Sally Assmann

Waller Professor of Biology

Sally Assmann

Research Summary

Molecular biology of plant G-proteins and kinases. Phytohormone regulation of signal transduction and RNA processing. Second messenger regulation of ion channels in plant cells.

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Arabidopsis Genome Rna Proteins Heterotrimeric Gtp Binding Proteins Climate G Proteins Genes Messenger Rna Fluorescence Gtp Binding Proteins Prediction Temperature Phenotype Cells Transcriptome Yeasts Direction Compound Abscisic Acid Gene Expression Plant Cells Nucleotides Signal Transduction Plantae Heat Shock Response

Most Recent Publications

Xiao Gan, Palanivelu Sengottaiyan, Kyu Hyong Park, Sarah M. Assmann, Réka Albert, 2024, PLoS Biology

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Most-Cited Papers

In vivo genome-wide profiling of RNA secondary structure reveals novel regulatory features

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