Reka Albert

Reka Albert

Professor of Physics and Biology

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Most Recent Papers

A feedback loop of conditionally stable circuits drives the cell cycle from checkpoint to checkpoint

Dávid Deritei, Jordan Rozum, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Réka Albert, 2019, Scientific reports

Experimental species introduction shapes network interactions in a plant-pollinator community

L. Russo, R. Albert, C. Campbell, K. Shea, 2019, Biological Invasions on p. 3505-3519

Systems-level network modeling of Small Cell Lung Cancer subtypes identifies master regulators and destabilizers

David J. Wooten, Sarah M. Groves, Darren R. Tyson, Qi Liu, Jing S. Lim, Réka Albert, Carlos F. Lopez, Julien Sage, Vito Quaranta, 2019, PLoS computational biology on p. e1007343

Towards control of cellular decision-making networks in the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, M. Tyler Guinn, Kevin Farquhar, Mariola Szenk, Steven N. Steinway, Gábor Balázsi, Réka Albert, 2019, Physical Biology

Edgetic perturbations to eliminate fixed-point attractors in Boolean regulatory networks

Colin Campbell, Reka Z. Albert, 2019, Chaos

Model-driven discovery of calcium-related protein-phosphatase inhibition in plant guard cell signaling

Parul Maheshwari, Hao Du, Jen Sheen, Sarah M. Assmann, Reka Albert, 2019, PLoS computational biology

Self-sustaining positive feedback loops in discrete and continuous systems

Jordan C. Rozum, Reka Z. Albert, 2018, Journal of Theoretical Biology on p. 36-44

Introduction to the Special Issue on Approaches to Control Biological and Biologically Inspired Networks

Reka Z. Albert, John Baillieul, Adilson E. Motter, 2018, IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems on p. 690-693

Target control in logical models using the domain of influence of nodes

Gang Yang, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Réka Albert, 2018, Frontiers in Physiology

General method to find the attractors of discrete dynamic models of biological systems

Xiao Gan, Reka Z. Albert, 2018, Physical Review E

Recent Most-Cited Papers

Border control - A membrane-linked interactome of Arabidopsis

Alexander M. Jones, Yuanhu Xuan, Meng Xu, Rui Sheng Wang, Cheng Hsun Ho, Sylvie Lalonde, Chang Hun You, Maria I. Sardi, Saman A. Parsa, Erika Smith-Valle, Tianying Su, Keith A. Frazer, Guillaume Pilot, Réjane Pratelli, Guido Grossmann, Biswa R. Acharya, Heng Cheng Hu, Cawas Engineer, Florent Villiers, Chuanli Ju, Kouji Takeda, Zhao Su, Qunfeng Dong, Sarah M. Assmann, Jin Chen, June M. Kwak, Julian I. Schroeder, Reka Albert, Seung Y. Rhee, Wolf B. Frommer, 2014, Science on p. 711-716

Common and unique elements of the ABA-regulated transcriptome of Arabidopsis guard cells

Rui Sheng Wang, Sona Pandey, Song Li, Timothy E. Gookin, Zhixin Zhao, Réka Albert, Sarah M. Assmann, 2011, BMC genomics

Network modeling of TGFβ signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition reveals joint sonic hedgehog and Wnt pathway activation

Steven Nathaniel Steinway, Jorge G.T. Zanudo, Wei Ding, Carl Bart Rountree, David J. Feith, Thomas P. Loughran, Reka Albert, 2014, Cancer Research on p. 5963-5977

Attractor analysis of asynchronous Boolean models of signal transduction networks

Assieh Saadatpour, Istvan Albert, Reka Z. Albert, 2010, Journal of Theoretical Biology on p. 641-656

Boolean modeling of transcriptome data reveals novel modes of heterotrimeric G-protein action

Sona Pandey, Rui Sheng Wang, Liza Wilson, Song Li, Zhixin Zhao, Timothy E. Gookin, Sarah M. Assmann, Réka Albert, 2010, Molecular Systems Biology

Cell Fate Reprogramming by Control of Intracellular Network Dynamics

Jorge G.T. Zañudo, Réka Albert, 2015, PLoS computational biology

Complex networks

Liying Cui, Soundar Rajan Tirupatikumara, Reka Z. Albert, 2010, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine on p. 10-25

A network model for plant-pollinator community assembly

Colin Campbell, Suann Yang, Reka Z. Albert, Katriona Shea, 2011, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 197-202

Boolean modeling of biological regulatory networks

Assieh Saadatpour, Réka Albert, 2013, Methods on p. 3-12

Inference of Network Dynamics and Metabolic Interactions in the Gut Microbiome

Steven N. Steinway, Matthew B. Biggs, Thomas P. Loughran, Jason A. Papin, Reka Albert, 2015, PLoS computational biology