Ping Li

Director of the Center for Brain, Behavior and Cognition; Professor of Psychology/Linguistics/Information Sciences

Ping Li

Research Summary

Understanding the relationships among language, brain, and culture.

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Most Recent Papers

Scaling up

PING LI, ANGELA GRANT, 2018, Bilingualism on p. 1-3

Bayesian Word Learning in Multiple Language Environments

Benjamin D. Zinszer, Sebi V. Rolotti, Fan Li, Ping Li, 2018, Cognitive Science on p. 439-462

What predicts adult readers’ understanding of STEM texts?

D. Jake Follmer, Shin Yi Fang, Roy B. Clariana, Bonnie J.F. Meyer, Ping Li, 2018, Reading and Writing on p. 185-214

Reading comprehension in L1 and L2

Ping Li, Roy B. Clariana, 2018, Journal of Neurolinguistics

Cross-modal working memory binding and L1-L2 word learning

Shinmin Wang, Richard J. Allen, Shin Yi Fang, Ping Li, 2017, Memory and Cognition on p. 1371-1383

The interaction between phonological information and pitch type at pre-attentive stage

Keke Yu, Yacong Zhou, Li Li, Jing'an Su, Ruiming Wang, Ping Li, 2017, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience on p. 1164-1175

Speaking two “Languages” in America

Ping Li, Benjamin Schloss, D. Jake Follmer, 2017, Behavior research methods on p. 1668-1685

Disentangling narrow and coarse semantic networks in the brain

Benjamin Schloss, Ping Li, 2017, Behavior research methods on p. 1582-1596

Lexical-semantic search under different covert verbal fluency tasks

Yunqing Li, Ping Li, Qing X. Yang, Paul J. Eslinger, Chris T. Sica, Prasanna Karunanayaka, 2017, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

A meta-analytic study of the neural systems for auditory processing of lexical tones

Veronica P.Y. Kwok, Guo Dan, Kofi Yakpo, Stephen Matthews, Peter T. Fox, Ping Li, Li Hai Tan, 2017, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

High-Impact Papers

Categorical perception of lexical tones in Chinese revealed by mismatch negativity

J. Xi, L. Zhang, H. Shu, Y. Zhang, P. Li, 2010, Neuroscience on p. 223-231

Brain Networks of Explicit and Implicit Learning

Jing Yang, Ping Li, 2012, PLoS One

Cortical dynamics of acoustic and phonological processing in speech perception

Linjun Zhang, Jie Xi, Guoqing Xu, Hua Shu, Xiaoyi Wang, Ping Li, 2011, PLoS One

Language history questionnaire (LHQ 2.0)

Ping Li, Fan Zhang, Erlfang Tsai, Brendan Puls, 2014, Bilingualism on p. 673-680

Universality of categorical perception deficit in developmental dyslexia

Yajing Zhang, Linjun Zhang, Hua Shu, Jie Xi, Han Wu, Yang Zhang, Ping Li, 2012, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines on p. 874-882

Neural changes underlying successful second language word learning

Jing Yang, Kathleen Marie Gates, Peter Molenaar, Ping Li, 2015, Journal of Neurolinguistics on p. 29-49

Bilingual lexical interactions in an unsupervised neural network model

Xiaowei Zhao, Ping Li, 2010, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism on p. 505-524

Timed picture naming norms for Mandarin Chinese

Youyi Liu, Meiling Hao, Ping Li, Hua Shu, 2011, PloS one

Lexical representation of nouns and verbs in the late bilingual brain

Jing Yang, Li Hai Tan, Ping Li, 2011, Journal of Neurolinguistics on p. 674-682

Common and distinct neural substrates for the perception of speech rhythm and intonation

Linjun Zhang, Hua Shu, Fengying Zhou, Xiaoyi Wang, Ping Li, 2010, Human Brain Mapping on p. 1106-1116