Richard Cyr

Professor Emeritus of Biology

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Most Recent Papers

An ungrouped plant kinesin accumulates at the preprophase band in a cell cycle-dependent manner

Jennelle L. Malcos, Richard J. Cyr, 2011, Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton on p. 247-258

Mitotic spindle organization by the preprophase band

J. Christian Ambrose, Richard Cyr, 2008, Molecular Plant on p. 950-960

Functional divergence of the duplicated AtKIN14a and AtKIN14b genes

Li Quan, Rong Xiao, Wuxing Li, Sung Aeong Oh, Hongzhi Kong, J. Christian Ambrose, Jennelle L. Malcos, Richard Cyr, David Twell, Hong Ma, 2008, Plant Journal on p. 1013-1026

The kinesin ATK5 functions in early spindle assembly in Arabidopsis

J. Christian Ambrose, Richard Cyr, 2007, Plant Cell on p. 226-236

Establishment of polarity during organization of the acentrosomal plant cortical microtubule array

Ram Dixit, Eric Chang, Richard Cyr, 2006, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 1298-1305

Narrowing of the preprophase microtubule band is not required for cell division plane determination in cultured plant cells

A. I. Marcus, R. Dixit, R. J. Cyr, 2005, Protoplasma on p. 169-174

How and Y plant microtubules branch

Richard Cyr, 2005, Nature Cell Biology on p. 927-929

A minus-end-directed kinesin with plus-end tracking protein activity is involved in spindle morphogenesis

J. Christian Ambrose, Wuxing Li, Adam Marcus, Hong Ma, Richard Cyr, 2005, Molecular Biology of the Cell on p. 1584-1592

Encounters between dynamic cortical microtubules promote ordering of the cortical array through angle-dependent modifications of microtubule behavior

Ram Dixit, Richard Cyr, 2004, Plant Cell on p. 3274-3284

Arabidopsis WPP-domain proteins are developmentally associated with the nuclear envelope and promote cell division

Shalaka Patel, Annkatrin Rose, Tea Meulia, Ram Dixit, Richard J. Cyr, Iris Meier, 2004, Plant Cell on p. 3260-3273