Rachel Smith

Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences

Rachel Smith

Research Summary

Quantitative social scientist whose interests lie broadly in social influence and social systems, specializing on power, networks, and stigma. Design and evaluation of effective health campaigns. Infectious diseases and genomics.

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Communication Health Game Theory Stigmatization Stigma Public Health Anti Bacterial Agents Antibiotics Infectious Diseases Stereotyping Social Network Group Communication Theory Microbial Drug Resistance Network Analysis Tactics Metaphor Compliance Management Genes Health Care Human Being Community Experiment Infection

Most Recent Papers

A stress buffering perspective on the progression of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Xi Tian, Denise Solomon, Rachel Smith, 2020, Health Communication on p. 747-755

Consumer Use of Provider Quality Report Cards: The Role of Dissemination and Media Coverage

N Bhandari, Dennis Scanlon, Yunfeng Shi, Rachel Smith, 2019, Medical Care

Exploring patterns of social relationships among food bloggers on twitter using a social network analysis approach

Allison D. Hepworth, Jess Kropczynski, Justin Walden, Rachel A. Smith, 2019, Journal of Social Structure

Why Do So Few Consumers Use Health Care Quality Report Cards? A Framework for Understanding the Limited Consumer Impact of Comparative Quality Information

Neeraj Bhandari, Dennis Patrick Scanlon, Yunfeng Shi, Rachel Annette Smith, 2019, Medical Care Research and Review on p. 515-537

Dynamic and game theory of infectious disease stigmas

Timothy Reluga, Rachel Annette Smith, David Peter Hughes, 2019, Journal of Theoretical Biology on p. 95-107

Insights into stigma management communication theory

Rachel A. Smith, Rachael E. Bishop, 2019, Journal of Applied Communication Research on p. 571-590

Understanding the Effects of Stigma Messages

Rachel Annette Smith, Xun Zhu, Edward L. Fink, 2019, Health Communication on p. 424-436

A Stress Buffering Perspective on the Progression of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Xi Tian, Denise Haunani Solomon, Rachel Annette Smith, 2019, Health Communication

Do people who identify as popular become popular in a new network? A 9-month longitudinal network analysis

Christopher J. Carpenter, Xun Zhu, Rachel A. Smith, 2019, Journal of Social Structure on p. 1-23

Communicating antibiotic stewardship: Emotional responses and their impact on adherence

Youllee Kim, James Dillard, Rachel Annette Smith, 2019, Health Communication

Most-Cited Papers

Antibiotic Resistance

Rachel A. Smith, Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Andrew F. Read, 2015, Health Communication on p. 309-314

Defining genes using “blueprint” versus “instruction” metaphors: Effects for genetic determinism, response efficacy, and perceived control

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Label management

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An Experimental Test of Stigma Communication Content with a Hypothetical Infectious Disease Alert

Rachel Annette Smith, 2012, Communication Monographs on p. 522-538

Testing the Model of Stigma Communication with a Factorial Experiment in an Interpersonal Context

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Segmenting an Audience into the Own, the Wise, and Normals

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Living with a rare health condition

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Preparing for Antibiotic Resistance Campaigns

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