarah M. Assmann, 2009, Cell on p. 136-148

PDR-type ABC transporter mediates cellular uptake of the phytohormone abscisic acid

Joohyun Kang, Jae Ung Hwang, Miyoung Lee, Yu Young Kim, Sarah M. Assmann, Enrico Martinoia, Youngsook Lee, 2010, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 2355-2360

In vivo genome-wide profiling of RNA secondary structure reveals novel regulatory features

Yiliang Ding, Yin Tang, Chun Kit Kwok, Yu Zhang, Philip C. Bevilacqua, Sarah M. Assmann, 2014, Nature on p. 696-700

An atypical heterotrimeric G-protein β-subunit is involved in guard cell K+-channel regulation and morphological development in Arabidopsis thaliana

David Chakravorty, Yuri Trusov, Wei Zhang, Biswa R. Acharya, Michael B. Sheahan, David W. McCurdy, Sarah M. Assmann, José Ramõn Botella, 2011, Plant Journal on p. 840-851

A membrane protein/signaling protein interaction network for arabidopsis version AMPv2

Sylvie Lalonde, Antoinette Sero, Réjane Pratelli, Guillaume Pilot, Jin Chen, Maria I. Sardi, Saman A. Parsa, Do Young Kim, Biswa R. Acharya, Erica V. Stein, Heng Chen Hu, Florent Villiers, Kouji Takeda, Yingzhen Yang, Yong S. Han, Rainer Schwacke, William Chiang, Naohiro Kato, Dominique Loqué, Sarah M. Assmann, June M. Kwak, Julian I. Schroeder, Seung Y. Rhee, Wolf B. Frommer, 2010, Frontiers in Physiology

Common and unique elements of the ABA-regulated transcriptome of Arabidopsis guard cells

Rui Sheng Wang, Sona Pandey, Song Li, Timothy E. Gookin, Zhixin Zhao, Réka Albert, Sarah M. Assmann, 2011, BMC genomics

Border control - A membrane-linked interactome of Arabidopsis

Alexander M. Jones, Yuanhu Xuan, Meng Xu, Rui Sheng Wang, Cheng Hsun Ho, Sylvie Lalonde, Chang Hun You, Maria I. Sardi, Saman A. Parsa, Erika Smith-Valle, Tianying Su, Keith A. Frazer, Guillaume Pilot, Réjane Pratelli, Guido Grossmann, Biswa R. Acharya, Heng Cheng Hu, Cawas Engineer, Florent Villiers, Chuanli Ju, Kouji Takeda, Zhao Su, Qunfeng Dong, Sarah M. Assmann, Jin Chen, June M. Kwak, Julian I. Schroeder, Reka Albert, Seung Y. Rhee, Wolf B. Frommer, 2014, Science on p. 711-716

Boolean modeling of transcriptome data reveals novel modes of heterotrimeric G-protein action

Sona Pandey, Rui Sheng Wang, Liza Wilson, Song Li, Zhixin Zhao, Timothy E. Gookin, Sarah M. Assmann, Réka Albert, 2010, Molecular Systems Biology

Determination of in vivo RNA structure in low-abundance transcripts

Chun Kit Kwok, Yiliang Ding, Yin Tang, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2013, Nature Communications

Flower development under drought stress

Zhao Su, Xuan Ma, Huihong Guo, Noor Liyana Sukiran, Bin Guo, Sarah M. Assmann, Hong Ma, 2013, Plant Cell on p. 3785-3807