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Most Recent Papers

The role of the endolithic alga Ostreobium spp. during coral bleaching recovery

Claudia Tatiana Galindo-Martínez, Michele Weber, Viridiana Avila-Magaña, Susana Enríquez, Hiroaki Kitano, Mónica Medina, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2022, Scientific Reports

Validation of parameters and protocols derived from chlorophyll a fluorescence commonly utilised in marine ecophysiological studies

Luis A. González-Guerrero, Román M. Vásquez-Elizondo, Tomás López-Londoño, Gema Hernán, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Susana Enríquez, 2022, Functional Plant Biology on p. 517-532

A Road Map for the Development of the Bleached Coral Phenotype

Kelly Gómez-Campo, Susana Enríquez, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2022, Frontiers in Marine Science

Linking photoacclimation responses and microbiome shifts between depth-segregated sibling species of reef corals

Carlos Prada, Tom s. L pez-Londono, F. Joseph Pollock, Sofia Roitman, Kim B. Ritchie, Don R. Levitan, Nancy Knowlton, Cheryl Woodley, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, M. nica Medina, 2022, Royal Society Open Science

Robert Kent Trench (1940–2021)

Todd C. LaJeunesse, Anastazia T. Banaszak, Charles R. Fisher, J. Malcolm Shick, Mark E. Warner, James W. Porter, Armand M. Kuris, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, William K. Fitt, 2021, Symbiosis on p. 393-400

Elucidating gene expression adaptation of phylogenetically divergent coral holobionts under heat stress

Viridiana Avila-Magaña, Bishoy Kamel, Michael DeSalvo, Kelly Gómez-Campo, Susana Enríquez, Hiroaki Kitano, Rori V. Rohlfs, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Mónica Medina, 2021, Nature Communications

Physiological and ecological consequences of the water optical properties degradation on reef corals

Tomás López-Londoño, Claudia T. Galindo-Martínez, Kelly Gómez-Campo, Luis A. González-Guerrero, Sofia Roitman, F. Joseph Pollock, Valeria Pizarro, Mateo López-Victoria, Mónica Medina, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2021, Coral Reefs on p. 1243-1256

Increasing comparability among coral bleaching experiments

A. G. Grottoli, R. J. Toonen, R. van Woesik, R. Vega Thurber, M. E. Warner, R. H. McLachlan, J. T. Price, K. D. Bahr, I. B. Baums, K. D. Castillo, M. A. Coffroth, R. Cunning, K. L. Dobson, M. J. Donahue, J. L. Hench, R. Iglesias-Prieto, D. W. Kemp, C. D. Kenkel, D. I. Kline, I. B. Kuffner, J. L. Matthews, A. B. Mayfield, J. L. Padilla-Gamiño, S. Palumbi, C. R. Voolstra, V. M. Weis, H. C. Wu, 2021, Ecological Applications

Surviving marginalized reefs: assessing the implications of the microbiome on coral physiology and survivorship

Sofia Roitman, Tomás López-Londoño, F. Joseph Pollock, Kim B. Ritchie, Claudia T. Galindo-Martínez, Kelly Gómez-Campo, Luis A. González-Guerrero, Valeria Pizarro, Mateo López-Victoria, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Mónica Medina, 2020, Coral Reefs on p. 795-807

Intra- and interspecific variation and phenotypic plasticity in thylakoid membrane properties across two Symbiodinium clades

Joost S. Mansour, F. Joseph Pollock, Erika Díaz-Almeyda, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Mónica Medina, 2018, Coral Reefs on p. 841-850

Most-Cited Papers

Avoiding coral reef functional collapse requires local and global action

Emma V. Kennedy, Chris T. Perry, Paul R. Halloran, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Christine H.L. Schönberg, Max Wisshak, Armin U. Form, Juan P. Carricart-Ganivet, Maoz Fine, C. Mark Eakin, Peter J. Mumby, 2013, Current Biology on p. 912-918

Shifts in coral-assemblage composition do not ensure persistence of reef functionality

Lorenzo Alvarez-Filip, Juan P. Carricart-Ganivet, Guillermo Horta-Puga, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2013, Scientific Reports

Community dynamics and physiology of Symbiodinium spp. before, during, and after a coral bleaching event

Dustin W. Kemp, Xavier Hernandez-Pech, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, William K. Fitt, Gregory W. Schmidt, 2014, Limnology and Oceanography on p. 788-797

Seasonal variation modulates coral sensibility to heat-stress and explains annual changes in coral productivity

Tim Scheufen, Wiebke E. Krämer, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, Susana Enríquez, 2017, Scientific Reports

Empty Niches after Extinctions Increase Population Sizes of Modern Corals

Carlos Prada, Bishoy Hanna, Ann F. Budd, Cheryl M. Woodley, Jeremy Schmutz, Jane Grimwood, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, John M. Pandolfi, Don Levitan, Kenneth G. Johnson, Nancy Knowlton, Hiroaki Kitano, Michael DeGiorgio, Mónica Medina, 2016, Current Biology on p. 3190-3194

Key functional role of the optical properties of coral skeletons in coral ecology and evolution

Susana Enríquez, Eugenio R. Méndez, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2017, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Intraspecific and interspecific variation in thermotolerance and photoacclimation in Symbiodinium dinoflagellates

Erika M. Díaz-Almeyda, C. Prada, A. H. Ohdera, H. Moran, D. J. Civitello, R. Iglesias-Prieto, T. A. Carlo, T. C. Lajeunesse, M. Medina, 2017, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Wave-induced extreme water levels in the Puerto Morelos fringing reef lagoon

A. Torres-Freyermuth, I. Mariño-Tapia, C. Coronado, P. Salles, G. Medellín, A. Pedrozo-Acuña, R. Silva, J. Candela, R. Iglesias-Prieto, 2012, Natural Hazards and Earth System Science on p. 3765-3773

Remote sensing of coral bleaching using temperature and light

William Skirving, Susana Enríquez, John D. Hedley, Sophie Dove, C. Mark Eakin, Robert A.B. Mason, Jacqueline L.De La Cour, Gang Liu, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Alan E. Strong, Peter J. Mumby, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 2018, Remote Sensing

Spatially distinct and regionally endemic Symbiodinium assemblages in the threatened Caribbean reef-building coral Orbicella faveolata

Dustin W. Kemp, Daniel J. Thornhill, Randi D. Rotjan, Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, William K. Fitt, Gregory W. Schmidt, 2015, Coral Reefs on p. 535-547