Runze Li

Co-Director of the Center for Statistical Genetics; Eberly Family Chair and Associate Department Head in Statistics

Runze Li

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Most Recent Papers

Daily food insecurity is associated with diet quality, but not energy intake, in winter and during COVID-19, among low-income adults

Sara Jimenez Rincon, Nan Dou, Laura E. Murray-Kolb, Kristen Hudy, Diane C. Mitchell, Runze Li, Muzi Na, 2022, Nutrition Journal

Estimation and inference for the mediation effect in a time-varying mediation model

Xizhen Cai, Donna L. Coffman, Megan E. Piper, Runze Li, 2022, BMC Medical Research Methodology

Projection-based High-dimensional Sign Test

Hui Chen, Chang Liang Zou, Run Ze Li, 2022, Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series on p. 683-708

Daily Food Insecurity Predicts Lower Positive and Higher Negative Affect

Muzi Na, Nan Dou, Yujie Liao, Sara Jimenez Rincon, Lori A. Francis, Jennifer E. Graham-Engeland, Laura E. Murray-Kolb, Runze Li, 2022, Frontiers in Nutrition

An overview of tests on high-dimensional means

Yuan Huang, Changcheng Li, Runze Li, Songshan Yang, 2022, Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Local Linear Approximation Algorithm for Neural Network

Mudong Zeng, Yujie Liao, Runze Li, Agus Sudjianto, 2022, Mathematics

Large-Scale Datastreams Surveillance via Pattern-Oriented-Sampling

Haojie Ren, Changliang Zou, Nan Chen, Runze Li, 2022, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 794-808

Model-Free Feature Screening and FDR Control With Knockoff Features

Wanjun Liu, Yuan Ke, Jingyuan Liu, Runze Li, 2022, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 428-443

Threshold Selection in Feature Screening for Error Rate Control

Xu Guo, Haojie Ren, Changliang Zou, Runze Li, 2022, Journal of the American Statistical Association

Covariate Information Number for Feature Screening in Ultrahigh-Dimensional Supervised Problems


Most-Cited Papers

Feature screening via distance correlation learning

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A time-varying effect model for intensive longitudinal data

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Quantile regression for analyzing heterogeneity in ultra-high dimension

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Feature selection for varying coefficient models with ultrahigh-dimensional covariates

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Sensitivity and specificity of information criteria

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Using the Time-Varying Effect Model (TVEM) to Examine Dynamic Associations between Negative Affect and Self Confidence on Smoking Urges

Mariya P. Shiyko, Stephanie T. Lanza, Xianming Tan, Runze Li, Saul Shiffman, 2012, Prevention Science on p. 288-299

Calibrating nonconvex penalized regression in ultra-high dimension

Lan Wang, Yongdai Kim, Runze Li, 2013, Annals of Statistics on p. 2505-2536

A High-Dimensional Nonparametric Multivariate Test for Mean Vector

Lan Wang, Bo Peng, Runze Li, 2015, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 1658-1669

Local modal regression

Weixin Yao, Bruce G. Lindsay, Runze Li, 2012, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics on p. 647-663