Patrick Drohan

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Patrick Drohan

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Soil formation and biogeochemistry due to land use and ecosystem change; soil and water degradation, and the remediation of soil physical and chemical properties in urban environments.

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Most Recent Papers

Caution is warranted when using animal space-use and movement to infer behavioral states

Frances E. Buderman, Tess M. Gingery, Duane R. Diefenbach, Laura C. Gigliotti, Danielle Begley-Miller, Marc M. McDill, Bret D. Wallingford, Christopher S. Rosenberry, Patrick J. Drohan, 2021, Movement Ecology

Methylmercury in lake bed soils during re-flooding of an appalachian reservoir in the northeastern usa

Karin Eklöf, Patrick Drohan, Joseph Needoba, Sally Landefeld, Tawnya D. Peterson, Haiyan Hu, Lidiia Iavorivska, Elizabeth W. Boyer, 2021, Environmental Research Communications

Changing the hierarchical placement of soil moisture regimes in Soil Taxonomy

Mark H. Stolt, Anthony T. O'Geen, Dylan E. Beaudette, Patrick J. Drohan, John M. Galbraith, David L. Lindbo, H. Curtis Monger, Brian A. Needelman, Michel D. Ransom, Martin C. Rabenhorst, Joey N. Shaw, 2021, Soil Science Society of America Journal on p. 488-500

Modeling how to achieve localized areas of reduced white-tailed deer density

Amanda N. Van Buskirk, Christopher S. Rosenberry, Bret D. Wallingford, Emily Just Domoto, Marc E. McDill, Patrick J. Drohan, Duane R. Diefenbach, 2021, Ecological Modelling

Reallocating crop rotation patterns improves water quality and maintains crop yield

Fei Jiang, Patrick J. Drohan, Raj Cibin, Heather E. Preisendanz, Charles M. White, Tamie L. Veith, 2021, Agricultural Systems


Huaiyu Long, Xueping Wu, Shuxiang Zhang, Jiajia Wang, Patrick J. Drohan, Renlian Zhang, 2020, Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering on p. 139-152

An initiative for a morphologic-genetic catalog of relict charcoal hearths from Central Europe

Florian Hirsch, Anna Schneider, Alexander Bonhage, Alexandra Raab, Patrick J. Drohan, Thomas Raab, 2020, Geoarchaeology - An International Journal on p. 974-983

Distribution of silty mantles in soils of the Northcentral Appalachians, USA

P. J. Drohan, T. Raab, F. Hirsch, 2020, Catena

Riparian buffer effectiveness as a function of buffer design and input loads

Fei Jiang, Heather E. Preisendanz, Tamie L. Veith, Raj Cibin, Patrick J. Drohan, 2020, Journal of Environmental Quality on p. 1599-1611

Soil pH influences patterns of plant community composition after restoration with native-based seed mixes

Kathryn M. Barlow, David A. Mortensen, Patrick J. Drohan, 2020, Restoration Ecology on p. 869-879

Most-Cited Papers

Early trends in landcover change and forest fragmentation due to shale-gas development in Pennsylvania

Patrick Joseph Drohan, Margaret Brittingham-Brant, J. Bishop, K. Yoder, 2012, Environmental Management on p. 1061-1075

Weathering of rock to regolith: the activity of deep roots in bedrock fractures

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Residential demolition and its impact on vacant lot hydrology

W. D. Shuster, S. Dadio, P. Drohan, R. Losco, J. Shaffer, 2014, Landscape Planning on p. 48-56

Watershed-Scale Impacts from Surface Water Disposal of Oil and Gas Wastewater in Western Pennsylvania

William D. Burgos, Luis Castillo-Meza, Travis L. Tasker, Thomas J. Geeza, Patrick J. Drohan, Xiaofeng Liu, Joshua D. Landis, Jens Blotevogel, Molly McLaughlin, Thomas Borch, Nathaniel R. Warner, 2017, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 8851-8860

The joy of teaching soil science

Alfred E. Hartemink, Megan R. Balks, Zueng Sang Chen, Patrick Drohan, Damien J. Field, Pavel Krasilnikov, David J. Lowe, Martin Rabenhorst, Ken van Rees, Peter Schad, Louis A. Schipper, Marthijn Sonneveld, Christian Walter, 2014, Geoderma on p. 1-9

Biochar amendment of soil improves resilience to climate change

Roger T. Koide, Binh T. Nguyen, R. Howard Skinner, Curtis J. Dell, Matthew S. Peoples, Paul R. Adler, Patrick J. Drohan, 2015, GCB Bioenergy on p. 1084-1091

The use of LiDAR terrain data in characterizing surface roughness and microtopography

Kristen M. Brubaker, Wayne L. Myers, Patrick J. Drohan, Douglas A. Miller, Elizabeth W. Boyer, 2013, Applied and Environmental Soil Science

Topographic and soil constraints to shale-gas development in the northcentral appalachians

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Linear infrastructure drives habitat conversion and forest fragmentation associated with Marcellus shale gas development in a forested landscape

Lillie A. Langlois, Patrick J. Drohan, Margaret C. Brittingham, 2017, Journal of Environmental Management on p. 167-176

Turnover of soil carbon following addition of switchgrass-derived biochar to four soils

Binh T. Nguyen, Roger T. Koide, Curtis Dell, Patrick Drohan, Howard Skinner, Paul R. Adler, Andrea Nord, 2014, Soil Science Society of America Journal on p. 531-537