Phillip Savage

Department Head and Walter L. Robb Family Chair of Chemical Engineering

Phillip Savage

Research Summary

Chemical reaction kinetics, algae biofuel, catalysis, sustainability, supercritical fluids.

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Liquefaction Water Temperature Biomass Algae Oils Proteins Reaction Yield Lipids Gasification Biomolecules Gases Recovery Sewage Sludge Kinetics Protein Lignin Catalysts Product Polysaccharides Mixture Fatty Acid Cellulose Nutrient Processing

Most Recent Papers

Hydrothermal liquefaction of polysaccharide feedstocks with heterogeneous catalysts

Xin Ding, Seshasayee Mahadevan Subramanya, Kayley E. Waltz, Yuqi Wang, Phillip E. Savage, 2022, Agricultural Wastes

In Memoriam

Phillip E. Savage, 2022, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research on p. 5365


Phillip E. Savage, 2022, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research on p. 995

Recovery of Energy and Nitrogen via Two-Stage Valorization of Food Waste

Bita Motavaf, Sofia H. Capece, Tomer Eldor, Phillip E. Savage, 2022, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research

Component additivity model for plastics—biomass mixtures during hydrothermal liquefaction in sub-, near-, and supercritical water

Mahadevan Subramanya Seshasayee, Rachel Stofanak, Phillip E. Savage, 2021, iScience

Announcing the 2021 Class of Influential Researchers - The Americas

Phillip E. Savage, 2021, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research on p. 17283-17284

Hydrothermal carbonization of simulated food waste for recovery of fatty acids and nutrients

Bita Motavaf, Robert A. Dean, Joseph Nicolas, Phillip E. Savage, 2021, Agricultural Wastes

Identifying and Modeling Interactions between Biomass Components during Hydrothermal Liquefaction in Sub-, Near-, and Supercritical Water

Seshasayee Mahadevan Subramanya, Phillip E. Savage, 2021, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering on p. 13874-13882

Synergistic interactions during hydrothermal liquefaction of plastics and biomolecules

Mahadevan Subramanya Seshasayee, Phillip E. Savage, 2021, Chemical Engineering Journal

Green Chemistry

Krishna N. Ganesh, Deqing Zhang, Scott J. Miller, Kai Rossen, Paul J. Chirik, Marisa C. Kozlowski, Julie B. Zimmerman, Bryan W. Brooks, Phillip E. Savage, David T. Allen, Adelina M. Voutchkova-Kostal, 2021, Organic Process Research and Development on p. 1455-1459

Most-Cited Papers

Hydrothermal liquefaction of Nannochloropsis sp.

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Fast hydrothermal liquefaction of nannochloropsis sp. to produce biocrude

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Hydrothermal catalytic production of fuels and chemicals from aquatic biomass

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Hydrothermal catalytic processing of pretreated algal oil

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Hydrothermal Reactions of Biomolecules Relevant for Microalgae Liquefaction

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Hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge under isothermal and fast conditions

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Feedstocks for fuels and chemicals from algae

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