Reka Albert

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Biology

Reka Albert

Research Summary

Biological physics and network modeling.

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Most Recent Papers


Jordan C. Rozum, Dávid Deritei, Kyu Hyong Park, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Réka Albert, 2022, Bioinformatics on p. 1465-1466

Detecting network anomalies using Forman–Ricci curvature and a case study for human brain networks

Tanima Chatterjee, Réka Albert, Stuti Thapliyal, Nazanin Azarhooshang, Bhaskar DasGupta, 2021, Scientific Reports

Relationships among generalized positive feedback loops determine possible community outcomes in plant-pollinator interaction networks

Fatemeh Sadat Fatemi Nasrollahi, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Colin Campbell, Réka Albert, 2021, Physical Review E

Context-specific regulation of lysosomal lipolysis through network-level diverting of transcription factor interactions

Vinod K. Mony, Anna Drangowska-Way, Reka Albert, Emma Harrison, Abbas Ghaddar, Mary Kate Horak, Wenfan Ke, Eyleen J. O’Rourke, 2021, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Cell line-specific network models of er breast cancer identify potential pi3kainhibitor resistance mechanisms and drug combinations

Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Pingping Mao, Clara Alcon, Kailey Kowalski, Gabriela N. Johnson, Guotai Xu, Jose Baselga, Maurizio Scaltriti, Anthony Letai, Joan Montero, Réka Albert, Nikhil Wagle, 2021, Cancer Research on p. 4603-4617

Er+ breast cancer strongly depends on mcl-1 and bcl-xl anti-apoptotic proteins

Clara Alcon, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Reka Albert, Nikhil Wagle, Maurizio Scaltriti, Anthony Letai, Josep Samitier, Joan Montero, 2021, Cells

Parity and time reversal elucidate both decision-making in empirical models and attractor scaling in critical Boolean networks

Jordan C. Rozum, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, Xiao Gan, Dávid Deritei, Réka Albert, 2021, Science advances


David J. Wooten, Réka Albert, 2021, Bioinformatics on p. 1473-1474

Mathematical modeling of the Candida albicans yeast to hyphal transition reveals novel control strategies

David J. Wooten, Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, David Murrugarra, Austin M. Perry, Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou, Reinhard Laubenbacher, Clarissa J. Nobile, Réka Albert, 2021, PLoS Computational Biology

Data-driven math model of FLT3-ITD acute myeloid leukemia reveals potential therapeutic targets

David J. Wooten, Melat Gebru, Hong Gang Wang, Réka Albert, 2021, Journal of Personalized Medicine

Most-Cited Papers

Boolean modeling in systems biology

Rui Sheng Wang, Assieh Saadatpour, Réka Albert, 2012, Physical Biology

Border control - A membrane-linked interactome of Arabidopsis

Alexander M. Jones, Yuanhu Xuan, Meng Xu, Rui Sheng Wang, Cheng Hsun Ho, Sylvie Lalonde, Chang Hun You, Maria I. Sardi, Saman A. Parsa, Erika Smith-Valle, Tianying Su, Keith A. Frazer, Guillaume Pilot, Réjane Pratelli, Guido Grossmann, Biswa R. Acharya, Heng Cheng Hu, Cawas Engineer, Florent Villiers, Chuanli Ju, Kouji Takeda, Zhao Su, Qunfeng Dong, Sarah M. Assmann, Jin Chen, June M. Kwak, Julian I. Schroeder, Reka Albert, Seung Y. Rhee, Wolf B. Frommer, 2014, Science on p. 711-716

Network modeling of TGFβ signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition reveals joint sonic hedgehog and Wnt pathway activation

Steven Nathaniel Steinway, Jorge G.T. Zanudo, Wei Ding, Carl Bart Rountree, David J. Feith, Thomas P. Loughran, Reka Albert, 2014, Cancer Research on p. 5963-5977

Structure-based control of complex networks with nonlinear dynamics

Jorge Gomez Tejeda Zañudo, Gang Yang, Réka Albert, Herbert Levine, 2017, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 7234-7239

Cell Fate Reprogramming by Control of Intracellular Network Dynamics

Jorge G.T. Zañudo, Réka Albert, 2015, PLoS Computational Biology

Inference of Network Dynamics and Metabolic Interactions in the Gut Microbiome

Steven N. Steinway, Matthew B. Biggs, Thomas P. Loughran, Jason A. Papin, Reka Albert, 2015, PLoS Computational Biology

Boolean modeling of biological regulatory networks

Assieh Saadatpour, Réka Albert, 2013, ImmunoMethods on p. 3-12

An effective network reduction approach to find the dynamical repertoire of discrete dynamic networks

Jorge G.T. Zañudo, Réka Albert, 2013, Chaos

Boolean modeling

Réka Albert, Juilee Thakar, 2014, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and Medicine on p. 353-369

Combinatorial interventions inhibit TGFβ-driven epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and support hybrid cellular phenotypes

Steven Nathaniel Steinway, Jorge Gomez Tejeda Zañudo, Paul J. Michel, David J. Feith, Thomas P. Loughran, Reka Albert, 2015, npj Systems Biology and Applications