Runze Li

Co-Director of the Center for Statistical Genetics; Eberly Family Chair and Associate Department Head in Statistics

Runze Li

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Screening Discriminant Analysis Covariates Simulation Study Predictors Model Performance Monte Carlo Simulation Feature Selection Quantile High Dimensional Varying Coefficient Model Multivariate Tests Categorical Class Statistical Inference Moment Conditions Health Independence Sample Size Methodology Empirical Analysis Finite Sample Research Personnel Multi Class

Most Recent Publications

Projection test with sparse optimal direction for high-dimensional one-sample mean problem

Wanjun Liu, Runze Li, on p. 295-309

Reprint: Statistical inference for linear mediation models with high-dimensional mediators and application to studying stock reaction to COVID-19 pandemic

Xu Guo, Runze Li, Jingyuan Liu, Mudong Zeng, 2024, Journal of Econometrics

Data science in economics and finance: Introduction

Matias D. Cattaneo, Yingying Fan, Runze Li, Rui Song, 2024, Journal of Econometrics

Peng Wu, S Han, Xingwei Tong, Runze Li, 2024, Statistica Sinica

Rank-based indices for testing independence between two high-dimensional vectors

Runze Li, 2024, Annals of Statistics

Xu Guo, Runze Li, Zhe Zhang, Changliang Zou, 2024, Journal of the American Statistical Association

Jingyuan Liu, Yujie Liao, Runze Li, 2024, Communications in Mathematics and Statistics

Dependence motives and use contexts that predicted smoking cessation and vaping cessation: A two-year longitudinal study with 13 waves

Joon Kyung Nam, Megan E. Piper, Zhaoxue Tong, Runze Li, James J. Yang, Douglas E. Jorenby, Anne Buu, 2023, Drug and Alcohol Dependence

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