Rachel Smith

Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences

Rachel Smith

Research Summary

Quantitative social scientist whose interests lie broadly in social influence and social systems, specializing on power, networks, and stigma. Design and evaluation of effective health campaigns. Infectious diseases and genomics.

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Most Recent Publications

Molly A. Martin, Robert P. Lennon, Rachel A. Smith, Jessica G. Myrick, Meg L. Small, Lauren J. Van Scoy, 2022, Preventive Medicine Reports

Mixed-methods Analysis of Adults Likely versus Unlikely to Get a COVID-19 Vaccination

Lauren J. Van Scoy, Heather Costigan, Rachel Annette Smith, Bethany Snyder, Molly Ann Martin, Jessica G. Myrick, Robert P. Lennon, 2022, American Journal of Health Behavior on p. 467-476

Skeptical Health Mavens May Limit COVID-19 Vaccine Diffusion: Using the Innovation Diffusion Cycle to Interpret Results of a Cross-sectional Survey among People Who are Socially Vulnerable

Rachel A. Smith, Curtis W. Bone, Ashley Visco, William A. Calo, Jessica Wright, Destin Groff, Robert P. Lennon, 2022, Journal of Health Communication

R Lennon, Rachel Smith, M Small, L Van Scoy, J Myrick, M Martin, Data4Action Research Group, 2022, American Journal of Health Promotion on p. 180-184

How Americans Make Sense of Two Novel Pandemics

Edward L. Fink, Rachel A. Smith, Deborah A. Cai, Heeyoung Jung, Joseph Woelfel, 2022, Health Communication on p. 548-560

Meg Small, Robert P. Lennon, John J. Dziak, Rachel Annette Smith, Gillian Sommerville, N Bharti, Nita Bharti, G Sommerville, Data 4 Action Research Group, 2022, Journal of American College Health

A Meta-Analysis of Weight Stigma and Health Behaviors

Xun Zhu, Rachel A. Smith, Emily Buteau, 2022, Stigma and Health on p. 1-13

COVID-19 Mitigation Among College Students: Social Influences, Behavioral Spillover, and Antibody Results

Rachel A. Smith, Meg L. Small, Nita Bharti, Samuel J. DeMatte, Robert P. Lennon, Matthew J. Ferrari, 2022, Health Communication

Longitudinal study of an emerging COVID-19 stigma: Media exposure, danger appraisal, and stress.

Rachel A. Smith, Xun Zhu, Molly A. Martin, Jessica G. Myrick, Robert P. Lennon, Meg L. Small, Lauren J.Van Scoy, 2022, Stigma and Health

Most-Cited Papers

Rachel A. Smith, Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Andrew F. Read, 2015, Health Communication on p. 309-314

Rachel A. Smith, David Hughes, 2014, Communication Studies on p. 132-138

Defining Genes Using "Blueprint" Versus "Instruction" Metaphors: Effects for Genetic Determinism, Response Efficacy, and Perceived Control

Roxanne Parrott, Rachel A. Smith, 2014, Health Communication on p. 137-146

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Investigating Self-Efficacy and Emotional Challenge as Contributors to Willingness to Provide Emotional Support

Kelly R. Rossetto, Pamela J. Lannutti, Rachel A. Smith, 2014, The Southern Communication Journal on p. 41-58

Eleanore D. Sternberg, Jackie Cook, Ludovic P. Ahoua Alou, Carine J. Aoura, Serge Brice Assi, Dimi Théodore Doudou, A. Alphonsine Koffi, Raphael N'Guessan, Welbeck A. Oumbouke, Rachel A. Smith, Eve Worrall, Immo Kleinschmidt, Matthew B. Thomas, 2018, BMC Public Health

Robert P. Lennon, Meg L. Small, Rachel A. Smith, Lauren J. Van Scoy, Jessica G. Myrick, Molly A. Martin, Data4 Action Research Group, 2021, American Journal of Health Promotion