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Robert Beelman

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Is a little-known amino acid concentrated in mushrooms the key to healthy aging?

As people age, inflammation and oxidation can contribute to many of the diseases we associate with getting older, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Neuroscience Says This Simple Food Boosts Memory and Grows Brain Cells. (It Tastes Like Opportunity)

There are three reasons why business leaders should follow advances in neuroscience and memory.

Soil tillage reduces availability of ‘longevity vitamin’ ergothioneine in crops

Soil tillage on farms may significantly reduce the availability in crops of ergothioneine, an amino acid produced by certain types of soil-borne fungi and bacteria that is known as a “longevity vitamin” due to its potent antioxidant properties, according to new research. The study is among the first to demonstrate that soil disturbance can directly impact a key dietary factor associated with long-term human health.

Eating a handful of mushrooms a day cuts cancer risk by third, study suggests

Adding a handful of mushrooms to your risotto, omelette or pasta could ward off cancer, research suggests.

The magic of mushrooms: Why they're the next big wellness trend

Mushrooms have long been used by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, but these days the potential health benefits of mushrooms are being touted here in the United States as well. And for good reason: Mushrooms provide some key vitamins and minerals — and they also have unique nutritional properties.