Peter Hatemi

Professor of Political Science

Peter Hatemi

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Genome Narcissism Political Attitude Political Ideology Ideology Political Socialization Democracy Vaccination Personality Meta Analysis Psychology Twin Studies Politics Morality Twins Sampling Masks Cognition Student Intuition Political Science Dimension Social Behavior Moral Philosophy Acceptance

Most Recent Publications

Tuba Sendinc, Peter K. Hatemi, 2023, Electoral Studies

Zoltán Fazekas, Peter K. Hatemi, 2023, Presidential Studies Quarterly

Peter K. Hatemi, Rose McDermott, 2022, PS - Political Science and Politics on p. 793-798

Adolescent and school shootings are a national disgrace; it’s time for the public to rise to the occasion and provide real solutions

Peter Hatemi, 2022, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Most-Cited Papers

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Accounting for the Child in the Transmission of Party Identification

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Give Me Attitudes

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