Patrick Drohan

Professor of Pedology

Patrick Drohan

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Soil formation and biogeochemistry due to land use and ecosystem change; soil and water degradation, and the remediation of soil physical and chemical properties in urban environments.

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Soil Carbon Climate Change Water Quality Ecosystem Water Index Soil Science Weather Regolith Deer Weathering Wastewater Manure Energy Utilization Biochar Shale Gas Surface Roughness Bedrock Forests Shale Roughness Soils Water Content Habitat

Most Recent Publications

Development and Validation of a Phosphorus Critical Source Area Index for Ridge and Valley Physiographic Province Agricultural Runoff Management

Emily Lesher, Patrick Drohan, Jhony Benavides, J Weld, Ian Thomas, Peter Kleinman,

Monitoring belowground processes and responses of bioavailable soil nutrients in arid ecosystems

Brenda Vaness, Patrick Drohan, S Collins, Merilynn Hirsch, Douglas Merkler, Joseph Fargione, Brenda Buck, Chelsea Crenshaw, Etsuko Nonaka, James Elliott, others,

Moses A. Ajemigbitse, AquaBlok Ltd, Swanton, Ohio Daniel J. Bain, Geology and Environmental Science, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Margaret C. Brittingham, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University

Tetiana Cantlay, Rosemary Capo, Elizabeth Dakin, Shay Dougall, Patrick Drohan, David Eaton, John Graham, W Griffin, Robert Howarth,

Developing Ecological Sites and Associated State-\&-Transition Models to Anticipate Dynamic Ecosystem Responses to Disturbance in Complex Landscapes of North Central Pennsylvania

W Alex, Paul Roth, Michael Marsicano, Patrick Drohan,

What Can We Learn from Mn-Coated IRIS?

Martin Rabenhorst, Patrick Drohan, John Galbraith, Lesley Spokas, Mark Stolt, James Thompson, Bruce Vasilas, Karen Vaughan, Gary Jellick,

16802 USA 4 The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Plant Science, University Park, PA 16802 USA v.* Corresponding author Roger T. Koide

S Peoples, Paul Adler, Patrick Drohan,

Ge Li, Huaiyu Long, Renlian Zhang, Patrick J. Drohan, Aiguo Xu, Li Niu, 2023, Horticulturae

Water quality benefits of weather-based manure application timing and manure placement strategies

Arghajeet Saha, Raj Cibin, Tamie L. Veith, Charles White, Patrick J. Drohan, 2023, Journal of Environmental Management on p. 10

Soil and geomorphic patterns within relict charcoal hearths could represent unique ecosystem niches

S. Bayuzick, D. Guarin, J. Benavides, A. Bonhage, F. Hirsch, Duane R Diefenbach, M. McDill, T. Raab, P. J. Drohan, 2023, Geomorphology

Species and physiographic factors drive Indian cucumber root and Canada mayflower plant chemistry: Implications for white-tailed deer forage quality

Nico Navarro, Duane R Diefenbach, Marc Eric McDill, Emily J. Domato, Christopher S. Rosenberry, Patrick J. Drohan, 2023, Journal of Environmental Management

Most-Cited Papers

Elizabeth A. Hasenmueller, Xin Gu, Julie N. Weitzman, Thomas S. Adams, Gary E. Stinchcomb, David M. Eissenstat, Patrick J. Drohan, Susan L. Brantley, Jason P. Kaye, 2017, Geoderma on p. 11-31

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Watershed-Scale Impacts from Surface Water Disposal of Oil and Gas Wastewater in Western Pennsylvania

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Roger T. Koide, Binh T. Nguyen, R. Howard Skinner, Curtis J. Dell, Matthew S. Peoples, Paul R. Adler, Patrick J. Drohan, 2015, GCB Bioenergy on p. 1084-1091

The joy of teaching soil science

Alfred E. Hartemink, Megan R. Balks, Zueng Sang Chen, Patrick Drohan, Damien J. Field, Pavel Krasilnikov, David J. Lowe, Martin Rabenhorst, Ken van Rees, Peter Schad, Louis A. Schipper, Marthijn Sonneveld, Christian Walter, 2014, Geoderma on p. 1-9

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Linear infrastructure drives habitat conversion and forest fragmentation associated with Marcellus shale gas development in a forested landscape

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Spatial variability of heavy metal ecological risk in urban soils from Linfen, China

Pingguo Yang, Patrick J. Drohan, Miao Yang, Hongjun Li, 2020, Catena

Turnover of soil carbon following addition of switchgrass-derived biochar to four soils

Binh T. Nguyen, Roger T. Koide, Curtis Dell, Patrick Drohan, Howard Skinner, Paul R. Adler, Andrea Nord, 2014, Soil Science Society of America Journal on p. 531-537

Using Kaya and LMDI models to analyze carbon emissions from the energy consumption in China

Pingguo Yang, Xiao Liang, Patrick J. Drohan, 2020, Environmental Science and Pollution Research on p. 26495-26501