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Richard Frisque

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Most Recent Papers

Interaction and co-localization of JC virus large T antigen and the F-box protein β-transducin-repeat containing protein

Marta M. Reviriego-Mendoza, Richard J.s. Frisque, 2011, Virology on p. 119-128

JC virus small t antigen binds phosphatase PP2A and Rb family proteins and is required for efficient viral DNA replication activity

Brigitte Bollag, Catherine A. Hofstetter, Marta M. Reviriego-Mendoza, Richard J. Frisque, 2010, PLoS One

Identification and characterization of mefloquine efficacy against JC virus in vitro

Margot Brickelmaier, Alexey Lugovskoy, Ramya Kartikeyan, Marta M. Reviriego-Mendoza, Norm Allaire, Kenneth Simon, Richard J. Frisque, Leonid Gorelik, 2009, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy on p. 1840-1849

High prevalence of human polyomavirus JC VP1 gene sequences in pediatric malignancies

B. Shiramizu, N. Hu, R. J. Frisque, V. R. Nerurkar, 2007, Cellular and Molecular Biology on p. 4-12

JC virus T′<sub>135</sub>, T′<sub>136</sub> and T′<sub>165</sub> proteins interact with cellular p107 and p130 in vivo and influence viral transformation potential

Brigitte Bollag, Lisa H. Kilpatrick, Shiva K. Tyagarajan, Mary J. Tevethia, Richard J. Frisque, 2006, Journal of NeuroVirology on p. 428-442

Stability and function of JC viras large T antigen and T′ proteins are altered by mutation of their phosphorylated threonine 125 residues

Shiva K. Tyagarajan, Richard J. Frisque, 2006, Journal of Virology on p. 2083-2091

JC virus induces altered patterns of cellular gene expression

Saguna Verma, Katja Ziegler, Praveen Ananthula, Juliene K.G. Co, Richard J. Frisque, Richard Yanagihara, Vivek R. Nerurkar, 2006, Virology on p. 457-467

A rapid in vitro polyomavirus DNA replication assay

Katja Ziegler, Thomas Bui, Richard J. Frisque, Andrew Grandinetti, Vivek R. Nerurkar, 2004, Journal of Virological Methods on p. 123-127

Induction of Chromosomal Instability in Colonic Cells by the Human Polyomavirus JC Virus

Luigi Ricciardiello, Michele Baglioni, Catia Giovannini, Milena Pariali, Giovanna Cenacchi, Alessandro Ripalti, Maria Paola Landini, Hirofumi Sawa, Kazuo Nagashima, Richard J. Frisque, Ajay Goel, C. Richard Boland, Mauro Tognon, Enrico Roda, Franco Bazzoli, 2003, Cancer Research on p. 7256-7262

T′ proteins influence JC virus biology

Richard J. Frisque, Brigitte Bollag, Shiva K. Tyagarajan, Lisa H. Kilpatrick, 2003, Journal of NeuroVirology on p. 15-20