Paul Babitzke

Co-Director of the Center for RNA Molecular Biology; Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Paul Babitzke

Research Summary

Regulation of gene expression by RNA structure and RNA-binding proteins

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Most Recent Papers

Nusg-dependent rna polymerase pausing and tylosin-dependent ribosome stalling are required for tylosin resistance by inducing 23s rrna methylation in bacillus subtilis

Helen Yakhnin, Alexander V. Yakhnin, Brandon L. Mouery, Zachary F. Mandell, Catherine Karbasiafshar, Mikhail Kashlev, Paul Babitzke, 2019, mBio

Regulation of iron storage by CsrA supports exponential growth of Escherichia coli

Christine Pourciau, Archana Pannuri, Anastasia Potts, Helen Yakhnin, Paul Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2019, mBio

In vivo RNA structural probing of uracil and guanine base-pairing by 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC)

David Mitchell, Andrew J. Renda, Catherine A. Douds, Paul Babitzke, Sarah M. Assmann, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2019, RNA on p. 147-157

Global role of the bacterial post-transcriptional regulator CsrA revealed by integrated transcriptomics

Anastasia H. Potts, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Archana Pannuri, Helen Yakhnin, Paul Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2017, Nature communications

Modular organization of the NusA- and NusG-stimulated RNA polymerase pause signal that participates in the Bacillus subtilis trp operon attenuation mechanism

Smarajit Mondal, Alexander V. Yakhnin, Paul Babitzke, 2017, Journal of bacteriology

Noncanonical translation initiation comes of age

Paul Babitzke, Michael O'Connor, 2017, Journal of bacteriology

Translational repression of the RpoS antiadapter IraD by CsrA is mediated via translational coupling to a short upstream open reading frame

Hongmarn Park, Louise C. McGibbon, Anastasia H. Potts, Helen Yakhnin, Tony Romeo, Paul Babitzke, 2017, mBio

Circuitry linking the global Csr- and σ <sup>E</sup> -dependent cell envelope stress response systems

Helen Yakhnin, Robert Aichele, Sarah E. Ades, Tony Romeo, Paul Babitzke, 2017, Journal of bacteriology

Eliminating blurry bands in gels with a simple cost-effective repair to the gel cassette

Jamie L. Bingaman, Erica A. Frankel, Chelsea M. Hull, Kathleen A. Leamy, Kyle J. Messina, David Mitchell, Hongmarn Park, Laura E. Ritchey, Paul Babitzke, Philip C. Bevilacqua, 2016, RNA on p. 1929-1930

Antagonistic control of the turnover pathway for the global regulatory sRNA CsrB by the CsrA and CsrD proteins

Christopher A. Vakulskas, Yuanyuan Leng, Hazuki Abe, Takumi Amaki, Akihiro Okayama, Paul Babitzke, Kazushi Suzuki, Tony Romeo, 2016, Nucleic acids research on p. 7896-7910

Most-Cited Papers

Regulation of bacterial virulence by Csr (Rsm) systems

Christopher A. Vakulskas, Anastasia H. Potts, Babitzke Paul, Brian M.M. Ahmer, Romeo Tony, 2015, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews on p. 193-224

Circuitry linking the Csr and stringent response global regulatory systems

Adrianne N. Edwards, Laura M. Patterson-Fortin, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Jeffrey W. Mercante, Katarzyna Potrykus, Daniel Vinella, Martha I. Camacho, Joshua A. Fields, Stuart A. Thompson, Dimitris Georgellis, Michael Cashel, Paul Lee Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2011, Molecular Microbiology on p. 1561-1580

Integration of a complex regulatory cascade involving the SirA/BarA and Csr global regulatory systems that controls expression of the Salmonella SPI-1 and SPI-2 virulence regulons through HilD

Luary C. Martínez, Helen Yakhnin, Martha I. Camacho, Dimitris Georgellis, Paul Babitzke, José L. Puente, Víctor H. Bustamante, 2011, Molecular Microbiology on p. 1637-1656

CsrA-FliW interaction governs flagellin homeostasis and a checkpoint on flagellar morphogenesis in Bacillus subtilis

Sampriti Mukherjee, Elena Borisovna Yakhnina, Dave Kysela, Josh Sokoloski, Paul Lee Babitzke, Daniel B. Kearns, 2011, Molecular Microbiology on p. 447-461

Complex regulation of the global regulatory gene csrA

Helen Yakhnin, Alexander V. Yakhnin, Carol S. Baker, Elena Sineva, Igor Berezin, Tony Romeo, Paul Babitzke, 2011, Molecular Microbiology on p. 689-704

Dual posttranscriptional regulation via a cofactor-responsive mRNA leader

Laura M. Patterson-Fortin, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Helen Yakhnin, Paul Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2013, Journal of Molecular Biology on p. 3662-3677

Translational repression of NhaR, a novel pathway for multi-tier regulation of biofilm circuitry by CsrA

Archana Pannuri, Helen Yakhnin, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Adrianne N. Edwards, Paul Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2012, Journal of bacteriology on p. 79-89

CsrA Represses Translation of sdiA, Which Encodes the N-acylhomoserine-L-lactone receptor of Escherichia coli, by Binding exclusively within the coding region of sdiA mRNA

Helen Yakhnin, Carol S. Baker, Igor Berezin, Michael A. Evangelista, Alisa Rassin, Tony Romeo, Paul Babitzke, 2011, Journal of bacteriology on p. 6162-6170

Regulation of CsrB/C sRNA decay by EIIA<sup>Glc</sup> of the phosphoenolpyruvate

Yuanyuan Leng, Christopher A. Vakulskas, Tesfalem R. Zere, Bradley S. Pickering, Paula I. Watnick, Paul Babitzke, Tony Romeo, 2016, Molecular Microbiology on p. 627-639

FliW and flis function independently to control cytoplasmic flagellin levels in Bacillus subtilis

Sampriti Mukherjee, Paul Babitzke, Daniel B. Kearns, 2013, Journal of bacteriology on p. 297-306